Create Your Own Colorway: Visible Monday

Create your own colorway. I just learned that word, “colorway”, a few weeks ago. It means “any of a range of combinations of colors in which a style or design is available.” As in: the colorway for a pair of sandals may be white, tan, and brown. Now I try to use the word every day, e.g. “the colorway of this wine is pale pink to deep rose”. Sip, sip.

Welcome to Visible Monday. If you want to participate, it’s so easy: just go to the bottom of this post for the how-to. Link back to Not Dead Yet Style if you like – we’re on Easy Does It “rules” now!

I created a new colorway for this casual outfit – I almost always have worn this print skirt (old, Loft, similar) with a black or white top. Today, I picked up on the earthy brown in the print and paired it with a linen tee (thrifted, similar from Etsy.) It’s a friendly, warm look I really like.

It’s a whole new world! I’m standing at the entrance to our condo building, and there’s a distinct lack of ceramic kitty. Same colorway for the walls though. 😊

I was having so much fun experimenting with color, I went on to play with PicMonkey’s filters. I came up with this muted, dusky palette. I like the outfit in this colorway too.

This combination looks moody and subdued. The cool shoes are dressy sneakers by Steve Madden; they’re my favorites for walking around New York City.
Both gold hearts are sentimental for me: they’re gifts from my paternal grandparents Ike and Annie Gibbons. Irish immigrants who thought I was the moon and the stars; I miss them.

Are you exploring all your various colorways today? Show us in the link-up!

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Stay fabulous, and wear what you love, xo

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    • Thank you dear Debbie. “One human family” is the best thing I’ve heard today, xox.

  1. I seriously think my favorite part of your outfit {which I love, by the way} are your shoes. They’re so funky cool!!

    • Thank you Sherry. Kitty is fine – she’s up on our balcony taking care of business. Your post is full of beauty today – your photoshoot! And of course, a lovable cat. Have a wonderful PNW day, xox.

  2. I love these warm earthy tones Patty. They look great on you. I am trying to be more adventurous with colour. I tend to stick to neutrals. There are some lovely vibrant colours around for the summer, which I’m daring myself to try.

    • Thank you, Alison. I do a lot of neutrals too. And I love the linen button-front dress you’re wearing in your IG post! xox

  3. That looks lovely on you, Patti. Isn’t fun trying different stuff on together that you “normally” wouldn’t think of? It’s always such a surprise for me, and a “duh, why haven’t I thought of this before?” Way to go.

    • Thanks, Pao. Yes, it’s so fun to mix up the closet, close your eyes and pull pieces out. I adore that breezy summer dress you created for today’s post! xox

  4. These warm earth tones look great on you. Calming, settled. And the soft lines add to it. Yeah, kitty is missing! Maybe he’s in Paris.
    Colorway bothers me. I don’t know why. Maybe because it’s so on trend. Give me a few more months and I’ll be using it constantly. Gaaa!!
    Thanks for the link party. I’m diggin’ the wading pool!!

    • Kitty better not be in Paris, as my American Express card is also missing . . . Yeah I get it about trendy words and concepts – they’re always more fun at the beginning of the cycle. Party on and stay excellent, xox.

  5. Beautiful colors! One of my favorite color palette- a warm rust and burgundy, great going into Fall as well. I love the warm tones on you Patti and your fun brogues. Oh, kitty had the day off.. too hot outside!
    jess xx

    • Yeah, kitties need a break, too. You’re gorgeous in your summer romper, and look a decade younger than your age! Your niece looks sweet too. xox

  6. I really like you in warm colours. This looks comfy, chic and cool.

    I’d never heard of that word until you mentioned it in our call.

    I can see that certain words trend just like clothes. Bucolic is another pretentious word that is trending. Another one that comes to mind is verklempt.


    • Thanks Suzanne. On our first date, Sandy asked me to do something “bucolic” – it was an outdoor cat event. So I have a soft spot for the word. I don’t need to hear “verklempt” again. And I agree that words trend just as styles do. Need replacements for “G.O.A.T” and “hangry” too. Have a fabulous day, see you soon! xox

    • Hi Kim! Kitty is fine – I just switched photo locations today! Hope you are loving your trip, and thanks for coming over, xox.

  7. I love sentimental pieces like that Patti!! Rob has a necklace that has charms on it from his grandparents and parents (and me).
    And that’s been my favorite thing lately…try totally different colors with items…it’s fun.

    • Thank you Jodie, and thanks for coming over with your terrific post about “frumpiness.” The visuals are stunning! xox

    • Thank you Shelbee! As you always (rightly) say, life is too short for boring clothes! Love your violet dress today, xox.

  8. Colourways- that takes me back to working in clothing retail and each new collection. I really like the soft terracotta colours on you. The special necklace must evoke wonderful memories. Many thanks for hosting.

    • Thank you, Jill, for your kind words and for linking up. I love, love your tulle dress and yes, you are completely a cool person! xox

    • Thank you beautiful Emma, and thanks for linking up. Your pink-with-pink look is gorgeous! xox

    • Thank you, Rena! I love your blog and how you describe it – it’s for “open minded people with heart.” That’s lovely, xox.

  9. I rarely comment on blogs, but I wanted to tell you that I have a photo of my grandparents holding me when I was 9 months old and they are obviously smitten with me. I, too, miss them terribly and wish I could talk to them today about all of those things that bind families together.
    On another note, I want you to know that I have been reading you for many years and miss your posts, commentaries, opinions, experiences, and wisdom about the varied categories you used to comment on. It is your blog, of course, and I respect whatever decision you have made about your posts….but sometimes moving forward leaves some holes in one’s heart.

    • Thank you so much, Linlee, for your warm and uplifting comment. Those photos have become more precious. And thank you for your kind words; I have scaled back my blogging in order to free some time. It’s heartening to know that you’ve enjoyed my commentaries. I may be back writing more. Take care and have a wonderful week ahead, xox.

  10. Colorway!? Never heard that word before. Whatever. I tried to link up two matching colorways to yours sort of. You even went thru the effort to find pieces in the stores in the colorway. LOL. However, your kitty is really missing in the photo. It would go so nicely with the colorway. Love that stupid word.

    • Haha! Nicole, you are making me smile this Monday morning! Thanks for coming by and linking up. Yeah, I miss the kitty too! xox

  11. It’s so fun to try a different colourway with a pattern! I like how soft that earthy terra cotta colour looks on you, Patti! Lovely!

    Joining you shortly with a very bright dress! Thank you so much for hosting!

    • Thanks dear Sheila, I figured you would know that word. Your 60’s shift is fabulous! xox

  12. Just by chance we are both wearing colorful midi skirts this week! Love your’s, and the cool, comfortable looking outfit you created to beat the summer heat!

    • Thank you, Di, and thanks for linking up! You’re looking cool in your skirt outfits too, xox

    • The colourway of the shorts in my linked post is 2 ways. Well I’m showing them in 2 colours but a third will be in next weeks post. This week its mustard and cream colourways.

      • Love this, Anna! Thanks for sharing your colorways, and have a great week ahead. xox

    • thank you Heather. I enjoyed your masculine-with-a-feminine twist styles today! xox

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