Easy, Chic Dressing With A Jumpsuit: Visible Monday

Easy, chic dressing with a jumpsuit: Visible Monday . I am so in love with jumpsuits. Having worn them in the 70’s (yeah, to the disco); and again in the late 80’s (utilitarian front-zips), I’ve fallen for them again.

Oh yes. I had one similar to the far right, and I did the disco thing like a boss. Source.

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This time around my jumpsuits harmonize with my calmer, smaller wardrobe. This particular one is my current favorite: a second-hand (eBay – they have thousands to choose from) Banana Republic V-neck jumpsuit, with wide legs. I had to have the hems taken up about 4″, but it was well worth the effort. I can wear this one all year, varying the under-pieces as the weather cools.

I like this look with a heel, or with my red sneakers. Simple and versatile. And really, the restroom part is no trickier than with a pair of button-front jeans. 😊

I’ve got a navy tee from Everlane, via Poshmark, underneath and the navy/black thing is chic. Everlane makes truly comfortable and durable classics; try them if you haven’t yet (they are not sponsoring me). The pendant I added is another favorite, thrifted in the East Village, and likely vintage 1960’s (sim). Almost as old as me!

My fluffy hair is thanks to the Wiki wig by Ellen Wille. She makes realistic-looking hair at affordable prices.
Style tip: add a patch of color to an all-neutral outfit.

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Stay fabulous, and wear what you love, xo

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  2. I had a couple of jumpsuits when I was a teenager, including a red and white pinstriped one! I gave up on them for a while, but now that they are popular again, I find more interesting ones to buy secondhand. I like the style of the one you’re wearing – no fuss or muss, wear it layered over something or on its own.

    • Thank you Emma and thanks for linking up! Your colorful holiday dress is beautiful on you! xox

  3. Nice outfit and necklace. My last blogged outfit was a jumpsuit and I was really surprised at how well it looked. I’ve ignored them most of my life for foolish reason.

    • Thanks Ally, and thanks for coming by. Yes, definitely get more jumpsuits, the Glam one is so flattering and fun. xox

    • thank you Suzanne and thanks for linking up. Your post is super-useful and makes one think about buying *more*, always more. And you look sparkling in that Missoni sweater! xox

  4. You look just sooo coool, Patti. Yeah, I’m a jumpsuit fan too. But I’ve only made 2 so far. So much to sew, so little time. yadda, yadda, yadda. Hey, your cat’s growing more plants. Nice.

    • Hey Pao, thanks for coming over with your luxe velvet coat, looking like the Goddess of Autumn. Have a groovy week, xox.

  5. I’m a huge fan of the all-in-one Patti and this one is sleek as ever on you. You’re the master of understatement, but always with your own little bit of sass – I love it!
    Have a super week x

    • Thank you, Anna and thanks for coming over! I enjoyed your post with your Fall-worthy blazer and fab tie-up boots. Have a great week ahead. xox

    • Hello Mireille and thanks for coming by! I enjoyed your October style round-up, and the white wrap cardigan is so beautiful, xox.

  6. Hi, Patti. No jumpsuit today, but the clean lines of your jumpsuit make it such a classic! I’m loving the black/navy combo, too!

    xx Darlene

    • Hello, Darlene and thanks for coming over. Your v-neck sweater looks fresh and the color is definitely one of your best! xox

    • Good morning Linda and thanks for coming over. Your plaid dress and that glorious Canadian Fall scenery made me smile! xox

  7. I like that you covered up some of the bareness with a tee underneath. What a good idea to look for Everlane in the after-market. Because you mentioned nuuly a couple of times, I recently subscribed (I’m wearing a FP top right now!). I think I’m really going to have some fun with this service. Thx, Patti!

    • Good morning, Kimberly and thanks for coming by! I’m glad you are enjoying Nuuly too; I am about to place my November order. Have a wonderful week ahead, xox.

    • Thanks, Ellibelle and thanks for linking up. Love your cozy Fall sweater and the falling leaves. xox

  8. I do love a jumpsuit. It’s such a comfortable smart/casual item. Love this one on you, Patti. I have to try on though as sometimes I have that not long enough in the body problem. The necklace is lovely!
    Alison x

    • Thank you Alison and thanks for coming by. The “Nearly New Cashmere” shop looks divine, and what a good idea to reduce clothing waste. I want to shop there today! xox

    • Hi Julie, good morning and thanks for linking up! Love, love your quilted jacket for Fall! xox

    • Thank you dear Shelbee and good morning! I loved seeing your super-hero outfit today, and the silky bomber jacket is v. gorgeous. xox

    • Good morning, Debbie and thanks for coming over with your gorgeous self. Have a beautiful Fall day ahead and I look forward to your re-vamped blog! xox

    • Good morning Jacqui and thanks for coming over and linking. Your high waist trousers “do it” for me today – they look so modern and chic. xox

  9. I have a long upper body so jumpsuits never tot me that good. But I do like them. Your necklace is beautiful!

    • Hi Nancy – you look so playful and chic in your leggings! thanks for coming over, xox.

  10. I have to limit myself on jumpsuits (I have 3) or they will overtake my closet! I love this version of a classic style, and don’t you love all the layering possibilities? Lovely, Patti!

    Linking up shortly in a fun outfit I wore to the theatre. Thank you so much for hosting!

    • Good morning, Sheila and thanks for linking up! That theatre dress is dramatic and stunning, love it. Enjoy the week ahead on your magical island, xox.

  11. Nope. Count me out on the jumpsuit thing. I DID sew a very groovy one in ’69 or ’70 in a red paisley (or maybe it was the blue. One was a jumpsuit, the other was a maxidress) viyella (wool/cotton blend). It was a jumper style on top with a very low plunge in front and I usually wore a white long sleeve peasant blouse underneath. That year’s family photo album is MIA, unfortunately. I sewed some cRaZy things in my tweens.

    • Looking very good in your jumpsuit Patti. I can see why you enjoy wearing this one, so versatile . One of those garments I admire on others but not for me. Many thanks for hosting, enjoy your week.

      • Thank you Jill and thanks for linking up – how precious is your grandson?! Have a great week ahead, enjoy every flower. xox

    • I bet you sewed a groovy one, Anne! Those paisleys were everything in the late 60โ€™s. And I bet you looked smashing. Thanks for coming over today and stay fab, xox.

    • Good morning Debbie and thank you for coming over, and for your kind words! Have a lovely Monday, xox.

  12. JUMPSUITS! They are an obsession of mine lately. I can’t stop wearing them. I can’t stop making them! Yours is so fun and versatile. I love it with your tee and pendant necklace. Next time we get together, we should do a jumpsuit theme.



    • Yes, I will do a jumpsuit with you any time! I adore the ones you’ve created. Have a delightful PNW week ahead, xox.

    • Hi Heather and thanks for linking up. I love the faux-fur long vest you’re featuring, xox.

  13. When I first saw the jumpsuit trend, I was like Noooooo…. Now? I’m all YESSSSS! I love them. They’re so easy to wear and you always look chic. Love yours – that V neck is perfect.

    • Yeah, they have to kind of grow on you! Thanks for coming over, Daenel, and you’ve got me looking out for some Pecan Praline Coffee. xox

  14. I love jumpsuits, but often have a problem with the fit because of my long waist!!!
    Great pendant!!
    Love the black nail polish in your browse items— just bought the cheapie Sally Hansen version lol!

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