Flattering Stripes And A Knit Midi Dress: Visible Monday

Flattering Stripes and a knit midi dress, and a spider. Many style books recommend against bold stripes. “They make you look wider,” and who’s to say that looking wider isn’t exactly your cup of tea? 😊 Stripes of all sizes and colors are actually wonderful for pattern mixing, or making a statement.

No red X of shame for me! I like the stripes as well as the solids. And the stripes are cheerier. I would half-tuck the white top. Source.

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Today I am wearing a LOT of stripes, in varying directions, and the overall look is flattering (if I must say so). This Autumn-toned Anthropologie knit dress is one I rented from Nuuly, and I might go ahead and purchase it. It’s comfortable, and can be casual with sneakers or dressy with boots.

Style tip: an unusual hemline creates a flowy-er look.

It’s not cool enough in Florida to wear this dress on the regular yet, but I wanted to latch onto the Halloween-themed colorway. And a dress is the easiest way to get a complete, chic look without having to think too much.

Simple accessories are all you need with bold, flattering stripes. I’ve got a rose-goldtone fringed pendant, wedge heel sandals for some height, and glam spider pin (seasonal!)
Terrified by a giant gold glitter spider! I am in the mood for just a dash of Halloween, to include mini Snickers bars and Dove dark chocolates.

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Stay fabulous, and wear what you love, xo

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    • Good morning, Amber and thanks for coming over. Love your chic black plus plaid outfit, xox.

    • Thank you Suzanne! I thought you might appreciate the spider accessory. Your post today is mega-helpful. xox

  2. Patti, I don’t follow any of those “rules” about stripes! Your striped dress is adorable and perfect for fall–and Halloween. As we are having hot windy days here, I, too, am back to summerish clothes. But like your spider, I do have pumpkins on the front porch! Lol!

    xx Darlene

    • Hi Darlene and thanks for coming over! You are so right about sneakers – I just came back in the house wearing my red Keds. Have a wonderful week ahead, xox.

  3. oooh, that brooch is too cool! Love it. I dont wear many stripes, but this is something that would catch my eye as I love the different directions of the stripes and the cut of the dress. So flattering on your figure Patti!
    jess xx

    • Thanks Jess and thanks so much for linking up. Your boot selection is swoon-worthy, xox.

  4. Thanks for mentioning Nuuly, again. I’m going to seriously take a look at this service. What with my move from FL to TX, I’m wanting a variety of toppers and jackets, renting them for a month would keep me feeling fresh.

    • Thanks Kim, I hope you are enjoying Texas! I adore that embroidered velvet duster – it looks boho-chic and nicely warm, xox.

    • LOL! The worst he did was drop glitter all over me! Thanks for coming over and sharing your gorgeous yellow skirt, xox.

  5. Patti,

    I love the zig and zag of the stripes on your dress!
    I have been seeing a lot of scarf hems lately and think I need to find a dress like yours!
    Happy Halloween my friend! Love the blingy spider!

    • Good morning, Robin and thanks for coming over! I learned from your excellent post about hearing loss, xox.

  6. I love your striped dress. The way the stripes go in different directions is interesting and flattering. I like how the design is completely simple, aside from the stripes and the hem, which follows the stripes. It keeps it from being too much.
    The example at the top is a bit unfair because there are more problems than the size of the stripes. The skirt is fuller and longer, which is weightier. The top is loose instead of fitted and isn’t tucked in or belted. The effect is messy compared with the outfit on the right. For someone with a trim figure, like the model, the dress on the right is better. It might not be the case for someone with a few extra pounds, which would be all the more apparent with the body-hugging dress.

    • Good morning, TOF, and thanks for coming by. I agree with you about the “good” vs. “bad” pictures – the editors were trying hard to make the outfit on the left look dumpy! Have a wonderful week ahead, xox.

  7. Patti, the striped dress is so good on you . A good wardrobe addition for your cooler Florida days or milder New York days. Many thanks for hosting .

    • Hello Jill and happy Monday. thanks for your kind words and for linking up with that fab new dress. I love the shoes too, xox.

  8. I love stripes in any and every direction!! Super cute dress and the spider is perfect! Hopefully you’ll have some long sleeve worthy weather soon lolzzz
    I love the rental clothing sitch so much.

    • Thanks Becky and thanks for coming by. I love all your birthday pics, and you’re wearing that floral dress I shoulda bought! You and your family all look festive and happy, that’s the best, xox.

    • Hi Sheila – what a gorgeous silk dress! Thanks for dropping by and sharing, and have a lovely Monday, xox.

      • thank you dear Porcelina and congratulations on your exciting news! Have a lovely mom-to-be day, xox.

    • Good morning, Debbie, and thanks for coming by! I love, love your white fuzzy jacket – I’d wear it every day if the temperatures dropped : > xox.

    • thanks, Ellibelle and I appreciate you coming by! Yes, your solid sweater is chic and pretty, love the ruffles, xox.

    • Thanks Nicole! Always great to see you and read your style advice – you look gorgeous in black and white, xox.

  9. What a wonderful dress! My sister is up from Florida and says it is very cold here. I’ve never heard of Nuuly..will have to check it out. I love spider jewelry-the spider is the symbol of weavers, I think.

    • Hi Terri and thank you for linking up! Your snow-leopard print sweater is just lovely, xox.

    • Thank you Heather and thanks for coming by! I like the Fall looks you’re featuring, and cannot WAIT for a cool day : > xox.

  10. Oh my word, Patti! You are too cute! Although I don’t even think I could tolerate a fake spider. Haha. But lots of bold stripes, those I can tolerate very well. The bolder, the bigger, the brighter, the better. This dress is so cool and unique. I love the fall shades. You look amazing!


    • Hi Shelbee and thanks for all the kind words! Your over-the-knee boots are fierce, xox.

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