Do You Wear White in Winter? I Do!

Among the old rules we women of a certain age have trash-canned is “no white after Labor Day”. White in Fall/Winter looks so elegant, so pulled together and yes, so warm. It’s all about the fabric, I think. White eyelet lace/chiffon/seersucker doesn’t feel quite right to me for winter daywear.

A rich white or ivory knit sweater — cashmere, wool or synthetic blend — looks very appropriate all winter, and with any skirt or trouser. I have several lightweight ivory sweaters (lightweight because our winters hover around 65 degrees!). I wear the heck out of them, and just picked up another today at the consignment store around the corner.

Gotta have some of these

I don’t own, but would love, a white/ivory knee-length skirt. This should probably be a nice fine-wale corduroy, or heavy cotton knit, so I could wash it. I couldn’t find one easily on-line tonight but I’ll bet I could with a little effort in real life! What do you think about this (very high-end) wool version?:

Out of my price range, but very sassy. By Mulberry

I waver on the footwear. Are ivory shoes/boots ever okay? I just passed on a great-looking pair of mid-calf leather boots in NYC: nice shape, soft, soft leather, mid stacked heel — but the color looked too glaring. Like, “look at my hooves!” What say you? Would you buy these?:

A Western white
A funkier snow-queen ivory boot

Let’s keep breaking and re-making the rules, and have fun doing it. We are Not Dead Yet.

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  1. I just thrifted a white eyelet skirt, and I'm dying to wear it! I don't care if it's winter. I think it's all in how you pair it. At least I hope it is.

  2. Well Patti, I could not agree more.
    I think you can wear white whenever you want – I sure wear white in rainy season and velvet in summer – as there are no more seasons here and i refuse to limit myself to flip flops and shorts.
    I have to pack this weekend as I am treating my self to a short vacation and am packing my white sweaters with me 🙂

  3. I heartily endorse white for winter. Isn't there something called *winter white*? I guess that must be more cream than white? But I think you're very smart to be searching for a washable skirt- dry-clean only white would be a recipe for constant heartbreak. Who needs that stress? I'd worry about white shoes in that regard too. I would fear every puddle. I hate it when I feel like I have to be careful in my clothes. But perhaps you're not as accident prone as I. If that's the case, then grab yourself some bright white western boots!

  4. I love the simplicity and innocence of white. White is beautiful and versatile.

  5. LOVE those boots, you can absolutely buy them. Especially the second ones. (I'm a boot-a-holic though, but it's ok I'm getting help for it). I do have a white sweater I picked up these year, pretty sure it'll get tons of wear. I'm most on the fence about a white skirt but that one you picked out is lovely.

  6. I really like the ivory "snow queen" boots, but wonder how they'd fare in rain and mud? For some reason though, I tend to shy away from cream, even in summer.

  7. We wear white after Labor Day too!  It can be a nice refreshing change in the winter compared to the dark colors we all seem to gravitate too when it gets cold.  Heather & Kayla

  8. I don't do white in the winter normally. My momma has always preached against it & I suppose it stuck LOL!
    I do love those booties with the fur though- amazing!

  9. Drooling over the Mulberry skirt here! I never understood that rule myself, white is so becoming in winter and makes a nice change from all the black everyone usually wears!

  10. Love to break the rules! Unfortunately even though I love white and off-white year-round, I don't wear it much because it gets too darn dirty. Skirts are okay as long as I don't sit on anything, but pants and shoes are hopeless. I have to stick with the creamy blouses and sweaters. Sigh. I really love that pleated skirt.

  11. Hi Patti!
    I personally don't wear a lot of white, even in the summer because….. (are you ready???) I'm very messy and clumsy when I eat!!! LOL I like the look but wear a lot of black to hide my messiness……

  12. I love white and ivory in the winter, especially coats and jackets.  Especially vintage coats!

  13. I definitely like cream and white for winter.  In fact, I just planned some upcoming outfits with white and cream to wear.  And I'm on the lookout for a cream sweater.

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