Visible Monday #20: Stepping Out in Stripes

I can’t believe we are at week #20 already! If you want to participate, just scroll down to the bottom for the easy how-to’s. Everyone is welcome.

Today is my last day in New York. Sob! It has been such a rich, lively and joyful visit. The time flew as it always does when we are doing what we love. (Note to self: pay attention to the passing of every moment!). The passion, pace, diversity and energy of the city are now imprinted on me more than ever, and I’m bringing that energy home.

Here is a casual-but-dressy-enough outfit for our last day: a trip to Midtown for lunch, and a walk around 5th Ave. We were fortunate to watch some of the NYC Marathoners race by the windows while we enjoyed a hot coffee. I chose a simple black knit skirt and a striped top, which I bought at Buffalo Exchange here. My trusty Aldo boots are getting a workout. That’s my new Cole Haan bag that I also picked up at a thrift in the East Village.

I thrifted the gold cuff too, at Beacon’s Closet.
The sweet kitty is Cleo, who came with the apartment. She’s a perfect cat.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to “live” here for two weeks and to soak up the beauty of New York City. I’ll write more next week about the new ideas that are percolating in my brain as a result of this trip!

But now, let’s see what you’re wearing on this Visible Monday:

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  1. The lovely woman we rented from asked if we would mind watching her cat and we jumped at the chance!  It was a pleasure  : >

  2. Patti, thank you so much for hosting these visible monday blogs. I am having a lot of fun with this, meeting interesting people and even learning about putting together an outfit!

  3. you look fabulous in this oversized striped top, very casual and laid back chic. You look so happy and blissful. It's always nice to go on a holiday!


  4. Looking forward to your new ideas!  The striped top is a great way to celebrate your last day in the city of dreams.

  5. Patti, you look lovely in those pink stripes! Wow, what a dream to spend an extended time in NYC. Such a fabulous city…
    Thanks for allowing me to link up once again for Visible Monday!

  6. I've been lurking for a while. Finally got up the gumption to participate (and comment.) I think this is a wonderful thing you've got going here. Critics can say what they will about the internet and its flaws- this is the best possible use of the web! You are literally righting one of our culture's great wrongs. You are an inspiration every day. And, yes, you do look wonderful in that top.

  7. I once borrowed an apartment that came with a projectile-vomiting cat. It didn't go well at all.

  8. I've really enjoyed your New York series, you look like you've really enjoyed yourself and had a fab time – really makes me want to visit.  You look so great in pink! This pink striped top reminds me of some dresses I loved and wore to death in the eighties when pastel stripes and loose fitting tops were all the rage and we were discovering teenage discos – great times!

  9. Patti, this outfit is so flattering on you.  So smart to mix this shirt with a black maxi.  You look fantastic and so happy even though you leaving NYC.  Love the cat.  I need to know more about why the cat came with the apartment.  Dawn xoxo

  10. That top is fabulous and you just glow in the color.  I love the play of the soft and feminine colors with the more interesting cut and the way you have put it all together, simultaneously flirty and edgy.

  11. i have loved your nyc posts!  my roommate and i are going tomorrow for my birthday and im definitely going to check out some of the thrift stores you mentioned!

  12. I loved all of your photos of NY; I miss going into the city….especially the Fashion District.  You did a great job of planning and selecting your travel wardrobe; I think it was perfect!  Hvae a safe trip home.

  13. I love the floaty top, the pink stripes are nice on you. How wonderful to get to visit for two full weeks I hope your last day is awesome.

  14. I love that the apartment came with a cat, that's the best thing ever! You're looking good in those stripes, but I know how you feel about the end of a wonderful trip. It's always sad. Thanks for bringing us along on your NY adventures, I've enjoyed it.

  15. What a fun top! You've really done well with your thrifted finds. I'm looking forward to reading more about your impressions of NY. 

  16. I feel for you and you end of vacation sadness!  We always feel that way too!
    Your outfit is adorable and you have convinced me to buy a long black skirt!
    Welcome home and back to the real world.

  17. It is always hard to leave a place you love and go back to reality!  Thanks for sharing your trip with us!!

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