The Classic White Shirt, Undone: Visible Monday

The classic white shirt, undone. I love a classic white shirt. Left unbuttoned at the neck, it creates a flattering face-frame for most any woman. Buttoned to the top makes for a more edgy, modern look, and adds to the super-versatility of the piece.

I love this sleek, minimal look. Source.

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My white shirt today has personality, via a wide portrait collar and gathered balloon sleeves. It was a $10 thrift find in NYC, originally by Zara, and it’s fun to style. It’s a cotton/poly blend, so it sheds most wrinkles after a hand-wash. And white always looks clean and fresh, although I did skip the spaghetti for lunch. 😊

Today I am joined by a black art kitty. Stinky the real black cat is doing well, no worries, but she stayed indoors (because it’s still so freaking hot?!).

I’ve worn my white shirts with jeans (of course), dressy trousers, denim skirts, and today with a silky print midi skirt, purchased retail from Ann Taylor. I also own an over-sized white linen shirt from Everlane, and it’s another favorite that can be worn and layered all year.

My coffee cup has turned into a frosty beer mug. It must be 5:00. Style tip: a wide-brimmed hat is the perfect topper, if you live in a sunny climate.
Love this loose, easy look. I would add a camisole. Source.

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Stay fabulous, and wear what you love, xo

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  1. I love the idea of a white shirt, I like them on other people, but I don’t own any because I am a stain magnet, and also find that white makes me look washed out. So weird to see how warm it is there and how cold we are up here!

    • LoL at “stain magnet”! Thanks for coming by, and now’s the time for you to revel in all your great winter coats, xox.

    • Hi Emma and thanks for linking up! i enjoyed your photos of Madiera, and your pink dress looks just perfect for a sunny day, xox.

  2. I just purchased a white button-down shirt after going years without one. Thank you for the styling ideas! I was planning on layering mine beneath overalls or something, but I like how you opened yours up a bit to reveal your cute cami beneath. Taking something so structured and making it loose and boho–I love it!


    • Hi Sherry and thanks for coming over! I think a white shirt would be fun and fresh under one of your jumpsuits. I’d love to hang out w/you and experiment with our white shirts! xox

  3. Ack! Too hot you say?! Just rub it in, Patti. Although you do look pretty tropical and cool in your unbuttoned sexy white shirt. Our kitty is hiding under the quilt at the moment.

    • I need your snow! Um, no never mind. But I do love your snowy outfit and cool fabrics. Thanks for coming by, xox.

  4. The white shirt is the ultimate classic isn’t it Patti? I love that yours has a taken a sideways step with that different neckline and those lovely big sleeves – just as elegant though!
    Thanks for the link up party x

    • Thank you Anna and thanks for linking up! I hope you are feeling a little better each day. And your blue-with-prints outfit today is splendid, xox.

  5. Patti, I, too, love a white shirt with almost anything, but especially with jeans. There is just something so right about a crisp white shirt, isn’t there? It looks super cute with that red midi skirt–and those red shoes!!

    xx Darlene

    • Hi Darlene and thanks for linking up! Your black sweater dress looks like a great wardrobe multiplier. Have a great week ahead, xox.

  6. Wow hard to beleive it is still hot there! It has been chilly here and I am a happy camper wearing jackets and sweaters. Love your white button down, so classic and stylish on you and I love the red patterned skirt. Glad kitty is doing well! 🙂
    jess xx

    • Yes and you’re looking gorgeous in those Fall colors. I love the long, colorful dress with the moto jacket – great look! xox

    • Good morning, Alison and thanks for your kind words! I hope you have a terrific week ahead, xox.

    • Good morning dear Shelbee and thanks for coming by. Your post about body positivity and nudity was epic – it’s saved into my files. You have courage! xox

    • Good morning Nancy! Thanks for your kind words, and I really like your 70’s inspired outfit today, xox.

  7. The classic white shirt looks so good on you. I think it’s very much a warm weather item, which is not the type of weather we’re getting in the UK. It’s all rain gear and woolly jumpers at the now plus long boots and warm hats! I’ve just read the above comment and your reply – oh my word, I get why you’re wearing a white shirt!!!!

    • Hello dear Penny and thanks for your kind words, and for coming by. You’re having some bitter cold days! Stay safe and cozy, xox.

    • Hello gorgeous Vale and thanks for linking up. Your 1970’s style red dress is all that! xox

    • Hello Jill and thank you for linking up – your dots are a wonderful signature look! And the gardens you visited are lush, what a gorgeous spot. xox

    • Good morning, Cheryl and thanks for linking up! Everlane’s been a good brand for me. Love the buckled bags you featured today, xox.

  8. I go through a white blouse every season – I love changing out basic parts of it, like the collar or sleeves, as you’ve done here, Patti!

    I’ll be linking up soon in my blue cape and fedora! Thanks so much for hosting!

    • Good morning, Sheila! You look chic and smart in your blues. Love your guest-of-wedding dress too, xox.

    • Thanks Nicole and thanks for linking up. I enjoyed your posts, and realize that it’s already wintry in parts of the world! xox

    • Thanks Kellyann! I appreciate your post about the beauty sale – I can hardly resist a new lipstick : > xox

    • Thanks Ellibelle! I agree with you 100% about a zip-front vest – they are great Fall pieces. xox

    • Thanks Ally, and thanks for coming by. I read that your part of the world has a bitter cold snap coming this week – stay warm, xox.

  9. I am obsessed with white shirts, they are timeless and always bring some extra touch to any outfit. Love your blouse and the skirt, Patty

    • Thank you Anna, and thanks for linking up. Your photos of Georgia are stunning! and I must try that wine. xox

    • Thank you Heather and same back to you! I like your Fall transitional pieces, esp the corduroy jacket, xox.

  10. Is it still hot down where you are? We’ve had snow! Wahhhh! I’m not ready for full time boots yet! Plus I haven’t worn all my fall jackets yet! Hope the weather cools down for you and warms up a bit for me:)

    • Hi Sue, and thanks for coming over! Yes, it’s still warm, but finally moving toward 75 degrees. You look a bit chilly-but fabulous – in your checked blazers. Very Autumn chic. xox

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