Loose And Light: Visible Monday

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I just wrote about my easy summer wardrobe, and here I am, putting it on display. It is easier for me to have simple style formulas, especially for the non-layering season. My lifestyle and wardrobe is loose and light since retirement, although I am Not Dead Yet. I still have adventures and try to stretch my range every day.

A simply-cut linen top is one of my favorites:


Welcome to Visible Monday. If you want to participate, it’s so easy: just go to the bottom of this post for the how-to. Please be kind and leave a link to Not Dead Yet Style in your post.

My not-skinny jeans are by GAP (similar) and they are lovely to wear. I think they have now shaped themselves comfortably to my form. On top is a linen blouse (sim) by crunchy granola brand FLAX. I love it, and no, it doesn’t need ironing (says the woman who doesn’t own an iron). I’m wearing old Anne Klein platform sandals (sim) and a pretty bead necklace, made by a friend.



I can go anywhere and feel good. Almost anywhere, not to meet the Queen  : >.




The guidelines to participate in the Visible Monday Link-Up are so simple:

    1. Whoever wants to can join in! Just compose a post that includes any outfit, accessory, piece of jewelry, hairstyle, cosmetic or other adornment that makes you feel more confident, alive and visible that day.
    2. Include a link to Not Dead Yet Style somewhere in your post.
    3. Go to the bottom of this post and click on the InLinkz button “Add Your Link”. It should open a new page.
    4. In the “Next Step”, you crop the pic (easy tool) you want to display, and you’re done!


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  1. Really pretty, I love your picks! I’m loving your blog too, let me know if you would like to follow each other! x


  2. I love this look, Patti. It looks great on you.

    I have several linen tops but don’t you just hate how they vrease?
    Have a great week,


  3. I love this look and it looks great on you, Patti!

    I have several linen tops but don’t you hate how they crease?

    Have a great week.


  4. Patti, this does look like a take-you-anywhere outfit today. When clothes fit you well, you just seem to exude an air of confidence. That being comfortable in your skin look is just so darned attractive! I can only hope that when I reach my retirement I will still be looking as fab as you x

  5. You have such a fabulous and unique look! I love this darling casual outfit, and although I have an iron, I never ever use it! 😉

  6. Oh man, you don’t own an IRON?!!! I’m sweating just thinking about it. I don’t use mine much, but I need to have it to feel calm. Hahaha. LOVE your linen with your jeans. Linen feels so elegant at all times. Great photos, Patti. Thanks for the link-up.

  7. You look amazing in jeans Patti! Pretty sandals and I love the look of linen. Being that you dont have to iron your shirt, even better! I use Downy’s wrinkle releaser… no iron either. Enjoy your week!

  8. Your outfit is perfect for the spring over cast weather that we have here in SoCal. It’s completely dreary in the morning, and usually clears by 3pm. It’s a dress in layers kind of season 🙂


  9. I rarely use an iron anymore—but I still use my steamer for some things! Part of me thinks the item is going to wrinkle while I’m wearing it, so what’s the point (except when I go meet the Queen—then I’ll starch the dickens out of it—ha ha!)
    Love the red lipstick too!

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  11. Love the hippy top with the jeans – I don’t think I see you in jeans very often and they look wonderful. I bet the Queen wishes she could dress like you rather than in pastel two-pieces and court shoes! x

  12. I see you are ready for summer, dear Patti. You always wear the best shoes.
    Thank you for the fabulous link up.

  13. This looks so bohemian and relaxed. You need to wear jeans more often! They look fantastic on you!

    I’m happy you didn’t decide to come and visit now…tonight it is going down to zero. (What the…?) I have no idea what is happening with our weird weather this year. I’m glad I haven’t put away my winter clothing.


  14. You look happier under the tree this week than the last time you were there.

    I’ve got a great sage colored shirt that’s been on Repair Mountain. All it needs is a new button! I’ve hand sewn sleeves onto a tunic and turned a scarf into a garment (sewing machine is broken). One would think I could manage one button (if I don’t mind it being mismatched)! Linen is the perfect fiber for your climate. “Wrinkles add character.”

  15. You look fantastic in this outfit and I love it. I just love this day and age where put together casual can take you nearly anywhere. My goal is to eliminate more “fussy” and unnecessary pieces from my wardrobe to simplify a bit. I’m so feeling your last post too. xo

  16. Simple and effortless, that’s my recipe for summer outfits, too. And you look really cool in this linen top and jeans combo. I love the necklace!

  17. Patti, I believe this is the first time I’ve seen you in jeans. How wonderful you look. Very bohemian. The top and your necklace work perfectly with your jeans and make a great, free-spirited story.

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