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Visible in the city. Not just any city – although there are many fabulous cities – but the city of my heart, Manhattan. The energy is vibrating all around me, the weather is cool and comfortable, and the excitement is all out there within walking distance of our wee studio, be still my heart.

Welcome to Visible Monday. If you want to participate, it’s so easy: just go to the bottom of this post for the how-to. Link back to Not Dead Yet Style if you like – we’re on Easy Does It “rules” now!

The picture below was taken last summer in Greenwich Village. Those sultry models inspired me to amp up my look and my lips. I love a graphic tee, paired in this case with a vintage 80’s floral skirt (thrifted in Toronto with Suzanne and Ally).

A kiss to New York City. This Asian-inspired skirt goes with every top in my closet. Style tip: add an outrageously over-the-top crystal bracelet to any look., for cheeky glam.

We haven’t had a bad time in NYC in over 16 years of visits – if we may exclude airports – and now part-time residency. The thrifting is top-notch (once you know where to shop!), the people are fun and friendly, and there’s some music or comedy or drama for everyone.

Every visit is made more beautiful with a concert by the NYU orchestra. So much talent in one place, and the admission is free.
The snooty squirrels in Washington Square Park stayed true to form: rejecting my graham crackers and holding out for the $6 cookie. A mocha latte too, perhaps?

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Stay fabulous, and wear what you love, xo

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  1. Hello
    Love the tee and the vibrant print on your skirt. I have visited New York once and fell in love with the place – there’s always something to see, or a show to go to. I need to have a return visit.

  2. Anne was correct, I was having “too much fun” in NYC, which is very easy to do. I look forward to going there every year, and miss it terribly after I leave. I’m very envious of your part-time residency there.

  3. thanks for coming over. Your October outfit is all the things, making a gorgeous statement. I need leather pants (for NYC, not Florida, heh). Have a lively week, xox.

  4. Oh, I also just read Flat Broke with Two Goats (I picked it because it’s the Overdrive Big Library Read right now) and did not care for it either. Mostly, I think the writer was a whiner and I didn’t feel she was sincere when she said their trouble was her fault, too. I think she wanted us to go “there, there, you couldn’t have done better” but I think she could have.

    • Thanks so much, Emma, and thanks for linking up. You look gorgeous as per always, xox.

  5. Love the tee and the vibrant print on your skirt. I have visited New York once and fell in love with the place – there’s always something to see, or a show to go to. I need to have a return visit.

    • Good morning, Alison and thanks for linking up. I love your fall pieces, esp the classic trench coat! xox

    • Thank you dear Vale, and thanks for coming over! I adore your “spooky” little dress and those black boots, xox.

    • Ah, wish we could have met for a coffee, Cheryl! Thanks for linking up and have a fabulous day, xox.

    • Good morning, Suzanne and thanks for the kind words and for linking up. Yeah, snooty squirrels are part of the ambience of NYC. Love your brilliant Fall look today, and hugs to you, xox.

  6. You are lucky to be in NYC (or are you just dreaming about it?).
    Shelley is there now and having too much fun.

    I linked up more of my Houston antics. I too am sporting a graphic tee, though I never showed the graphic in my pix. Oh well, blogger selfie fail.

  7. I was helping my son book his flight to NYC and started thinking of a visit myself as it’s been lots of years! I love the plays best of all. I like to visit the country but don’t want to live there. Your skirt and tee are perfect!

    xx Darlene

    • I hope your son has a great trip! Same here with enjoying a visit to the country. Love your cozy Fall outfit today, xox.

  8. Hi Patti
    Love the graphic tee and the artsy style of your outfit. The color and print in your skirt is so pretty, love the oranges and reds. I have only visited a few times but I love the cultural district.
    jess xx

    • Hi Jess and thanks for linking up! I appreciate the Fall staples you wrote about, esp the sleek black booties, xox.

  9. What a lovely photo, Patti, and a gorgeous skirt! I’m not much of a city person, I like to visit and then return to the countryside. Last night I was in the small city of Wells. It’s autumn clothing in Blighty now, jumpers, coats and boots!

    • Thank you, Miss Cellany, and thanks for linking up! I think a city visit balances well with small town life. Have a wonderful day, xo.

    • Hello Mireille and thanks for coming over. Thrifting in the big city is truly a revelation – so many beautiful things are donated! Have a lovely Monday, xox.

    • Good morning, Shelbee and thanks for coming over! I love, love your white jeans with distressed hems, such a cool, modern look. xox

    • I’m definitely ‘country’ this week! It’s been a long time since I visited NYC, I’d love to go back one day. Looking fabulous as ever Patti! Xx

      • Hello, Porcelina, and thanks for coming by! Yes, come visit NYC again, and we’ll have a coffee together! xox

    • Hi Hellen and thanks for coming by! Yes, there’s a lot of fun to be had in the Village, xox.

  10. What a stunning skirt, and you’re a stunning person, Patti! I love that picture. I was chuffed to see it advertising Alexis Bittar – I have a cuff by him.

    I’ll be along shortly with a spooky October-themed outfit! Thanks so much for hosting!

    • Good morning, Sheila, and thanks for coming over. Your October outfit is all the things, making a gorgeous statement. I need leather pants (for NYC, not Florida, heh). Have a lively week, xox.

  11. I’m always drawn to the mountains … and the big city … I guess when I win the lottery, I’ll have a penthouse in NYC or SF and a retreat in the mountains too! 😀

    • Your plan sounds like heaven, Dawn! Thanks for linking up – love those chunky sneakers, xox.

    • Good morning Ellibelle and thanks for your kind words, and for linking up! Have a wonderful Monday, xox.

  12. Smooch to you too, Patti. I envy your NYC visits. I used to go all the time when I was in art school. Those were the days, my friend. And you sure look groovy.

    • It’s the perfect city for all the art, innit? paintings on the sides of buildings, and Wegman pictures in the subway. thanks for coming by and sharing the fabulosity, xox.

    • Hi Julie and thanks for linking up. I didn’t know you were a NewYorker! Thanks for sharing your excellent planning and organizing tips, xox.

      • New York- hopefully one day I will visit again , last time back in 1983. I am a big city girl living in a small city.
        Looking very at home in NY in that gorgeous outfit. Many thanks for hosting Patti.

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