A Day Trip to Brooklyn, and Meeting New Fashionable Friends

What a wonderful Thursday. First, the requisite weather report: high of 60, sunny and mild. Perfect for walking and discovering. I wore a comfortable Karen Kane dress and Aldo black boots.

We ventured out of Manhattan for the first time this trip. Brooklyn is cool! I finally got to shop at Beacon’s Closet vintage/resale store. Oh my, ladies and gentlemen – I was in shopping paradise. Racks and racks and more of lovely vintage and lightly-used clothing, by “better” brands, at very fair prices (not rock-bottom thrift prices, but reasonable).

This is just a fraction of the delights!

I bought just a couple of things: an absolutely gorgeous, light-as-air Louis Vuitton blouse for $29, and a chunky Diesel leather belt for $9. I’ll show them off when I get home. I tried on a very covetable 1940’s vintage wool tweed pencil skirt that was just a tiny bit too tight (sad!). I could have spent hours and much more $$$ there. Probably will in the future.

Next stop was a visit with the so-marvelous, actual real-life Karina, of Karina dresses! And her partner, the delightful Garnet. I will write and share more pics/details of their operation very soon, but let me tease you with this: they are so kind, enthusiastic, and devoted to their customers. I am more won over than ever by this brand, and plan to invest further in their designs. Oh, and they have two shop cats and an incomparable shop doggie, Brodie, all of whom add to the warm, family atmosphere of this company. I heart them.

That’s Karina on the right, her gorgeous assistant Hillary on the left, and Bodie, beloved canine.

The evening was spent at a true old NYC bar, Rudy’s. We met up with a group called Drinking Liberally. They meet every week to share a beer and some friendly political talk. Great fun, and some new friends were made. Hope you all are having a terrific Friday!

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  1. That sounds like an amazing time. I'm never been to NYC but I've always wanted to. For now I'll have to live vicariously through you and others who've been 🙂 

  2. Boy you had a great time. That vintage shop reminds of the Scholarshop in Missouri. I love those vintage thrift shops.

  3. How wonderful that you got to visit Karina Dresses! I hope to get back to NYC sometime next year and will definitely try to arrange a visit. The resale boutique sounds amazing too.

  4. Wow!  What a fabulous dress!

    A lot of Manhattanites never leave the island and consider Brooklyn to be a foreign land.  I'm glad you grabbed your passport and visited.  Brooklyn has changed (and improved) a lot over the past two decades and has much to see.  I pop in every so often and have fun there.  The huge Botanical Garden is worth a trip.

  5. Hi Kari! I was lucky to find this dress pre-owned in a consignment shop   : >  But I understand Karen Kane dresses are generally fab and very comfortable.

  6. Your dress is classy and feminine. I can see my self in it all times of the day. Your wardrobe will expand tremendously after this trip to new York because you're making smart decisions and you know what you're looking for. I can tell you are in a creative process and I love your style and how good hearted and positive you are. Can't wait to see more of your outfits.

  7. The background in your photo reflects your Karen Kane dress and black boots with perfection.  

  8. Your trip has been so fun…and you look great in this picture!!  Thank you for sharing it with us…so wish I was there!!

  9. I am so very envious. I try not to be, but it is just too hard! A LV blouse? I have never even seen one in real life. What a bargain!
    You look lovely in your dress.
    I bet you do wish you could stay forever!

  10. Love your dress! and so jealous of all the great stores you have access to!

  11. Love your little black dress! We have a 'Drinking Liberally' in my town. I used to hang with them every Thursday (before I could even legally drink). Our group fell apart a couple years ago but I'm still good friends with all the people I met. Two of them even got married! (To each other)

  12. You sound like you are having a wonderful time! All those great stores you have got to visit!  Love your Karen Kane dress.  It is so cute with the flower detailing.  Bodie the dog is so cool! How fun to have a dog mascot in your office 🙂

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