Spring/Summer 2011 Wish List, Part One

Even though it’s warm in Florida most of the year, I still respond the change of seasons by changing my wardrobe. Solid black and gray tops have to move over for (me) ivory and navy, and my favorite, ivory/navy stripes. For you, maybe it’s bright tops in turquoise or teal, yellow or coral. For skirts I still prefer black, navy, and denim with perhaps a wild-card print from Anthropologie to mix it up. I don’t often wear trousers, but it’s a lovely time for linen pants, with hems all the way to the shoe-line please. All the stores carry crops, but — for my eye, nothing adds years quicker than “flood pants”!
striped tops
A couple of my favorite summer tops
Linen Trousers
These are YES! if you like to wear trousers . . .
But these are NO!
Summer work shoes are a fun challenge for me. My workplace is casual, but neither flip-flops nor leather thongs would be appropriate. I like a little heel and an open toe. As always the dynamic is stylish-while-comfortable, and the search goes on. I am liking the nude foot, and if I can’t find that I think I’ll go with a fun color. Here are some of my possibilities.

work sandals
Next post: it’ll be time to switch bags, and add a dress or two! When and where do you start to make the changes to your summer closet?
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