My Favorite Downtown Thrift, It Has Soul

I frequent lots of thrift stores in my small town (and lots more when I visit NYC!). My favorite remains Molly Mutt in downtown Melbourne, Florida. All the proceeds go to help the animals, for one. For two, I adore the staff there and it feels like visiting with old friends. And today, a gorgeous white German Shepherd befriended me. How does it get any better than that?

They have a fab art collection from local artists
There’s a vintage Linda Ronstadt album for a buck. And the Cha Cha Cha Carnival.
It makes me happy that the cats and dogs benefit.
On-trend pink jacket! Only $6.
I asked Brian, the manager and my friend, to record my visit.
Yeah, it’s still tank top weather.

Some of the treasures I have found at Molly Mutt over the years include:

  • A new-with-tags Versace pantsuit for $100!
  • Many gorgeous vintage leather handbags
  • A 1960’s Hawaiian “wedding” dress
  • Sherpa-lined boots (still wearing)
  • A very cool nightstand from the ’50’s
  • An oil painting of a black cat, that I keep in my office
  • And so much more.

In turn, if I have a special piece, like a vintage dress that doesn’t fit (rats), I always donate to Molly Mutt. Tell me about your favorite thrift in the comments, please, and about any spectacular finds you’ve made. Recycling is the best! And have a groovy, great Wednesday.

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  1. I have a bright yellow Calvin Klein sweater made of cotton, but nice warm wintery. So good on black trousers or jeans and bright yellow suits me really good. Probably terrible on anybody else which is why it was in the thriftshop.
    And a beautiful custard yellow coat from Benetton is also a good find.

  2. I've been invited to visit friends on the lower Florida East Coast in December, and believe me, I'm going to be looking for thrift stores/consignment shops to check out. My best find today at a local estate sale was a gorgeous royal blue sweater by JonesNewYork which I snagged for about $2. When I got home I discovered that I had overlooked other wording on the label which was "100% cashmere." Can't beat that buy!

  3. Looks like a place to have lots of fun!! The pink jacket is fab. I've got a number of favorites here, depending on my mood. Goodwill is always great (I visit as many locations as possible) and there are a number of consignment stores as well as buy/sell/trade stores. Then there are the antique malls which will frequently have vintage clothing booths. I don't visit those as often, but I need to make a point of doing so!

  4. I'm an old Floridian and this post is making me long for the late, great Sarasota thrift shops where there was serious vintage formal wear that could be turned into daily wear. Thanks for a day-brightener! Elizabeth

  5. Nice post Patti, great to see your fav thrift store. Loving all the art work on display, what a great thrift shop you have there. I think I'd find it hard to pick a favourite, I have a few!

  6. This shop looks so funky and interesting. I love places like that. Extra bonus points for helping out the animals.

    I'm hooked on a couple of consignment stores. I always seem to find something there and they seem to manage to sell what I bring in. Thrift stores always require more time. I do like Value Village if I have the time and patience.


  7. What a gorgeous thrift store! My two favs are, of course, my local goodwill and the Samaritan thrift store a town over. Almost everything I purchase for myself comes from one of those two locations. I've found stuff of all price points and styles, fit and condition. And I always redonate whatever no longer fits or suits me.

  8. worth a call! Their number is (321) 951-3607 and Brian is the manager. You can mention my name : >

  9. Patti, those Asian dolls are my passion. I will be visiting Melbourne in the next month. I am simply distressed to see them sitting there and I cannot buy them. I wonder if they ship?

    Barbara @

  10. The art collection alone would draw me in. I hope you get some cooler temps soon!

  11. Goodwill is my favorite place to shop!

    My latest most fab find is a huge baby pink D&G purse I got for $20.

    Also, a leather coat for $15.00. The girl checking me out said, "Are you sure? You know its $15.00, right?" I said, "ummm, heck yeah!"

    I love it when they don't realize it's real & I get it for a steal!

  12. Other people's thrift/charity/secondhand shops always seem to look better than one's own… But that's just grass-is-greener syndrome, isn't it? We can all find treasures, if we look often and carefully enough.
    That smart little jacket is a beauty, and I love the candid out'n'about shot of you, Patti!
    I don't have a favourite charity shop particularly, I've found good stuff in all my local ones at one time or another. I think Chesterfield flea market is my favourite place to browse, just because there is so much variety.

    Yes, recycling is indeed the best! xxxx

  13. Thrift stores are the best Patti
    My fav is of course Renaissance, it's a non-profit org dedicated to integrate people on the workplace –

  14. Aside from the multiple goodwills I frequent–i have a soft spot for the Rescue Mission in Hagerstown and the World Thrift in hagerstown. They both fund local charities that help the poor. The World Bretheren is my go to for vintage scarves and sewing stuff. I scored a Lord & Taylor red wool/cashmere car coat at the mission last year for $4!!

  15. That looks like a perfect place for a rummage. That pink jacket is gorgeous and I'm insanely jealous that it's still vest weather! x

  16. Looks like fun, Patti! I love to frequent my favorite place often as well…looks like both of us have made some friends! I am happy to say that in South Texas, today is NOT tank top weather…Yeah!

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