Throwback Wednesday: How Age Makes You More Attractive

I know, throwbacks are supposed to be on Thursday, but I’m bending the rules. I have a lot of years to throw-back to now  : >

Here’s a pic from exactly a year ago, followed by a recent one. You can’t over-analyze just two photos, but I  look much more relaxed and happy in August 2015 than I did in 2014 (on my way to work). The smile from this year looks natural and even sassy.

I did love my work, but I was truly ready for a change. Those of you who’ve retired or changed your work situation, did you feel the same? That the needed change revived you, and relaxed you at the same time.

Businesslike and buttoned-up: Chambray shirt (sim), pencil skirt (sim) and wedge sandals (sim).
Brighter lipstick, relaxed hairstyle, a kimono jacket (sim) and ankle-strap flats (sim).  Chill.

Stay fabulous,

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