The Little Gray Dress: Visible Monday

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You all have encouraged me to show some 60 year-old knee! So I have, and so it is with this cute little gray dress. I’d still like 2 more inches at the hem, or a pair of summer-weight capri leggings (will add, great idea).

A little gray dress is versatile and a nice change from the LBD:


Welcome to Visible Monday. If you want to participate, it’s so easy: just go to the bottom of this post for the how-to. Please be kind and leave a link to Not Dead Yet Style in your post.

I found this darling little gray dress on eBay for under $15. The Brand is JUMA, of whom I had not heard. I’ve checked them out and can’t find any dresses but I like their colorful socks and pillows. My dress is stretchy and so easy to wear, and has an unusual hemline that ties in the back, cool. My lucky octopus necklace, via Sheila, looks great in the open neckline, and brings me good luck. To toss a bone to tradition, I wore a faux pearl bracelet (sim) and ladylike open sandals (sim).



I reluctantly expose my knees, looking sheepish. Love the dress, though.




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  2. You have great legs Patti so it’d be a shame not to show them off! Love your dress! Looking fab πŸ™‚

    Emma xxx

  3. Never mind the age of them, you’ve got a damned fine pair of knees and they should be shown off more often! xxx

  4. What’s not to love with this cute little dress Patti? You have wonderful, slim legs and have no reason at all not to show them. I’d say it was a great find and I do hope that you wear it often. Thank you so much for showcasing all these lovely ladies in your link up party x

  5. If I had legs and knees like yours I would have them on permanent display! I’m a great fan of grey clothing and it takes a little splash of bright additional colour so well.

  6. I really like your little grey dress and I am going to honour it by linking up with something grey.
    PS I am linking back in my new post, not in the post I am adding.

  7. I think not just your knees but your legs look fabulous, so don’t stop sharing your best assets!!!


  8. You look fab! I am very jealous that you are somewhere where it’s warm enough to get your pins out – far too chilly here still. XXX

  9. You look incredible Patti, I didn’t know you were 60!! You don’t even look close to that. And, I love the idea of a little grey dress! Thank you for hosting!! Make sure to come on over and link up your great look on The Shoe and Tell Fashion Link up on Style Nudge!


  10. Get those pins out Patti! They look great.
    I love your grey dress…and those shoes.
    Thank you for hosting your link up.
    Have a wonderful week.

  11. Patti you’re absolutely right to show off those fabulous knees (and legs)!! If you like your legs it’s the greatest thing to be able to show them off, no matter what your age – same with midriff, back, or any other bits we’re proud of! Good for you girl :))

    Thank you for hosting sweetie, Happy Monday!

    Catherine x

  12. You look fantastic in that little grey dress indeed, not many of us could pull it off so gracefully, dear Patti.
    Glad to join you once more.
    Besos from MΓ‘laga

  13. Such an interesting dress design, very much in your spirit, Patti! And I think you look wonderful – absolutely wonderful in this length!

  14. I don’t know what you’re worried about Patti, you have terrific legs!
    I’m partial to the grey shades, especially in a dress. Your bubble hem dress is super cute πŸ˜‰

  15. It is good to know about the names of those different shades of gray. Also, that dress is so sporty, casual and cute. Great styling and I love that tree!

  16. Aw, nice to see the octo-necklace! I’m glad you like it. You have lovely knees, what are you going on about, woman? (that was said in Vizzini’s voice). Fabulous, Patti, as always. Thank you for hosting Vis-Mon!

  17. Adorable dress – great color and fun hemline! Not sure why you are looking sheepish – those knees look great. πŸ™‚

  18. That first photo is perfect! Great outfit and come thither smile. Heh. I love your dress and your knees too, bare even! Always, thanks for the linkup.

  19. Beautiful knees, Gorgeous dress, fabulous YOU!! Love it!!

  20. Nothing wrong with those knees! I think we are all so self critical. We need to see ourselves with kinder eyes.

    I love grey on blondes. It looks so wonderful and warm there. I’m very jealous! Any day now spring will show up here.

  21. Your knees are gorgeous, along with you legs. No need for leggings or sheepishness here at all. Lovely colour and really interesting shapes on your dress. I love it. Have a fabulous week!

  22. Great dress & great knees! I love it just the way you styled it! Plus, the dress seems very versatile and I can totally see it with different leggings and accessories.

    Thanks for the link up!

  23. Just look at those incredible 60 year old knees! They’re fabulous, but of course they are they belong to you. Very fun and stylish dress, and you’re right, so versatile.

  24. Very nice dress and accessories, Patti. Love the gray color and it will be versatile.

  25. You look great even in grey. OK, grey is a nice colour, but can be difficult to wear (it’s certainly not one of my best colours…), but this shade of grey suits you really well. Have a great week, Patti!

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