What Makes It Work?

I’m ready to head out, to lunch with my sister, to the bookstore or basketball game, in my trusty denim skirt and tee. A wee bit Blah. One of my style goals is to make every outfit “work”, with moderate effort and a not-unlimited budget.
What Makes It Work?

It’s pretty simple to take this everyday look up a level: Here I added a fun pendant like this or this and a chunky bracelet. My Summer 2011 resolution re: footwear is NO FLOPS except for gardening, so I upped the look to a flat leather sandal. Ahh, the bag, how I love this. But this one is pricey, so here is a similar, but still fun summer bag.

You could do a cotton scarf like this if you’re a scarf woman. I like this look a lot if you have some length to your neck, and it’s a sassy necklace substitute. If it’s not terribly hot where you are, short boots would look very sharp too.

I’ll be doing more posts on the topic “What Makes It Work?” and hope to hear from you. How do you elevate your go-to outfits for a bit more flair?

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