Smokin’ In The Boy’s Room (Or Department)

Even though I dress with a distinct feminine vibe, I do like to shop in the Men’s and Boys’ departments. Especially at thrift stores, where experimentation costs very little. ☺

I’ve noticed that a lot of menswear at the thrift stores looks nearly new. Like, this dude got a shirt/jacket/sweater that looks fab, and he never wore it. Probably enjoying his football jerseys instead.

Here are some of the items I’ve discovered in the Men’s section that translate well to my wardrobe:

  • Dress shirts. I love a man’s dress shirt. To make it into my closet it has to look very fresh, be of the no-iron variety, and be a size Small or Medium. I wear these with skirts, to balance the masculinity. Always with the sleeves rolled and collar popped!
My favorite shirt – by YSL, and no ironing ever.
  • Belts. Nothing like a great high-end leather belt to upgrade a look. I’ve purchased several belts from the Men’s section that are well-made and last forever.
  • Shoes. Yes! I have found oxfords from men who have small feet! I wear about a size 7 in men’s shoes. As with belts, men’s shoes are usually solid and well-crafted. I have to be selective here though because some are nearly worn through.
I’d snap these up if I found them at the thrift anywhere near my size. Source.
  • Sweaters. One of my favorite sweaters, now defunct, was a man’s red cashmere v-neck, labeled Bloomingdale’s, cost = $3. It was the softest, warmest sweater, and I loved the over-sized fit. I wore it so much it finally gave out, and I miss it.
Yeah, this is just how I looked, minus the crazy Zoolander stare!Β  Source.

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  1. great look!
    luck for me – hubby bought several shirts and sweaters to small or they shrunk in the wash – now i can wear them! the quality is so much better then for women in the same price range. i wish i had luck with some sturdy shoes…..

  2. I envy your ability to find men's shoes in your size. I have occasionally found a man's size 6 but it is rare. Some of the wingtip oxfords are quite cool. I have a stash of men's cashmere sweaters. Cashmere and silk scarves are necessary attire if you live in the cold, damp climate of Vancouver Island (as I once did).

  3. Oooh, all excellent choices. I recently 'inherited' a pair of the DH's skinny jeans. They were always a bit too small on him, but on me, they fit like excellent straight leg jeans. A little too long, but otherwise perfect. I also like Men's hanes v necks (plain white!).

  4. I agree that you can find all sorts of great men's clothing in charity shops – I buy for Simon but not for me, I always feel too big and baggy in slouchy, over-sized things. You, on the other hand, look petite and elegant and super-stylish, as always! xxxx

  5. I love those shoes above. And your outfit is fresh & beautiful. You always rock men's button-downs with full skirts.

    And I am glad Visible Mondays is back on.

    Enjoy the weekend, Patti. =)

  6. Just this morning I was experimenting with my husbands' jeans and shirts. The shirts look great. And you are so right in balancing them with a skirt. I will copy that. Thank you.

  7. Because of you, I've bought two men's shirts at Goodwill, to go with my boyfriend jeans, of course. I say go all in, or don't, or something like that πŸ˜› I'm still looking for that perfect no-iron men's shirt in white.

  8. Great look Patti! I often wear "men's wear" too and have been known to borrow my husbands clothes haha, i like to add a little masculine edge to my outfits just to make them a little different πŸ™‚

    Looking forward to tomorrow's link up!



  9. I gravitate towards the worn-in baby soft t-shirts. What a great idea to buy men's dress shirts! Hadn't thought about thrifted shoes, but I kinda have a thing about that …

    I too wear my thrifted cashmeres until they literally fall apart.

  10. You look fab in menswear. I'm a short arse and just look like i've been in the dressing up box! x

  11. I love me some clothes from the boys' section. The clothes that fit me perfectly, with no alterations needed, are husky boy clothes. I have a great biker-style cloth jacket (thrifted) by Gap Kids. πŸ˜€

  12. Ines de la Fressange is the one who got me to look in the men's department for certain items. I love a big men's shirt like you are wearing with leggings!! I found a V neck cashmere sweater one year in men's and it fit perfectly!! I actually found it in a men's resale shop!!

  13. You look terrific in men's shirts, Patti! I hadn't thought to check the men's department for things like sweaters, but will be keeping an eye out now.

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