I Might Blow The Fall Budget For . . .

I got inspired by this article : Five Things I Might Deplete My Bank Account For. The author, Ida Hargitai, chose a glorious necklace, bag, shoes, parka and skirt, all made in the U.S. What outrageously priced goodies might I choose for my Fall/Winter collection?

There’s nothing in the world of fashion that I’d deplete my bank account for, of course. (I suspect Ms. Hargitai wouldn’t either). For a good lawyer if I were arrested, sure. I always tell my husband to get me Alan Shore from Boston Legal, and spare no expense. Alan was the best.

But if I had a special bank account for fashion and style, that magically cannot be used for bills or travel or charity, I might hit it hard for:

  • Made to order leather boots. These beauties from Poppy Barley can be customized by color and fit, and they look gorgeous. I promise to wear them every day from November to March.
  • A real Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress. I have had numerous imitators but only once in my life did I own an authentic DVF. And I sold it on eBay! Rats. This print looks fabulous for Fall/Winter (with the new boots, above ☺)
  • This cashmere coat by Rick Owens. What else needs to be said?
  • Venus Necklace in Rose Quartz, by Wendy Brandes. I’ve been lusting for this necklace for at least a year now. When that ship comes in, baby, you will be mine. ☺

Have a marvelous Monday, and please let me know what you might deplete your (special, fashion-only) bank account for today!

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  1. Boots, Patti, boots. I've already shot the budget on TWO pair–both black. I have brown ones, but my black ones were sort of meh… Love your long skirt and your photos are awesome!

  2. Oh heavens. I can't even let myself go there, because my list is tooooooo long. I love the DVF dress. I just decided I need more wrap dresses in my life. I'm sure my husband will thank you for that discovery. πŸ™‚

  3. That wrap dress is gorgeous but I would have a hard time dropping that kind of money on it. In fact although I'd love a Hermes Kelly bag I still think that is an atrocious amount to spend on a bag. I think of how many vacations and experiences I could have…or I could have a bag. The bag never wins.

    If I found one while thrifting…well that would be another story! : )


  4. I had to laugh when you said you'd be willing to deplete your bank account for a good lawyer (if ever needed)! That cashmere coat has your name all over it… Sometimes I see all my clothes and I want to toss them out for only five or six awesome pieces. Of course I don't because I'd only be happy for a couple of weeks, but it's fun to think about.

  5. Hi Patti!

    I would go for the gorgeous Rick Owens coat! O my what a beauty, i think i will start saving right now –
    If you are interested, i have a Diane VF dress for sale

    Remember – It's star pattern – Navy, light blue

  6. Thanks for helping me figure out how to spend all my birthday money!

    If only.

    I like the custom boots, and that coat you picked out is gorgeous! And the necklace. You have such good taste. – you could be my buyer if my ship comes in!

  7. Hmmm.. I'm not sure if there is anything I'd deplete it for. Maybe some amethyst ear studs or some opal jewlery.
    Ah James Spader–are you watching him in The Blacklist??

  8. I think that Rick Owens coat would be on my list as well. OMG. The WB necklace too, although perhaps with a different stone (green?). After that, it would be a new shoe wardrobe that consists of unlimited Stuart Weitzman boots, along with anything from John Fluevog that caught my fancy. Of course I still need to do my homework, but a trip to NY and a black AMEX card to use at Barneys would probably do the trick for now. XXOO

  9. this might be "old-fashioned", but it makes a lot of sense, doesn't it? I didn't have any "costume" jewelry either, until I was in my late 20's.

  10. Yup. Alan was the best. (Have you caught "The Blacklist" on NBC yet? Spader plays a character who is essentially Alan Shore's criminal mastermind evil(?) twin. I'm hooked already.)
    Easy fantasy answer … a pink gold Cartier tank, metal band. And a lifetime supply of custom made, butter-soft, Italian hand-made shoes for Dan's poor old feet … he has terrible hammer toe!

  11. When I was a kid with my first job, we knew we had to spend half a week's pay on a nice pair of slacks. Why? because they were made in the U.S. and the factory workers got paid a living wage. And if we invested in a dress, we wore it to death (for years) because we didn't buy it if we didn't LOVE it. And we had a few really nice dresses – not a closet-full. And we wore pure wool slacks, jackets and coats and her our shoes repaired by the cobbler. My jewelry was real – because we got it for birthdays or graduations or passed down from Gram. Am I just showing my age?

  12. My daughter just ordered a pair of Poppy Barley boots. I went with her to their open house and was sorely tempted, but could not justify the expense. My daughter wears a size 5 and has more and more trouble finding boots, so this makes sense for her, especially as her husband gave her these as a 35th birthday gift. The leathers are sumptuous and the workmanship impeccable. She'll have those boots forever.

  13. I really like your choices, Patti. I would find it hard to splurge, I think, but since we are talking fantasy money-no-object spending here, I would definitely go with something I would gets tons of wear from, not a one-off occasion piece. So yes, some really well-made boots are a great choice, or jewellery, or a watch. We can dream, no?! xxx

  14. I love the idea of a DVF dress, but I eventually get tired of my clothes and I'm worried I'd regret the decision after a while. Now jewelry might be another thing…

  15. Hi Patti! Oh yes to the DVF dress, a piece of Wendy Brandes jewellery for sure and isn't the Rick Owens coat just divine!! xxx

  16. I would love to go to Muriel Dombret in Ottawa and set myself loose in her boutique. Duchesse from Passage des Perles showed pictures of two lovely dresses she purchased a while back, and I have lusted after her designs ever since. Oh, and some modern, chunky necklaces, too. Vivienne shows some today from Lauren Ralph Lauren that wouldn't break the bank.

  17. this is so exciting! I looked at their clothing and I am inspired by your big switch. Brava to you.

  18. Hi Patti, great choices! I especially love that Rick Owens coat. Wow. To die for! DVF dresses do go on sale, at least at Bloomie's they did, I will keep my eyes peeled for you for any sales. I have my eye on two Equipment blouses, but I have to think about it before buying either one!

  19. I couldn't buy anything expensive even if I was endlessly rich 'cos I know I'd find it in a charity shop eventually. I've found Oz Clark and Pucci so I'm holding out for some tapestry Litas now! xxx

  20. I'd like a DVF dress, or at least I think I would. I guess if I were really serious I'd have at least tried one on. Twent years ago I set up an automatic withdrawal that I termed my "facelift" account to be used at 50+. This year I blew most of it on my teeth πŸ™ I guess they're a part of my face? Sigh, the things life brings…

  21. I actually did blow the bank account this year — I ordered some clothes from Ivey Abitz. Some of what I ordered is still being made. It's all handmade in the US, really interesting natural fiber fabrics. I decided I wanted to change my look, and that I would "invest" in the sense that I would commit some serious money to a new style, not buy anything else until the budget refills, and use those pieces to help sort the sheep from the goats in the rest of my closet. So far, it has made me really think about anything else I bring in and made it easy to release some stuff that wasn't making me happy.

  22. Great choices!
    I think I would go for a MaxMara cashmere coat and a Vivienne Westwood suit and dress.

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