Summer Handbags, and a Dress?

Don’t you love switching to a summer purse? I get all excited about shelving my heavy black or dark brown shoulder bag and slipping into something pretty. I know, in the southern climates we COULD wear canvas or floral bags all year, but it just feels wrong. Plus, I’m from New Jersey.

I had been coveting something colorful and cheery, and large enough for everyday wear. I chose this bag, from The Sak, and I’m enjoying it:

Here’s some more that make me smile:

summer purses

I sometimes have trouble getting a summer dress just right. Being a woman of a certain age, I like to cover my upper arms, and I like my hemlines to my knees. I am actually loving the new casual maxi skirts and bought two for spring/summer, but a maxi dress seems too . . I don’t know, YOUNG for me?? So I usually wear separates, but still long for a simple work-appropriate dress that skims the figure, covers the arms, doesn’t overwhelm me with a loud print, and doesn’t have to be dry cleaned. I like these, (but I haven’t bought any yet, I admit):

summer work dresses

What do you think? The striped knit dress is my favorite, even though it does skew a bit young. I’d wear it with one of the more subdued nude sandals below, but I do love the long pendant; I think it’s slimming! The upper left dress reminds me of hippie dresses I wore in the 70’s but this one is much sleeker. I ought to take the plunge.

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  1. Anne – thanks for your comments. I am trying a maxi dress for lounging, and I feel safe!

    Sheila, thank you. I wore a long black Gap skirt to work today and felt divine. Not as pretty as your twirly number though : >

    Thanks Terri. I like the idea of a dress quota, I think I'll pencil one in for next week.

  2. Oh, I like the hippie dress. I gravitate toward separates myself–as they play up my creativity, but since I've started blogging I do push myself to try a dress once or twice a month. I agree that the pendant is slimming.

  3. I think you could wear any of these, Patti! Go for it!

    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog! Viva les maxi skirts!

  4. I like all of those dresses, but I'm especially intrigued by the upper right one (even though I can't see overall shape). I'm with you on the whole maxi-dress thing. I think any of these dresses would be just fine, though, if you like them. Go for it!

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