Some Fashion Lessons from the Big City; Visible Monday Reminder!

What a two-week fashion study I have had the privilege to enjoy! In addition to the superb arts and culture, the delicious dining and awe-inspiring sights (see below), I’ve had the opportunity to observe the women and men of one of the most fashionable cities in the world.
The dress code varies by neighborhood, to be sure. Lots of dark, sleek suits in the Financial District, and hoodies/tights abound in the East Village. But I have put together some general observations that I want to share, and take home with me to my little ‘burb. I want to use these to tweak and refine my own look too, because fashion is all about change, right? And we’re Not Dead Yet.
  • As the wise and wonderful Pam wrote a little while ago, simple is good. There are a lot of simple, clean lines and refined silhouettes in the city. That’s partly a function of the season of course; I didn’t have the chance to see too many pretty dresses under the trim black coats! But the slim lines and solid colors are very appealing to my eyes.
  • You just can’t have enough boots for Fall/Winter. I thought I’d see higher heels, but the vast majority are flats, wedges, or short (2″ max) heels, in all kinds of yummy designs.
  • Scarves! A saw one billion gorgeous scarves. OK, ten thousand. This inspires me to up my game on the quality of scarves I own. A richly colored scarf — doesn’t have to be cashmere, there are some wonderful rayons — lifts a Fall/Winter look immeasurably.
  • Carry a great looking bag. In a big city, a big bag is essential. In my little city, it’s not, but they sure do look good! Again, my eyes went for the sleek, simple rich-looking bags. I can find these back in Florida in consignment shops for affordable prices.
  • Even in the biggest city, you don’t have to spend a fortune to up your game. There are so many thrifts and resale shops. Trade in sweats for a crisp pair of dark denims, white trainers for some ankle boots, add a thrifted scarf, and you’ve got a chic look.
  • Posture counts! Walk tall, head high, have a purpose and feel visible. Something I do that many New Yorkers do not, is smile. I can’t help it, I’m a happy woman!
What a breathtaking piece of architecture – the Brooklyn Bridge
It was cold and windy – can you tell? Fashion took a back seat to warmth.

Do you have any other tips to make your look more sophisticated, if you have the desire to? Share, please!

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  1. Hi Patti, i stayed in East Village i loved the way they dressed- all hip and young.
    Looking fowartd to Visible Monday, I shoud join in one of these days.

    Ariane xxxxx

  2. I agree with Ally – keep on smiling! It's the best accessory of all!

    Love your brown jacket in that picture on the Brooklyn Bridge – I've stood in that spot! Awesome tips, Patti! I need more scarves.

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  4. Hi Patti,

    I just got a good deal on a rayon scarf at target today for $10.00. I love a big handbag. You have some great tips here. I would love to visit New York one day.

  5. I know you love boots, dear Joy!!  You've got a fab new pair I spied on your blog  : >

  6. I was just telling my mom today that she needed to get some scarves to just ramp up her outfits a little bit! I want some more myself. And I love me some boots!!

  7. I really like the Simply Vera line too – I'm going over to check the scarves online right now  : >

  8. Right you are Ginger! I bought a very cool plaid one today at Beacon's Closet – I needed some extra warmth  : >

  9. I love Bill Cunningham too – I just watched his move, it was great!

  10. Thanks for the mention here, Patti…it is such an honor to be mentioned in a post about NYC…I love the city so much and it has been way too long since I have been there.  I went out bargain hunting this morning and I could have come home with a bag full of scarves…there are some great ones out there right now.  The Simply Vera line at Kohls features about three I would love to add to my closet.  I am a scarf and flat boot addict!!

  11. I knew a patterned scarf was a must-pack! 

    I think one of the most sophisticated things a person can do when visiting is to be dressed for the climate and not forget outerwear.   

  12. These are great tips! We are people watchers, so we bet NYC is a fascinating city.  Clean, classic looks are great. Some clothes just don't need all that extra stuff. And yes, a scarf can take any outfit up a notch! Glad you had fun 🙂

  13. Great tips – I'd love to visit New York just to people watch – I love Bill Cunningham's NY times series photographing fashionable New Yorkers – it gives you the impression that the place is just brimming with snappy dressers.

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