People Watching and Green-Marketing in Union Square

It’s another gorgeous Autumn day in the city, lots of sun and cool temps. I took advantage of it to stroll the famous Union Square Greenmarket.

It’s a wonderland for food-lovers. The stalls are packed with fresh fruits and vegetables, and wonderful baked goods (I was drawn to the latter, naturally). I had never seen Brussels sprouts in their native state.

All the lavender you could hope for, right in the middle of the city.
It’s a health-food cookie.

The people-watching in Union Square is glorious. So many attractive women and men in their business wardrobes, grabbing a lunch on-the-go. Lots of mothers with strollers, and a few fathers too. Older people checking out the produce with a careful eye. Just a fun, lively, green place in the middle of a huge city.

I’m wearing a thrifted leopard tee, thrifted skirt, Lucky bag and no-name boots.

After the Market, I did more East Village thrifting. I returned as promised to No Relation vintage shop, where I snagged a yummy Cole Haan leather purse for $20. It looks almost unused, so, happy shopper! I went to a second Buffalo Exchange store and picked up some casual tees. Then a New York style manicure: fast and efficient, but perfectly done, for $10 plus tip!

Buffalo Exchange in the East Village – big fun.

Tonight we’re planning to go to a book signing by comedian Lewis Black. Have I mentioned I love this city? Will it take a lot of prying and crying to get me on the plane next Monday?? Oh yes.

Happy Wednesday to you all.

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  1. NYC is the best city, looks like you've been having a great time, I love your entire outfit, thanks so much for linking up to RFF too!

  2. what a great time of shopping and food, best part about a holiday! Enjoy yourself PAtti! You look fabulous!

  3. Wow, best compliment ever!  : > I did get asked for directions three times so far  : >

  4. Yes, we are planning to watch (not run) and thanks for the advice Jill! Congrats to you on running.

  5. Looks like you're having fun in the city. Will you be out for the NYC Marathon on Sunday? A great place to cheer the runners on is miles 17-19, in Manhattan, on First Avenue, up to 92nd Street before they go into the Bronx. I ran the NYC Marathon and by time you get to Manhattan you are just a wreck and can really use the boost from the crowd. The closer to 92nd Street you are, the less people there will be on the street and the runners will be so grateful! The marathon is truly one of the best NYC events ever.

  6. You look like you are in your 20's in these pictures.  Oh, to be that young and free again!
    I truly like the long skirt.  I don't yet have any fall/winter ones but I am on the hunt!
    Hope all is well and stay warm!

  7. Love Lewis Black!  Have fun~
    There is nothing like NY–so much culture and whatever.  Its all there–drink it all in!

  8. i love going to the farmer's market. and how cute do you look?  i love that jacket, with the midi and great animal print top.  such a cute outfit!


  9. That bomber jacket is absolute perfection with the midi skirt. And that sounds like an amazing day! I'd love to get to visit a Buffalo Exchange!

  10. I love fresh lavender so much! How awesome – I am so envious of you! I love NYC (been there twice). I need to go back and hit some thrift stores now!

  11. I want a health food cookie!  But I also want a trip to NYC…you are really making me want to go and I can completely see how getting on the plane back will be hard.

  12. Oh, you're really making me want to go to NY. That's a beautiful market. I go nuts over lavender. I've tried 3 times to grow it here, and have lost the plants every time. Even went to the lavender festival in WA one year, and did not want to leave.
    It is wonderful that you have a nice, long vacation there. Enjoy the heck out of the rest of your trip and make lots of good memories!

  13. My brother lives in New York – not far from Union Square  and I love going to the farmer's market. Can't beat that hot apple cider!
    PS Didn't recognise you with straight hair…

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