What’s Your Passion?

Finding and pursuing our passions is a mainstay of life happiness. We’re not all fortunate enough to find passion in our 9-to-5 jobs, although some of us have had the privilege of getting paid to do what we love. Many find our passions on the side: through hobbies, friends, media, our talents, our community, or our closets.

Passions change throughout our lifetime, of course. I think rollerskating in the driveway was my first passion, and you could not get me out of my metal skates when I was seven years old. I skated so much, I felt like I was still skating when I lay down to sleep.

Do you remember? Source.

I was crazy for disco in the late 70’s, and had the wardrobe to show it. While not crafty nor artistic, I did have a time of sewing my own clothing,  and collecting 1940’s dresses. I still appreciate all these things, including disco, but I can’t say that I have a present-day passion for them.

My modern passions, after my husband and pampered pets, are: 1) volunteering at the cat thrift, and 2) learning to sing. Oh yes, and 3) making my blog more appealing, as inspired by Sylvia of 40+ Style.

Besides the pleasure of working alongside animal-loving friends at the thrift shop, and helping the no-kill shelter stay open, here are some of the scores I’ve picked up while working there (I do pay for them but less than $5 each):

A drapey Eileen Fisher dress (sim – looks better on): a funky embroidered Diesel shirt (sim)  – I think the back says
“Sky Fighters 1978” but not sure who they are?; super comfortable white Clarks sandals (sim).

My voice lessons are challenging, and I’m embarrassed to say, kind of thrilling. I could carry a tune, but now I am finding power in my voice and an extended range. I also have a smart, talented teacher, and a disgruntled upstairs neighbor.

As for my blog, I will soon transfer Not Dead Yet Style to WordPress, with my own domain. I’ll be experimenting with new options for presenting my stuff. I am ever grateful to you for reading it. I may also try out new sponsors. I hope you don’t mind, and you never have to click, but in retirement it’s lovely to pick up a few extra dollars. I will only promote companies I believe do ethical business, and whose offerings I would use.

Now, I would love to hear what your passions are, whether style-related, home-centered, artistic, blog-ish, or otherwise. In addition to that first cup of coffee, what puts a smile on your face and makes your heart beat faster?

Stay fabulous,

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