That Trendy Indulgent Item is . . .

You must have seen Tim Gunn’s Ten Essential Items for every woman’s wardrobe. I love Tim Gunn, he is my pretend best fashion friend and we go shopping together in my dreams. He is strict with me and gives me that raised eyebrow when I err. Then we have tea in nice china cups and gossip about fashion.

In future posts I’ll discuss my thoughts on Tim’s list and how it suits the modern work/casual woman. Today I’ve been ruminating on Tim’s “bonus” piece: One Indulgent Trendy Item. I scratch my head. What would that be for me, a midlife, Not Dead Yet professional-yet-casual woman with a modest budget? I’m not terribly inclined to indulge myself, having grown up with Good Work Ethics and all. And trendy is not a word frequently used to describe my wardrobe.

But let’s have some fun! I have some wonderful readers and commenters, whom I love to hear from. Let’s take a vote on which Trendy Indulgent Item we’d add to our wardrobe if money were not an issue. I’ve kept all the items at around $200- $300, which is high-limits for me but doesn’t get into J-Lo territory:

Colorful cowboy boots. Sal at Already Pretty owns these and I have been swooning over them. They look swoon-y with a dress or with jeans. Are they trendy? I think the design is classic and the color makes them of-the-moment.

Leather bomber jacket. This is another item I’ve longed for, but never took the plunge. I love the look with all kinds of outfits, especially with feminine dresses and blouses. Steph at The Dashing Eccentric really rocks this mixed-texture look. I am a tiny bit squeamish about all the leather, as I’m a vegetarian. I do own leather bags and shoes, so I am far from devout. I’m working it out.

Andrew Marc jacket via

Anthropologie skirt.  I always ogle these beautiful floral and abstract skirts. I even put them in my shopping cart, then talk myself out of them. I say, “Self, you could buy new sheets, pillows and new workout shoes for that money!” But observe the beauty:

A fabulous tote bag. Again, I look and love, but do not buy. I carry my work papers in a cute purple tote that suits me, and cost about $25 at Ross. But for the Indulgent Item, I wouldn’t mind one of these dreamy totes and I would give it a workout, I promise.

L.A.M.B. Tote via Nordstroms

So help me out ladies, and share your picks for One Indulgent Trendy Item. Would it be similar to any of mine? What other goodies would you indulge in? Or are most of us too gosh-darn practical to splurge on ourselves? Have a wonderful day.

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  1. Hi Lesa – welcome and thanks for reading! Diamond studs are always in style, right? : >

    Sal – you and your boots always inspire me!

    Steph – we will have to share Tim? Your mules sound yummy – have we seen them on your blog?

  2. wait, Tim is MY BFF!! i can't believe it!! oh, Tim, you slut!! 😉

    (heehee) well, i have to say i finally got around to trying on some tall Frye boots and they did nothing for me. it actually made me relieved – no need to fret about how to pay for them!

    on the other hand – i scored a pair of Charlie 1 Horse mules on consignment….gorgeous detailing and color, soft leather, incredible italian lines, and so comfortable….in other words, completely worth splurging for at full price!

    you hit the nail on the head with me and the bomber jacket – i got one from L.L. Bean ~15 years ago (as a splurge) and it's a complete workhorse for me. i even wear it camping! thank you so much for thinking of me, take care, steph

  3. Well, I HAVE to vote for the Fryes. Not just because I own and adore them, but because I think they ride the line between being trendy and classic. And they're sooooo comfy. 😉

  4. Just found your blog, sounds like it is just for me! I covet Frye campus boots. also bigger diamond studs than I have.

    Always Summer

  5. I know that I popped for a new pair of Frye boots last fall…after 20+ years without them. And my cowboy boots, not in a trendy color, are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own.

    Thanks for missing me.:)

  6. Love the Nordstroms bag and the bomber jacket…but my one indulgent trendy item is currently hanging in my closet and I am wearing it to my daughter's wedding in three weeks…then I will blog about it! I have never spent this much on one look before!! Sometimes, it is just worth the splurge to treat ourselves to something truly fabulous!

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