How To Flatter With Florals At Any Age

Signs of the new season: as sure as the first robin, and first iced latte, the florals are here! The cold days are (almost for sure) over, and we saw a bundle of floral prints at this week’s Visible Monday, on gorgeous Visible Women of all ages.

Always in style:

Every fashion season, the designers declare florals are IN, but they’re never really OUT, are they? I love a dark floral dress or skirt in the cooler seasons (like this one) and a more outspoken floral when the days are long. I like to think they were the original print; certainly they are ancient. From the floral wreaths of the Romans in the first century, Chinese silk peony prints in the 10th century, and charming Indian chintz brought to Europe in the 17th century – we’ve always been enchanted by flowers.

We’re still delighted by floral prints, big and small, as our style’s main course or a superb side dish. Here’s how some amazing women styled their florals this week:

1. Debbie  of Fashion Fairy Dust wears a bold, unforgettable floral print in a modern halter dress. She lets the dress be the  outfit’s star. Her stunning hair (next lifetime – I want that hair!), long cardigan, and red booties are the supporting actors. Debbie has a bold confident style, and doesn’t shy from patterns, and she looks like an assured, beautiful woman.


2. Samantha of Fake Fabulous has added a long silk floral scarf to her otherwise solid pieces. It lifts the look, and it’s the easiest way to do a floral print. Throw it on and go, while looking like you planned it for days.


3. Mis P of Mis Papelicos is doing a Style Imitates Art photo-shoot, and she chose a Mary Cassatt painting as her muse. In true Mis P. fashion she does a brilliant pattern mix and includes flowers all the way to her shoes. She has joy in dressing, so I bet florals are a major player in her closet.

Mary Cassatt.-7

4. Bogi of Red Reticule does a beautiful and literal interpretation of florals: her dress is made of daisies! So lovely with her simple white pumps.


Florals can be bold and central, or an eye-pleasing accessory, a riot of color or a simple pattern. I like them on my reading glasses, iPhone case, and bedcovers, too. How do you appreciate florals?

Stay fabulous,

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    • I agree – florals can look girly, but they don’t have to! xo

      • He estado investigando, y encuentro que la “espada de Salomon” no es la misma que la espada de los Masones. Los dibujos son diferentes, no tienen los mismos simbolos, y aunque me parece una falta total de sabiduria andar poniendo una espada de cualquier tipo en el hombre de alguien, hoy en dia, debemos tener cuidado con acusaciones que tal vez no sean ciertas. La espada de Mottesi no es igual que la espada de los Masones, se ve esto en las diferentes fotos, y se puede hacer la coaƒ³raciÃpÂmn. Dios los bendiga.

      • Yes! Yes! Yes! Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas and Halloween are the 4 best holidays for buying candy on sale! I can resist until I see if for 75% off…then the frugal side overrides the side that wants to lose weight! (Although I also often stock up on little stuffed animals and such.)

      • Way cool….looked awesome when we were there a few weeks ago…so envious…you are an inspiration to me to follow your heart…so excited to see you next week. Very happy for you!

      • Your sanity is confirmed, btw., if–what I assume–you meant the velvety fuh-tah that can be rather dominant (but apparently only on good headphones) in some pieces. That’s indeed the pedal (more precisely: the pedal dampening) that you hear.

    • doamne ce impresie buna au fetele despre eler#8230;c&ed ca daca se dezbraca le apreciaza lumea,din contra,par niste femei pe care le poti avea oricand

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