Tiny Wardrobe In The Big City: Visible Monday

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I dress more simply when we’re in NYC. I reach for solid colors, basic shapes and fabrics, and good walking shoes. I like to feel stylish and minimal there, maybe because the city itself is so electric and colorful. And it’s fun to build a tiny wardrobe that can live in our tiny studio’s tiny closet.

So far, I’ve got a pair of dark denim jeans, a pleather skirt, two pairs of boots/booties, and several knit tops in black, gray, ivory, and navy. I know you colorful fashionistas are thinking “ugh, boring”. And maybe it is, but this tiny wardrobe works wonders for me. Pick a bottom and a top, add some personality with accessories, and head out for an adventure.

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The pleather skirt in this pic – up against my favorite blue wall on Minetta Lane – was just thrifted at Housing Works for about $10. It’s turning out to be more versatile than I predicted, as NY Spring is cooler than Florida Spring! The ivory cotton knit sweater was thrifted in Florida and it has a nice chunky texture.

The tights are courtesy of
Zohara; those are cat faces on the front calf. I had to have them, didn’t I? Old Calvin Klein walking oxfords are finally going to be dumped – they’ve been resoled too many times. Thank you for your service, oxfords, well done.

tiny wardrobe nyc

The fire hydrant isn’t attractive, but I love that it’s trying to fit in with the street by being blue.




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Stay fabulous and wear what you love, xo


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  1. You look super cool and fabulous in your NYC attire. That skirt fits like a dream.
    Loving the hydrant. I was thrilled to see them for real when I went to the States, so American! xxx

  2. It’s so nice to see your city self – tres chic and a very cool cat you are too! Those tights are a hoot and work so well with this understated outfit. Shame about those Oxfords, but it sounds like they’ve served you well.
    Thanks for the link up party!
    Anna x

  3. Even I, Ms Pattern Circus, tone it down in NYC. One is very much “out in public” there, and too much sartorial visual stimulation can bring out the “crazy” in less balanced souls — on the subway, for sure (speaking from experience).
    So exciting that you have your own downtown place!

  4. My New York wardrobe tends to be mostly black and grey. It just seems to simplify packing and most of my favourite pieces happen to be those colours. It makes me stand out when I’m with my colourful friends 😉

    • I have seen you in NYC, and you stand out with your style for miles! xox

  5. Yes, to cat tights! What a fun element to add to any look. I can see how this pleather skirt would get a lot of wear, as it is so versatile.

  6. I love NY! Every corner, every wall, everywhere is a great spot for a photoshoot. The one you’ve chosen is so cool where even a fire hydrant looks artistic!

    You are a thrifting expert Patti! Great pleather skirt and I love the cotton top too. Kitty tights makes this a very cute outfit suitable for NYC! 🙂

    I’ve been packing simply for my last couple of vacations and I’m doing it again next trip to Seattle.



  7. I think that good walking shoes are the key to enjoy city life and have fun!, and I totally agree on having a tiny wardrobe full of neutrals if it is what you need!. Comfort is first and you look fabulous!, I love your accessorizing!

  8. I’m loving the funky pleather skirt and of course you had to have the cat tights! A perfect look for your New York adventure. And I actually like that fire hydrant … xxx

  9. The perfect outfit for New York, stylish , comfortable but with your own quirky touches. Although with all those thrifts how long will minimal last I wonder. Many thanks for Visible Monday.

  10. I love colors, but I also love being and feeling comfortable! I think you look stylish, Patti – such an edgy skirt, cool Oxford shoes and kitty tights! And what is the most important, you feel yourself at your new home. I visited Washington DC just recently, and I also had a feeling that if I lived there, my style would be somewhat different from what it is here in quirky Seattle. Every place has its own unique spirit and atmosphere, and we influence each place we live in as well as each place we live in influences us! <3

  11. When you’re in the city like that—I can totally see why you’d gravitate towards less stuff. Well, maybe? I love the idea, but I can’t guarantee that I could be satisfied….maybe if it’s only for a couple of weeks!!!

  12. Basic, but funky pieces are the key, plus fun accessories! You got the formula right, Patti. I love the tights with this outfit. Thank you so much for keeping us all Visible!

  13. Simple but effective way to dress I say. Very chic. I’m sad you had to say goodbye to those amazing shoes. They were so cool.

    When I lived in London I also started dressing differently. I wore lots of black. I do think we are influenced greatly by our surroundings and the people around us.


  14. Minimalism, yes please! Recently I’ve been battling an overwhelming desire to just toss half of my wardrobe, or rather half of everything in my small flat. I’m sure we could all live with a lot less, and curate and cherish our possessions better.
    By the way, isn’t your birthday soon? So, just in case, happy birthday…

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