Old Bohemians Never Die: Visible Monday

Old bohemians and old hippies never die, we just keep flowering! I’ve cycled through many fashion decades by now, and the flowy charm of the 60’s and 70’s is still one of my favorite looks. It’s fun to be an old hippie, put some pink in my fuzzy hair, and listen to Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane and The Doors.

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Today I’m enjoying some pieces I rented from Nuuly. It’s a new clothing rental service from the parent company of Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and Free People. So there is a bohemian flavor baked in, but plenty of classic clothes too. Check them out; they’re not sponsoring me but it’s a cool experiment, and eco-friendly. This lush silk blouse, in a muted floral, is from Anthro. I adore the billowy sleeves.

The hem is a great place to get a peek at my old Cydwoq booties. I love that design, so I keep getting the boots polished and re-soled. Old Bohemians like to wear old things, too.

And the jeans, also by Anthro and rented through Nuuly, are throwbacks to my youth, when your jeans used to button and not zip 😊. These have cool vents at the hem.

I used some temporary pink color in my hair and it only “took” in the front, where the hair is most porous. But I still like it.
Stinky is still going, best old girl. She’s frail now, so any day we can get her out and moving is a good day. She’s a wonderful model for aging gracefully – she just relaxes more, naps in the sun, and lets us wait on her.

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  1. My pleasure! It is so great to be able to create a virtual community of women who never ever stop expressing themselves! To that end, my baby blog, just emerging, is secondstagelifestylecoach.com. It is all about style and substance!

  2. I love this boho style on you Patti. It’s my favourite look, plus, the sixties and seventies music is one of the best eras and is played all of the time in our home. Such a great idea to rent clothes – I’m not sure if there’s an equivalent in the UK. But great idea. It’ll probably become the norm in the not too distant future.
    Alison x

    • Hello Alison, and thanks for all your kind words! I do love the music of my youth : >

      Have a wonderful weekend ahead, xox.

    • thank you Jean Marie, and I appreciate you coming by! Have a wonderful evening, xox.

    • Thank you, dear Judith, for coming over and sharing your glorious Fall look! Stay well and fabulous, xox.

    • Thank you, dear Mireille and thanks for coming by. Your colorful capsule is very inspiring! xox

    • Thanks Rosemary and thanks for linking up! You look sporty and cool in your athleisure-wear, xox.

  3. Love the pink hair! Beautiful blouse on you and the jeans are really slimming!! I’m about to fix the zipper on my favorite boots— love keeping good items going! Also, loving the rental clothing concept:)

    • Thanks, Becky and thanks for linking up with your adventures! Yeah, fix those boots and stay fabulous, xox.

  4. Oh wow, Patti, that blouse is lovely and those jeans with the inserts at the bottom! I remember buying jeans and doing my own inserts – huge ones!!!! You look great in that style 🙂

    • Thank you Penny and thanks for coming by today! Your spider brooch is the best I’ve ever seen – can’t wait to see you wear it, xox.

  5. I’m happy to see that Stinky is still hanging out with you.

    Those jeans make your legs look a million miles long!

    The blouse is very romantic. A different look on you but I like it.

    The whole look is very groovy, especially the pink in the hair.


    • Good morning, my friend, and thanks for coming over. Yeah, Stinky is the best old broad.

      Your post today is thoughtful and helps put one’s mind in the right place, thanks for that. And as always, you look dreamy! xox

  6. Fabulous boho look on you, Patti! What a great way to enjoy clothes for a little while and be able to return them when you’re bored.

    Aw, ol’ Stinky girl – glad to see her, and sending you good vibes, Patti!

    • Thanks Sheila and thanks for linking up your gorgeous Fall looks, as well as your regal kitty. Vizzini always makes me happy. xox

    • And Gracie Slick in 1969 – what a presence! Thanks for linking up, and who doesn’t love a hedgehog blouse? : > xox

    • Yes this blouse would really set off your gorgeous coloring, Jess! thanks for linking up and stay fabulous, xox.

  7. Stinky is definitely the poster girl for what a good retirement looks like! The blouse is just lovely, and it suits you perfectly. I’m curious about this “clothing rental” thing – how long do you get to keep them? Do you have to clean them before returning or do they do that?

    • Hi Shelley! Thanks for the kind words. With this rental service (there are others) you pay about $90 a month to rent six items of your choosing. You return them, without having to clean, (but I usually do, heh) and pick another six items 30 days later. It’s fun for someone like me who has a small wardrobe. Have a wonderful day, xox

  8. Patti, this beautiful relaxed outfit is after my own old hippie heart! Even though I was born in the 70’s, it is the generation that speaks to me the most…right there with the 90’s, the decade of my own coming to age! And how lovely is Stinky. She reminds me of my precious feline, Dave, who is also an all black cat with grace and poise and much personality.


    • Good morning, Shelbee and thanks for linking up. Your Harley poem is brilliant, and I loved seeing you and your husband in your Harley years! xox
      P.S. Hugs to Dave the black cat.

    • Thank you, Amy and thanks for coming over. I enjoyed your September outfit wrap-up, and your lovely family pics, xox.

    • Thanks, Debbie – I can definitely see this blouse on you. Love, love the story of Baby Deer. I think she likes you. xox

  9. I need to check out Nuuly! I love the idea of a clothing rental compnay with a bohemian feel! This outfit is perfection from head to toe!

    • Thank you Kellyann and thanks for linking. Your travel essay makes me want to hop on a plane to London today! xox

  10. I love your outfit. I had a top in the ’70s with big “angel-wing” sleeves. Wish I still had it. And button-front jeans. I kind of remember the TV commercial for those.

    • Oh yes, I love the angel wings too! Thanks for coming over, TOF, and have a beautiful day, xox.

  11. What a fabulous blouse! Although I am not wearing any retro, I do love the music from back then! My favorite at the moment are The Brothers Johnson!

    • Good morning, Nancy, and thanks for coming over. I have to find some Brothers Johnson today! Love your wrap dress, so pretty, xox.

  12. I love your retro hippie look! The blouse is gorgeous and the jeans are right on!! And yes, I love those groups, too. Jefferson Airplane?! Oh, yeah.
    Thanks for hosting,
    xx Darlene

  13. You always do the bohemian look so beautifully and that outfit is just lovely. You certainly are finding some interesting pieces through the rental service. As far as I know the only ones here do very expensive high end.
    I too am a child of that music era , still love it. Many thanks for hosting Patti.

    • Thanks so much, dear Jill. I looked up where your photos were taken, and what a breathtaking place! We live in a beautiful world, eh? xox

    • Thanks Nicole and thanks for linking up! The red cat is a ceramic one that I painted – so he will live forever! xox

  14. Patti, you are totally rockin’ that look! the blouse is gorgeous on you, I love the details and print.

    • Thanks Di! And I am crazy about your vintage striped dress – really beautiful. xox

    • Thanks Julie and thanks for coming by – love your cozy fleece and your new structured purse. xox

    • Thanks, sweet Sherry! I love your post about appreciating your young self, and giving her a hug, xox.

  15. Patti, you’re singing to the choir with your adoration of boho. I don’t think that I’ll ever not consider this aesthetic to be the foundation of my style. All of the retro details of your outfit are simply wonderful and yet freshly modern, right down to those fabulous boots. I’m digging the switch up on your photo background, too. ✌ Stay groovy!


    • You too, Rena, staying groovy that is! Thanks for your nice words and for coming over to link up! xox

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