Surprise Your Friends and Relations!

It’s fun to be unpredictable and color outside the lines. I have ordered these shoes, and they are most certainly not my typical shoe, but . . . why not?

Poetic License, via, $56.99

Is there a contradiction between having a signature style, and pulling out a surprising piece? Perhaps: Jackie O. would never have been photographed in a leopard print bodysuit, nor Coco Chanel in a leather moto jacket.

But I am not so firmly ensconced in a signature style, at least not yet, that I don’t enjoy a truly out-of-the-blue piece. The only rules are that it must tickle me, make me feel good, and not scare the children.

Not Dead Yet, ya know. Do you like to surprise yourself?

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  1. I think the shoes are fun and unique.  I love to surprise myself and experiment.  Sometimes I land on something that I want more of!

  2. Yes, yes, yes! to stepping outside your usual style and adding something funky and new. How else do we grow as fabulous stylistas?

    Those are some seriously cute shoes, girlfriend.

  3. Arg, my name is not nepenthes – Disqus is grabbing my email. This is Sheila (of Ephemera). 

  4. I adore Poetic Licence (I have about 4 pairs of them) – I hope the sizing works for you, as I've found them to run large.

    Those ones are fabulous! I think a slightly crazy shoe can really make an outfit! Go for it! You're so inspiring, Patti!

  5. I love these shoes! And of course everyone should try something different and surprising.
    And I LOVE scaring the children, it makes dressing up even more fun when they roll their eyes at me! xxx

  6. Patti, that's such a sweet pair of shoes!  And they're so whimsical!!  I can't wait to see how you wear them!  Good for you for having fun and not being stymied by a certain style!!  Hugs!  ~Serene

  7. Surprising oneself is good! It breaks our habits 🙂 I like your shoes

  8. Fabulous little heels! I can definitely see them fitting into your style. They're not so out there that they won't go with anything so why not. That's my personal philosophy. It's got to fit into my rotation without a serious disconnect. I like to change things up and I definitely don't have a specific set style so yeah, I'm always pushing and surprising myself.

    (Also I just bought two new pairs of shoes outside my "comfort" zone… so I guess I'm going through that too!)

  9. You have such a  fun spirit!  I think in our little blogger community I would be considered the crazy cat lady!!!  Now, you just get yourself together and stop by for the new trending link up.  Life is fun!!!!!!!  Yay, I'm back!!

  10. I love the touch of sparkle inside the shoes! Haha and "not scare the children" is a hilarious rule.

    Can't wait to see them on!

  11. Well, scaring the children can be fun too… I love these shoes! It's always great to mix it up like you do! The ostrich(?) heel and bow are so cool. I look forward to seeing these shoes doing some serious walking!

  12. I think surprising pieces are vital in order to avoid getting bored with your wardrobe… And may I add that Poetic License shoes are made by Irregular Choice, my favorite shoe brand! I'm looking forward to see you in your new shoes.

  13. I don't see why an element of surprise can't be a part of one's signature style (says she who is pondering a lemon print cardigan…)

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