How To Enjoy The Little Black Dress At Any Age

Why do we love our little black dresses? Most of us have one (or, if black is not a good color for you, a gray, navy, or ivory solid dress). The Little Black Dress is both casual and dressy, historic/vintage and modern. We can spend a lot of money, or a little, and make the LBD our own with accessories. Nothing takes to accessories better than an LBD.

As always, stylish women showed their stuff at this week’s Visible Monday. Here are a few who rocked a black dress, all in their unique ways and all with a style story. (My own structural black dress is here.)

Sublime Mercies. Charlotte is a writer and an historian, and loves fashion. So you know you are going to learn a lot from her posts! Here she pairs a feminine black Edwardian style blouse with an ornate belt, a long pleated skirt and a stunning authentic Edwardian brooch. Read her link for in-depth fashion history.


Retro Chic Mama. Michelle goes all classic with this simple knit tee dress. Clean lines and so versatile. RC Mama paired it with a jean jacket and walking sandals for a casual, pulled-together look.


My FABulous Journey. OK, I cheated here: Shellie is wearing crisp black Bermuda shorts and a simple black tank. But this captures the essence of the LBD as well. Great modern jewelry and a crimson bag dress up the look, for a day of shopping with friends.


Elegantly Dressed and Stylish. Count on lovely Jessica to bring a super-feminine vibe to the LBD. Love the floral embroidery on the blouse, paired with a flowy skirt. The jewelry is neutral but stunning as well (need that bracelet).

Posh Classy Mama. Sheree goes pure classic, dressy LBD. She chose a deep v-neck with a touch of lace, above-the-knee length, and awesome red heels. Not to mention the sunglasses, very cool. This one calls for dinner out, and I don’t mean Golden Corral, folks.  : >


How do you do your LBD?

Stay fabulous,

Shop the little classic dresses, plus a shot of red:

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  1. Hi Patti, and thank you for welcoming me to your group, and for your lovely comments! I think one reason the LBD is so beloved, is that it is like a blank canvas for women to express their individuality. This post is such a great example of of this!

  2. I have had the same favorite LBD for over 20 years. It is a wool crepe (very thin and fine but silk lined), three quarter sleeve, mid knee, sheath dress I bought in London. That dress has been everywhere and worn in every imaginable situation . It has its own garment bag. If ever I unable fit into it I will have another made but it will not be the same.

  3. What a fabulous idea for a post Patti! Yes every wardrobe has an LBD that’s for sure but what’s interesting is seeing the various styles different women choose. I was left wanting more, hope you do another one 😉
    Thank you so much for featuring me xxx

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