Most People Are Mostly Good. Agree?


I have an underlying hopeful and positive view of humanity. Most people are mostly good, I think. I remember when I started selling vintage clothing on eBay, the company’s stated belief was: “most people have good intentions.” And for sure, a lot of trust was required in the early days of online selling. And most people’s “ratings” on eBay and Etsy bear this out.

An opportunity to test this maxim was given to me this past weekend, when I was stuck at an airport for about 20 hours, trying to get a flight home. You know how you feel at the airport: usually tired to begin with, stoic about long lines and pat-downs, crying babies, and loud Public Announcements (“This is the FINAL boarding call for Flight #2450. We mean it this time.”)

You don’t want to know all the details, but our flight was delayed six times, and we finally departed 15 hours after the original EDT. This meant a night of trying to sleep on airport chairs, being cold, and starting to smell bad. The good news is that almost to a person, we helped each other, and stayed kind. The airline staff worked strenuously to keep us sedated, with loads of sandwiches, hot chocolate and “free miles” on our accounts. 

Your bed awaits you, traveler. Image via Unsplash.

I’m ashamed that I lost my cool at one point, and was terribly rude. While at the “Help” counter, trying to get re-booked, I chatted casually with the man next to me. A woman standing in line behind me said loudly “Are you two a couple? Cause if you are I’m going to be really upset at you taking up two agents!” One of my wordless wry smiles would have done the trick, but I was snarly and said “Well, we’d all hate for you to be upset.” Not my finest moment.

I saw her later and we chatted pleasantly, and I said I was sorry for being so snappish. She was actually a funny, decent person, who’d been under a lot of stress like all of us. Lesson reinforced: when you have a chance to be kind/extra patient and understanding, take it. Most people are mostly good.

And on a completely cheery note, here are a couple of quick pics from our blogger meetup:

Kicking around in one of Vancouver’s many industrial alleys. I thrifted this fabulous leather jacket on the trip.


The view from our hotel balcony. Big wow. Top two pics courtesy of Sherry of Petite Over 40.


Swanning around the thrift store with the lovely Sue of A Colorful Canvas. Check out my socks.

 Stay fabulous and kind, xo

Some cool Summer pieces to browse:

Header image via Unsplash.

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  1. It as grueling to find educated nation by this subject, nevertheless you sound comparable you recognize what you are talking about! Thanks

  2. I love travel, but yes, airports can set everyone’s teeth on edge. I’m glad to hear that the airline staff tried their best to minimize everyone’s discomfort. Having been stranded at an airport with no advance warning and absolute indifference from the airline (cough*US Air*cough) it’s good to know that some haven’t lost the personal touch.

  3. Hi, Patti 🙂 I totally get the flying/airport frustrations–my husband has worked in Asia since 2004 and boy, do I have stories! Two thoughts: Always embrace Plan D (not just B) when traveling and then that safety is an illusion. As for majority of people being good, I have to disagree. We’re all sinners (Romans 3:10)–some just have more “stuff” on the outside than others. The good news is that Jesus took care of it all (1Timothy 1:15) and all we have to do is believe that He did (John 6:29)! THAT is the gospel (good news) in a nutshell. Grace & Peace to you, Patti!

  4. Glad you made it home okay, Patti – I hear you on travel and stress and delays! Those are all anxiety triggers for me, and I’m not at my best, so people who can push through and be kind are appreciated. I try…don’t always succeed.

    Sad to hear that you were in Vancouver!! I missed seeing you!

  5. People are most assuredly mostly good but sometimes it requires a second or even third chance. I think Anne Frank was first to convince me of that. When you’re our age Patti I’m sure you agree that the opportunities to test this have been many and varied. I’ve found that some folks are even a bit overwhelmed when they don’t expect to be treated with kindness. Can it move mountains?
    Maybe not but goodness ( kindness) is worth sharing for sure!

    • I think going back and forth is completely normal! thanks for the nice words, xox

  6. I agree that most people are good, but I’m not at all sure I’d still be good after a 20 hour delay! I really admire that you’ve kept your cool. Your meet-up must have been worth it, though! xxx

    • The meet-up was well worth the aggravation! thanks for coming by, xo

  7. UGH….travel can be so stressful, even when things go as planned. A minor delay is a frustration, but spending the night in an airport would be a trial beyond my piddly coping skills. If we could have wrapped you up and transported you to a serene spa while the airline got their act (or feel free to insert the S word here) together, we surely would have.
    A sharp comment in response to an unexpected barb seems within were sleep deprived after all. And it wasn’t as though you had any engagement with this person prior to her remark. Stressed nerves, a tired mind…difficult not to be reactive rather than responsive. Connecting with her later and having a positive exchange was a lovely outcome.

    Anyways….You are HOME….hubby, kitties, and ocean breezes. Can’t think of anything better!

    Didn’t we have a fun time playing dress up at Talize! This photo says it all! The weekend was so much fun and I was so happy to have been able to spend quality time with you!

    • Thanks Sue – we did have big fun playing in the thrift shop. A serene spa sounds fabulous for any day! xox

    • so true, we’re human with all the glory and flaws that come with it! xo

  8. I used to be able to do long trips with no sleep, but now, if I don’t get enough shut-eye on time, I can’t even say my own name. Bravo to you. And even your “snappish” comment didn’t have any expletives. That we all were so disciplined.
    I absolutely love your socks.

    • you’re right! no expletives. I’ll give myself a small credit for that. Thanks for coming by, xo

  9. Patti, you are a warrior. A loving warrior–one that faced this terrible experience and came away seeing kindness in others. I am in awe and admiration that you took the time to reconnect with the snarky woman in line. What an example to go back and apologize and to discover her real self as opposed to the stressed version. I’ll remember this the next time I am in a similar situation.

    It was *such* a joy spending time with you and the other ladies this past weekend. I sincerely wish we’d had more time to talk and talk and talk. I also sincerely wish your travel had been easier. How thankful I am you are now at home in comfort and, as Suzanne said, being tended to by your hottie male nurse. 🙂

    Hugs for you,

  10. I still can’t imagine the nightmare of that trip when you were also not feeling well. Kudos for you for staying as calm as you did.

    I’m very happy you are now safe and sound at home and hopefully being cared for by your hottie male nurse : )

    Despite all of the trials and tribulations you seem to face every time you fly to Canada I’m so happy you chose to come. It was wonderful seeing you again.


    • Hot male nurse – that will make him smile! The joys of the trip were well worth the minor inconveniences. xo

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