All Colors Can Be “Your” Colors: Visible Monday

All colors can be your colors! I believe some shades are better and more flattering than others, worn next to one’s face. I’ve been classified as a soft, cool color palette type of woman, and I agree. Except for black – which is my boss, dearest, favorite color to wear, charts be damned – the soft, cool colors look good against my pale, low-contrast coloring.

Welcome to Visible Monday. If you want to participate, it’s so easy: just go to the bottom of this post for the how-to. Link back to Not Dead Yet Style if you like – we’re on Easy Does It “rules” now!

This taupe/sand knit dress (thrifted, similar) wouldn’t typically be my best color, and maybe it’s not. But I love it with a bold necklace, dressy sneaker, and a deep red lip. The almost skin-tone neutral of the dress lets me play with accessories. The color doesn’t say “look at me”, but the easy, feminine shape still gives me Visibility.

best colors
Photo from one year ago exactly, before my porch plants became Audrey II.

The bold rose-gold pendant is from Nordie’s, (via a gift card from a major airline after a long, heinous airport experience) but there are many thrifted and vintage versions. The red lips are via Wet n Wild MegaLast, the best cheap lipstick ever.

My hair is added on – the Wiki wig by Ellen Wille. It’s fun to play with your hair and have affordable options! I love the dark roots on this piece.

Are you in “your” colors today? No wrong answers, of course. Show us in the link-up!

Now, let’s see what’s in your closet, Visible Women. The guidelines to participate in the Visible Monday Link-Up are so simple:

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Stay fabulous, and wear what you love, xo

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  1. Dang, I’m too late for your party!! But thought I’d come over and help with cleanup. Hahaha! This looks great on you. Highly visible. Highly visible. That red and the bling and the sexy-secret look. Yup. I like most colours and will forgive one that’s a bit off my skintone if it’s got a cool design. I’ll just wear a scarf or something to separate it from my face.

    • Yeah, a scarf is a great separator, good thinking. And thanks for coming over and for the compliments – from a super-fashionista like you they mean a lot! xox

    • Thanks, Lanae. I appreciate your budget-friendly posts, thanks for coming by! xox

    • thank you Iris and thanks for linking up. Your colorful dresses are gorgeous and tell a story! xox

    • Thank you Penny for your kind words and for linking up! Have a lovely week ahead, stay cool with your upcoming move. xox

  2. love with all colors yes i agree with this point color doesn’t say “look at me”, but the easy, feminine shape still gives Visibility this blogs is just amazing!

    • Hi Cheryl! Thanks for coming over. I really like your Stockholm wardrobe! xox

  3. You look like a glam actress in her off-hours waiting for her car to take her to some exciting outing. The only thing missing is a coffee clasped in one hand. 🙂 So simple and easy, but so so lovely and elegant at the same time.


    • thank you, Sherry and thanks for sharing your most wonderful self-created outfit! Have a peaceful and creative day in your gorgeous home town, miss you, xox.

    • Thank you Mireille! Your travel diary is marvelous, and that turtle! I need that. xox

  4. I think if you love a colour or a garment, you can wear it! If it doesn’t look great near your face, wear it somewhere else. I love this simple Grecian column of an outfit on you, Patti! The lippy is perfection. Sorry to hear about your horrendous airline experience!

    Thanks so much for hosting “Visible Monday” – I’ll be there shortly with a total mishmash of pattern and colour!

    • Agreed about wearing any color you love, on any part of your body. You look fab, Sheila, in your mixed prints! And your new parrot pin is all that. xox

  5. I agree that most colours that don’t flatter our skin tone have good work arounds.

    In the past I was scared of wearing orange…now it’s my go-to colour.

    This outfit looks very New York chic. I think it might have something to do with your badass confidence. You OWN it!


    • Oh yes, you look vibrant in orange, Suzanne. And thanks for the kind words (nothing is sweeter to my ears than “NY chic”)! Thanks too, for linking up, xox.

  6. Love your dress and necklace. That style is so easy to wear. I love taupe and neutrals. I think I also have a cool colour palette, but, love black, which, as I’m getting older doesn’t suit me as much!

    • Hi Alison and thanks for your kind words. Black is still my favorite, although other tones probably look more flattering. thanks for linking up! xox

  7. Patty…
    A fun post as usual! Are those sneakers you’re wearing still ‘gettable?’ They’re the perfect style for just about everything and look very comfortable.

    • Thank you Ellie! Sadly, I can’t find the Steve Madden dressy sneakers any more. I bought them at Dillards, but they’re gone!

    • Thank you Jess and thanks for coming over! I enjoyed your post on beauty products, and I’ve been meaning to try City brand. xox

    • I think you may be right, Kim. Thanks for linking up – Johnny Was is my favorite boho brand and you look great. xox

  8. Patti,

    Love your monochromatic style!
    It’s the perfect transitional style for fall.
    Great looking maxi dress!
    I hope you join our link-up party today!


    • Thanks, Robin and thanks for linking up. I believe you like a maxi dress as well! Have a great week ahead. xox

  9. That’s a great backdrop for that necklace Patti. Especially with those fabulous sneakers too.

    • Thank you Jodie. Reading your recap of July activities, I think I did almost nothing! Thinking of you with all your moves and transitions, xox.

  10. I love this dress on you! And I agree, we can wear colors that may not be as flattering if we choose the right accessories or layers to make them work for us. Tans and taupes are hard for me, too, but I still wear them by adding a scarf in a better color for my skin tone. Great post!


    • Thank you Shelbee! Your cosmic blouse is out of this world (sorry, heh). xox

  11. I usually wear black, because it goes with everything else I have. Otherwise I’m partial to red and to beige/tan/taupe/ecru. I like purple and have a fabulous long sheath cocktail dress with no back in purple, but that’s OK because I don’t have to worry about wearing it with anything else. Yellow and green and orange are all fun but just too much bother for somebody who doesn’t want a lot of clothes. I use them in jewelry, which is smaller and lasts longer.

    • Good morning, TOF! I would love to see that purple sheath dress, it sounds simply beautiful. Thanks for coming by, xox.

    • Thanks Jacqui and thank you for coming by. I’m loving your simple, elegant LBD! xox

  12. totally agree that all colors can be our colors!, some of them could be more flattering than others, but we can wear whatever we want!. And you’re making this sand shade rock wearing it with fab accessorizing and those fab shoes!. Love the elegant drape of this dress, so cool!

    • Thank you Sra! Accessories can totally change a look, I am with you. Love your swirly midi skirt!

  13. Taupe is one of the neutral colours that suit almost everyone. As you suggested, Patti, it offers a great opportunity to show off your statement accessories

  14. I love how you say that all colors can be our colors and I agree with you! I know there are certain colors that look best next to my face but I enjoy wearing most colors at some time. I also enjoy wearing black. For awhile I was trying to always wear bright colors but I am more relaxed now with my “tried and true” pieces that include black. It is flattering and slimming which I like. Love your tan dress and how you wear the shoes with this look.

    • Good morning Debbie and thanks for linking up! I like your casual striped jacket – it looks like an almost year-round piece. xox

  15. If I saw this outfit color on a rack I would pass it by but look how great it looks on you!
    I agree with you about wearing color, I’ll have rethink taupe!

  16. Love this loose and comfy looking maxi dress, Patti. I also look best in the summer color palette. It’s nice to know what is most flattering to your skin tone and hair color, but I also step outside the box to experiment with other colors I like.

    • Thanks, Di and thanks for linking up. Your summer whites are fresh and pretty! xox

  17. I agree Patti. Taupe is a great colour for me but Black is not. I must have a colour consultation sometime, the idea interests me xx

    • Thank you Heather. Love your fall looks – it’ll be another two months before a sweater is needed here in Florida! xox

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