Unplugged: A Leap Into the Unknown

On many lists of “how to de-stress your life” there’s a recommendation for unplugging from social media. Read a book, take a walk, listen to your vinyl. For the next few days I’m doing something I haven’t done in many years. I’m (mostly) unplugging from social media. I’m traveling to spend the weekend with four fabulous friends, and we’re going to talk, shop, and laugh ourselves silly.

I’m a lifelong type A perfectionist, and I’ve always tried to manage my blog from wherever we go. I used to worry that if I “left”, or “went dark”, even for a little while, you wouldn’t think to come find me again. That’s just not true. I follow the bloggers I like on the regular, and if they’re off for a week, I look forward to their return. That’s how it works, right? You will come back, right? 😊 

I pre-loaded a few Facebook articles, and I might slip in an Instagram or two while on vacation, but I’m determined not to worry about “exposure” and “metrics” and statistics. (I’ll be calling my husband on a cell phone, does that count as social media?) Life is for living, and I plan to live it up and suck all the juice out, and let the charge run down.

Have you ever disconnected for a short time? I’d love to know about your own experiences and feelings.

Do what you love, enjoy the weekend, and stay fabulous, xox,

In light of all the above, we’re taking a one-week break from Visible Monday. Vis Monday will be back on June 10th, fresh and ready to see what you’ve been up to. In the meantime, I hope you’re seizing the day and filling your cups to the brim.

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  1. I don’t have a laptop so it’s easy to “unplug” from my computer when I’m away, but that said, I always have my phone so I can keep up with Instagram 🙂 From the photos it looks like you had a good visit with Mel and the rest of the group.

  2. Enjoy your break, Patti! I am doing much the same this week.

  3. Patti
    Enjoy your trip! Have a great time! I find that I need to unplug or spend time away from social media when it becomes a bit too much. i just need a “mental break” from it all. i certainly do so when we go on vacation, and find that it is very freeing and relaxing to just be in the moment and enjoy the company.
    jess xx

  4. I’m used to unplug for some days when I’m busy (work, social life, visitors at home!) and almost every weekend, which I think it’s pretty relaxing!
    I totally support your decission of enjoying Real Life to the fullest!

  5. Time with friends laughing and sharing good company is the very best medicine. This is what life should be about. Fussing over social media exposure is just not a good thing. It’s a little bit necessary as a blogger, but it should not occupy most of our waking hours. I was pretty unplugged myself this week. But I was tending to a very intense renovation and that did not feel very relaxing. Still it was lovely to be re-creating a home for my family; grout, debris and all !
    I will be back!

  6. I have unplugged before, usually over the holidays, but it is so important! We will all be here when you return so have a fabulous break and enjoy! I always return refreshed with new ideas and inspiration whenever I unplug for a bit!

  7. Have a wonderful vacation!
    Why do we put so much needless pressure on ourselves for things that we do find enjoyable? I plan to unplug more and be more balanced in social media.

  8. I am semi disconnected whenever I’m on holiday. I do try to keep up with my blog reading, but I’m only commenting after I’m back. Also I don’t post anything myself while I’m away, apart from the odd photo on Facebook. I do think I should disconnect more, though, but checking my smartphone has become a force of habit. xxx

  9. I’m certain that you four are currently wringing every morsel of joy from your time together. This meetup is epic!

  10. We seem to be on similar wavelengths Patti. I sam planning on unplugging for part of the summer. I think our brains, or at least mine, is on overdrive. It’s unbelievably calming to not think about social media. Enjoy your relaxation.


  11. Have a wonderful time, Patti!
    I choose not to own a smartphone and only access the internet at home from my PC. When I’m away I don’t go near the internet – usually for at least a month if not more. I always find that, following a break, I’ve gained more readers! xxx

  12. Have a fantastic trip and visit with your friends, Patti!
    I unplug regularly, it’s just what I do intuitively when I start feeling overwhelmed. Social media is fine for staying connected with our loved ones (especially when they are on the other side of the planet, and it’s the only option you have), but it shouldn’t rule our lives. Yes, life is for living, and we will be back! 🙂

  13. I unplug every weekend, and most holidays. A weekly sabbatical is a not unprecedented thing in human history.

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