Five Ways Blogging Can Improve Your Life

Blogging takes time and patience, and a little courage, to put yourself out to the world for review. We all want to be approved of, and it’s freeing to accept that you’ll always have detractors if you’re in the public eye (even on a small platform like a style blog). Hey, even the beauteous Kard sisters have their critics, but it doesn’t slow down their social media output.

This blog, Not Dead Yet Style, is over seven years old. When I first started, I would cut my head out of pictures, to feel “safe”. Now I show my face right after some medical treatments and there’s no fear. We all have a face.



My unadulterated face, May 2018. We all have one.

The most popular posts are the ones in which I share my highest hopes and darkest fears for the future, as an older woman. Blogging has most definitely changed my life for the better. Here are just a few ways:


 I have more confidence in my computer skills, writing skills, creativity. I have a better sense of what I love, and what’s authentically me. I still have a goal of improving my photography skills.

It’s an outlet to express myself. I usually avoid religion and politics, but when I have gone there, I’ve gotten honest reactions, including some angry ones. I didn’t die from that. Blogging for over seven years has made me more open, and less fearful. I feel part of a community, and not everyone in the community sees the world the way I do.

I’ve gotten more stylish, duh! One hopes this is an outcome of writing a style blog. I write more often these days about non-clothing topics, but I for sure have a more authentic wardrobe. It’s casual with an attitude,  and smaller than BB (before blogging).

It’s given me a sense of accomplishment – you know like in elementary school when your parents put your drawing on the fridge: “I made this.”

And most important for happiness, blogging has provided opportunities to meet and know fascinating people. Like Karina and Garnet of Karina Dresses, the NYC photographer Denton Taylor, stylish Alida of My Makeover Mission, and many more. The amazing fellow bloggers – Judith was the first I met in person, and Paula, Shelley, Ally, Sabina, so many more, and more to come, have added so much joy. This coming weekend I’ll be cavorting with four fabulous friends I met through blogging – and I can’t think of another way we would have met.

The wonderful artist and friend, Anne Bray, on a visit in Florida in 2014.

 Stay fabulous and appreciate all you’ve done, xo

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