Mix And Match With A Graphic Tee: Visible Monday

Mix and match with a graphic tee. You know I love a graphic tee. And they are easy to incorporate into dressier looks, while still bringing a smile to your face.

Welcome to Visible Monday. If you want to participate, it’s so easy: just go to the bottom of this post for the how-to. Link back to Not Dead Yet Style if you like – we’re on Easy Does It “rules” now!

I found this cool tee (a camera with “And that’s when I snapped“) at a Toronto Salvation Army thrift, while hanging out with my mini girl-gang, Suzanne and Ally. I love the color and the great fit (style tip: when mixing a graphic tee with dressier pieces, look for a slim-fit tee). And somehow “that’s when I snapped” called out to me, because it’s what I often do when watching the U.S. evening news.

Kitty is back but lies in wait behind the “poison plant”. It’s not really poison, but that’s its nickname. To scare the other plants!

The midi length tulle skirt is such a favorite, I bought a second one from eBay when my first one wore out. It’s from an old line, Isaac Mizrahi for Target, but it suits me. I love it with a silky blouse or with a graphic tee. The comfortable two-tone blue sandals are by Sofft.

I’m wearing my beaded name-bracelet, over 50 years old. And an ID bracelet from my dear friend Bryan, also 50+ years. My happy mood is fresh every day, as I am glad to be here.

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Stay fabulous, and wear what you love, xo

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  1. I love this combination Patti. I haven’t worn a tulle skirt for a long time and love the one you’re wearing, looks so cool with the tee. I’m also following Pete Souza as recommended by Deborah. We are living in a crazy world.
    Alison xx

    • Hello Alison, and I hope you are having a lovely day! thanks for linking up, and sharing your sale finds. Love those wedge sandals. xox

  2. I luv bright blue and black together. And that tulle skirt looks great with your tee. I do want to make one and I like yours with just a hint of tulle rather than the ballerina blast of it. By the way, how does one wear out tulle?

    • Haha – my previous tulle skirt got snags and some tears after *years* of wearing and washing. So you’re right, they’re pretty durable. Love your new jumpsuit and thanks for linking up, xox.

    • Thanks Grace and thanks for coming by! I enjoyed your 70’s revival post, and your colorful outfit, xox.

    • Thanks for your kind words, Cheryl, and for linking up. I really like the pic of you and the lion! xox

    • Thanks, Nancy and thanks for the punk reference. I might become the world’s oldest punk one day. You look gorgeous in your double-striped knit dress and jacket. Rock on, xox.

    • I think you bring me thrifting luck, Suzanne! Thanks for linking up, and for memorializing our visit. You are truly the host with the most, xox.

    • thanks, Linda and thank you for linking up. Love, love your striped jumpsuit with those white booties! xox

  3. Ha, great line! Nothing like a t-shirt with tulle. Such a great combination and you wear it well. I’ll be going for a walk soon, trying, trying oh so hard to block out the news, which is a rot on my soul. I’m looking for balance with kitty videos, and kindness on the street, which is still there. Whew. Hello again to your kitty!

    • Thanks, Mel. Yes, I have to start blocking the news too and focus on the great human interest stories. Like you know when a dog or cat saves the whole family. Now that’s news. Thanks for coming over and stay fabulous. xox

    • Thanks, dear Jess. You’re for sure a ‘ray of sunshine” in your brilliant dress today, xox.

    • Thank you, Mireille and thanks for linking up. Your yellow and white with a pop of pink is a cool summer look! xox

  4. You know that I love a good graphic tee with a tulle skirt! And that tee is so very cool. You know that I’m with you on the news situation too. I don’t check my news feed as often as I used to because sometimes it’s quite simply too much. Do you happen to follow Pete Souza on Instagram? He was President Obama’s official photographer for years and years. My son and I have deemed him the forever king of shade. Whenever the current fool does something utterly awful and ridiculous (pretty much daily), he posts a relevant photo from his archives from the Obama era to counter the nonsense with some of the most finely crafted shade that I’ve ever seen. Most times it’s humorous, but sometimes it’s a beautiful reminder that there are still good people in the world and that none of this is normal. Definitely check him out, I think you’ll enjoy him!

    • Oh Debbie thank you for that tip – Souza’s site had me in tears within one page. Let’s never forget that “there are good people in this world” – a lot of them – and long may they run. xox

    • Thanks Julie and thanks for linking up. Your workout wear looks great and it’s inspiring! xox

  5. I do love both that graphic tee and that tulle skirt. I can only imagine your angst at your evening news, Many thanks for hosting Patti. xx

    • Thank you dear Jill and thanks for coming by. Your trip to Hobart (so charming!) was delightful to see. xox

    • Thank you Shelbee and thanks for linking! Your message today of “power to empower” is spot-on. xox

    • Thank you, Jacqui, for your kind words and for linking up. Love your floral trousers today, with that great long jacket. xox

  6. Love your look, Patti! The camera tee is great with your tulle skirt, and the shoes are fab! You look so cute in a hat! As for news…for me, I find it healthier to not watch them at all.

    • Thank you Natalia. Your new blog layout looks smart, and i think your writing has always been “food for the soul.” xox

  7. Oh, yes, we snap north of the border too! I love this mix of whimsy and humour, Patti! Sometimes all we can do is laugh in the face of madness. Tulle never goes out of style!

    • Thanks for the empathy snap! And thanks for coming over, Sheila – your “casual Friday” look is a stunner. xox

  8. LOVE the tulle skirt and tee, Patti. I had to laugh at the “snapped at the evening news.” I TOTALLY get that, my friend, as I do the same…
    xx Darlene

    • Hello dear Darlene and thanks for coming by! Yeah, the news is always a Tylenol moment for me : > Love your tie-waist top. xox

  9. This is such a fun look, Patti-I love that graphic tee! It’s nice to have items in your wardrobe that have fond memories attached to them, it makes them a joy to wear!

    • Thank you my friend! Your shoulder-baring dresses are so feminine and pretty, xox.

  10. Patti,
    I love how you styled your graphic tee shirt with your tulle skirt!
    The message on the tee shirt is hilarious if you get the message!
    I enjoy seeing you every Monday!

    • Hi Robin and thanks for linking up! I too love Vancouver, and enjoyed your photo-journal. xox

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