Fashion Beauty Friend Friday: Summer Trends

Kate from the fashion blog Modly Chic has inspired us bloggers to write this week about our top five Summer trends. I am not a super-trendy person (understatement alert!). But using “trend” in its most generous definition, I find it easy to come up with some very appealing ideas for summer fashion/beauty. I am keeping my peeps (over 40, Not-Dead-Yet women) in mind:

Breton stripes. I love, love these on tanks and especially on three-quarter sleeve tees. I have two, one from Anthropologie (similar) and one (thrifted) from Ralph Lauren. There’s no age-expiration date on this look. They are so fresh looking with denim skirts, white jeans, dark skinnies, even with my knit maxi skirt from Gap. Which leads me to:

Maxi skirts. I was afraid to try them, fearing the most-dreaded “D” word (Dowdy). But I’ve worn my two knit maxis — the Gap one, and a similar from Urban Outfitters — many times already. No worry about having a sleek leg that day, and there are lots of options for a top piece.

Image via

Hair with texture. Well, I have to love this, whether or not it’s a trend. ‘Cause I got it, and it’s going to express itself, whatever Vogue is saying. But I do love to see it on other women in the summer, curls and waves and frizz too, taking up more space!

Love this hair! Image via

Motorcycle jackets. These look like fall to me, especially in Florida, but I keep seeing them in the mags. I wrote about my lust for a cool jacket before, and I might save up for one later this year. I’d also like a pale cotton one, with modified biker style, to balance a summer floral skirt. (Like this, only in cream, white or khaki. Know of one??)

White. It’s never NOT in style of course, but I love seeing more of it, in linen maxi skirts and airy blouses. I’ve purchsed a few new white button downs for summer, and they look great belted over white jeans. Being ghostly pale, I used to worry about white washing me out, but now I like the look.

Doesn’t this look so cool? Literally.

Please take a look at the Modly Chic site for more ideas, and please also let me know what you are craving (and not) among this season’s trends. Have a great, summery weekend!

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  1. So true – that white is not not in style during the summer, but I've been seeing so many more white items this summer that makes me really want to get into it! Love the LWD look! – Katy

  2. Terri – I like that idea – layering over a maxi dress! GAP has a sweet maxi dress I've been eyeing but it's rather bare on top – I think I'll try your idea.

    All kinds of hair are beautiful – but a perm is cool, because it isn't *really* perm-anent, and you can experiment as much as you like.

  3. I'm totally with you on the Breton stripes. I especially like the three-quarter sleeve length. This week I found myself layering tops over a maxi dress to achieve the look of a skirt. Envious of your textured hair; I've been debating the wisdom of a perm this late in life.

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