Small Town Florida Merry Christmas!

There’s no snow, no chill in the air. But it’s still a lovely sight in our small Florida downtown. I strolled around yesterday and fully enjoyed the beauty and good cheer of the season.

I dropped in on “my” thrift shop, Molly Mutt (aka The Cat Thrift). I could’ve had this darling tree, fully decorated, for only $2.50 (50% off Christmas stuff today):

A charming set of dishes for holiday dinner, only $30 for all:

Or a glam angel to watch over it all:

Yes, it was warm enough for midriff tops! (not on me).

Then a stroll down Main Street, and what! I ended up at my local, Meg O’Malleys.

Palm trees are bedecked with tinsel.

At Meg’s the mood was festive, warm and inclusive. My bartender bought me a Merlot and we toasted a fine friendship. There was a bear in a tree:

Not an actual bear. Or an actual tree.

I’m neither religious nor very traditional. But I do revel in the spirit of peace and kindness that infuses this season. I hope your holiday is full of joy! Much love and cheer to you all, xox.

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  1. Such a strange site for me to see: Christmas in the sunshine. But, like you, I like this season and the festivities. Neither religious nor very traditional either. Still loving it.

  2. So nice to know there are other flip flop Christmases. But the bear and the tree…I haven't seen that before!

  3. Okay, it's confirmed, I truly have a warped mind when I ask, what's the bear doing to the tree?
    The streets are beautifully bedecked for the holidays there and it's hard not to be infected when a waft of optimism and goodwill rushes by. That's the part I enjoy the most. My only concession to the holiday is a gorgefest breakfast I treat myself to during my inspiration walk. The after effects stay with me all year long, mostly in the buttoxil area.

  4. Dear Patti,

    Wanting to wish all those I admire yet not step on any toes, I hope my wish is 'neutral' enough .. could not let the dawn and disappear without wishing you …

    The Blessings of Peace

    The Beauty of Hope

    The Spirit of Love

    The Comfort of Faith

    May these be your gifts this Christmas Season.

    Blessings to you and your hubby (Not too religious me thinks?)


    Simply Sassy Style

  5. Hi Patti!

    We had a nice time at our hood restaurant tonight, the kids could run around, people sharing and talking, real nice!
    Hourra for small town and warm neighborhood
    Merry Christmas fabulous Patti!


  6. That sounds like a very pleasant way to spend Christmas Eve! Have a great holiday, Patti; cheers! xxxx

  7. Joyeuses Fêtes to you Patti! This isn't a religious holiday for me either, but I'll enjoy any excuse to make life a bit more festive.

  8. Pretty little tree. I would have gone to my thrift shop today but it was closed. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Patti! Xoxo

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