Sunday Morning Dreaming . . . About Fashion

Nothing too heavy today. I am enjoying the NY Times online, reading the whole article instead of grabbing a headline on my way out the door. Husband is off surfing (real waves, not the ‘net). I’m savoring my 7-Eleven coffee (Blueberry with a splash of French Vanilla) and acknowledging I have a pretty great life.

In that ephemeral vein, I was wondering what I would splurge an extra $300 on today, if I had it. In my fantasy, my charitable giving is taken care of, my kitties don’t need flea juice, that roof thing is done, etc, etc. Maybe a friendly poll will help? What would you treat yourself to, if we’re just sayin’?

This very cool necklace from Wendy Brandes?

A luxurious spa facial and massage, as inspired by Pam at Over50Feeling40?

A haircut/color/style from Nick Arrojo in NYC? (this will actually set my fantasy back $400+)

A timeless trench coat? – one of those Classics I still don’t own.

Or just a fun spree through Banana Republic, Anthropologie or (max effect) Target?

Or something completely different (but fashion or beauty related?) What would you treat yourself to? Have a beautiful Sunday!

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  1. Hmmmmm….an extra $300 eh? WOW! The only thing that comes to mind is shoe shopping! I think the right shoes make any ol' sack dress look great! Yup, I've convinced myself….SHOES it is! Hugs to you Patti! ~Serene

  2. Anne – I know, should we take the plunge and get one? They're supposed to be "timeless".

    Terri – you are so right to add the "hypothetical" when it comes to a $400+ hairstyling : >

  3. Bless you..for including my post in your list!! It was worth the $60 I paid and the time..I hope to do this again before the fall semester starts! I do think it is important to treat ourselves every now and then and I really like you complete list! Wendy's jewelry is fabulous! happy sunday!!

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