How To Rock A Maxi At Any Age

Since at least the 1960’s, when I was a young teen, maxi dresses have swooshed in and out of style. I have pictures of me in Laura Ashley-style baby florals and off-the-shoulder gathered maxi dresses. Maxis have always been appropriate for semi-formal occasions. And let’s not forget the difficult-to-wear-and-not-look-like-a nun ankle-length denim skirt. Yes, I wore those too.

Now you can find long dresses and skirts in all the shops, for all seasons, and to suit just about any taste. I have a couple of dark knit maxi skirts that are the staples of my travel wardrobe. An ivory linen maxi skirt is another favorite, with just a tank top and sandals.

And as always, I look to the stylish women at Visible Monday to get more inspiration. Here are a few gorgeous examples from this week’s edition:
Meadow Tree. Teresa made this fabulous pants/skirt maxi combo from one of her mother’s old sewing patterns. She looks so retro/modern and ready to sip from that apricot cocktail (she provides the recipe in her post).


Retro Chic Mama. Michelle’s loving her Ikat print maxi skirt from AllSaints. She exudes a wonderful boho feeling here and how sweet are those barely-there sandals?


Doused in Pink.  Jill looks cool and relaxed in her cold-shoulder maxi dress and aviator shades. This is the easiest way to wear a maxi – pull it on, add some chic wedge sandals, and go about your day. I think tie dye now qualifies as a classic print!

PB Cold Shoulder Maxi

Vintage Vix.  Vix is a queen, perhaps an empress, of the vintage maxi. She creates a lot of her fabulous maxi dresses and skirts and scours the thrifts for others – and always looks like her signature bewitching self. She has an online shop too, filled with vintage goodies; check it out here.


Bag and Beret.  Melanie’s style is brilliant: eclectic, artistic, personal and surprising. Here’s a glorious print maxi dress with a 60’s neckline (love that) and made more Melanie with a wide leather belt and ginormous hoop earrings.


How do you like your maxis?

Stay fabulous,

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  1. Eeekkk! Look at me surrounded by those stylish gals!!!
    I love a maxi, minis are good but I feel more me when I wear full length, more dramatic and taller.
    To the ladies afraid if tripping up – wear one that grazes the ankles rather than drags on the floor and you won’t trip up and never wear a strapless maxi when you’re carrying two pints of cider across a crowded room (I’ll leave the rest to your imagination!) xxx

  2. Vix really is the Maxi Queen, isn’t she? I have a couple of long dresses, but I tend to like them in theory, but not in practice. I’m always getting on and off buses and they were always in the way, and I can’t wear them to work because the skirt always gets caught in my desk chair wheels.

  3. It’s great to see these worn so elegantly, especially with strappy sandals which seem to match the light, breezy fabrics in look and feel. Let’s not underestimate the comfort factor, too! They ‘figure-flatter’ no matter what. The best thing, I think is their versatility in travel: beach/pool cover-up, add some jewelry and a shawl and go to dinner!
    Thanks for this!

  4. I wore a maxi dress back in the early 1970s. Back then we called them Granny Dresses. Never wore one again. While I don’t mind the look on others that’s too much long fabric for daily life for me. Maybe wearing one for a special event and then changing back into pants? Got a kick out of your post though, and all the lovely photos. Thank you!

  5. I really think (especially since it’s quite stylish) that every older woman should have one! Considering many of the women I talk to, do not like to expose their legs as much in their older years—this is the perfect solution. Besides it’s cooler than pants!!
    Love this—where’s yours?

  6. I do love a good maxi skirt or dress. I picked up a couple vintage ones recently at an estate sale. They are so comfy.

    Vix has quite the collection.

    I love Melanie’s print.


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