Would Ya Wear It? Jumpsuit Edition.

I haven’t worn a jumpsuit for over 25 years. The last time I did, there was an . . . incident. I was working for a small company. We had a small office, and one small, shared restroom. I was wearing a fetching pale blue jumpsuit, and while in the loo, the toilet broke and water came flooding out. ย I ran out of the room, clutching the flaps of my jumpsuit and revealing my silkies to the (mercifully small) staff. Mortified, I was.

Jumpsuits are not practical for visiting the restroom. And they haven’t been the height of fashion for decades (like I care about that!). But recently I’ve noticed some appealing jumpsuits, and I wonder if I should give them a go.

This is the jumpsuit that’s got me to the tipping point. I saw it in a slideshow in The Guardian. It’s got personality without shouting, and it looks youthful and fun to wear. I don’t care for the glam pumps but black booties would be fine. And I think minimal accessorizing is my best choice.

This would look great with a black blazer or cardigan. Via The Guardian.
Elegant, chic. I like the sleeve length and the slightly cropped leg. Nordie’s.
Old school! I’d need the right attitude, but I’d wear it, without shoulder pads.
Vintage 80’s Norma Kamali
Thakoon jumpsuit. This looks like two pieces, so does that defeat the purpose?
Still, very fab, and I think I love it with flats as shown.

Over to you: would ya? No wrong answers, of course. We like what we like.

Have a happy, happy Monday!

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  1. Hi Patti!
    There are nice jumpsuit around, but i find it's still a problem in the loo and they don't fit right i think, but they make a hell of a statement!

  2. I think you'd rock this cut with your slim figure, Patti!

    With a huskier build like mine, not so much. If it isn't fitted through the waist I look like a fullback, and being short means there'd be… sagging unfortunateness. Also, I'm afraid of toilet issues like several folks mentioned!

  3. I would – even though it's a bit of a palaver going to the loo. Merry Christmas, Patti! Have a very happy holiday.

  4. I remember two jumpsuits I had in 1980: one bright purple, one green khaki. I never really liked either and I'm not a big fan now, but I've seen women who look great in them, like the ones in these photos. I'd gladly wear my paint splattered coveralls as street fashion.

  5. I bought one on eBay as a gag (to wear "ironically" to my 40th birthday). But I loved it! So, even thought the retro suit was more costume-y, I'd be all over a modern one. In fact, I have a shorts jumpsuit that I'll be showing off on the blog soon. So glad you asked. They have their drawbacks (sleeve in the loo) but they can be chic, easy dressing.

  6. Very cute! I love jumpsuits, but have a hard time ever finding one that is flattering & fits (I'm VERY long waisted!).

  7. You can get the same look by pairing matching top and bottom and accent with wide belt or a pretty scarf tied around with the ends pinned or tucked into each other. I love a silvery gray turtleneck with soft gray wool trousers. You can create a LBD the same way – matching black top and bottom, tucked in and belted. The fabrics need to be compatible but not too close. Something woven paired with a knit – sheer or lacy black blouse with black satin skirt. No ladies room worries!

  8. I would wear the right jumpsuit. I have both long legs and a long torso so it's usually hard to get it right. I love the first jumpsuit! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Nope, not going there. I think the last time I wore a jump suit it was a forest green velveteen number my mother sewed for me. I was about 7 and I got teased about it all day so I never wore it again.

    As an hourglass shape, I just don't think they're me. I also think the fabric is likely to be unflatteringly clingy and that it'd be hard to find one that fits well on top and on the bottom half. I'll just wear a similar coloured pair of trousers and top to create the same effect.

  10. I can't jump on the jumpsuit bandwagon. . .too much work to get them on and off in a hurry! Happy Holidays to you Patti.

  11. I like these choices, Patti, apart from the sweatshirt-y Norma Kamali one. I have a 70s-style black one which I really like and have worn a fair bit. Sure, try one, Patti, I think you'd look great. As with all items, finding the right shape/fit is the key. xxxx

  12. I call 'em "onesies" and I would wear them! Only they look better on me in my mind's eye than they do in real life- my long torso, short leg combo make them often fit "funny." However I love the look- very quirky and chic!

  13. I think you would look just great in the last jumpsuit. I would look like a sack of potatoes. Jumpsuits are for the long and lean and alas, that is not me. Go ahead, Patti. Wear one. Just remember to use the loo before you leave home.

  14. I stare in envy at the women who can pull that look off. I am just not one of them. I would be so concerned about the practicality issue that I would probably walk around feeling like a self-conscious mess.

  15. I've always enjoyed jumpsuits…on other people that is. Though I consider them quite stylish, I don't like the idea of having to get 1/2 undressed to use the public potty.

  16. I do! I love a late 1960s/early 1970s jumpsuit and have quite a few. I'm toying with wearing one to the pub later but the only downside is negotiating the ladies after 4 pints of best bitter! x

  17. Nope! I'm very tall, so one-piece anythings (dresses, swimsuits) have always been a challenge. I'm a separates girl all the way.

  18. Nope, nope, nope. Don't have a problem with how they look, but after dropping a jumpsuit sleeve in the loo (back in the 80's) I swore them off for good. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. I love jumpsuits and these photos only increase my appreciation. Need to dig in my closet and see what's been waiting for an outing!

  20. I haven't seen them in the stores in our small city, either. Next trip to NYC, though . . .

  21. By coincidence, I've been thinking about jumpsuits too. I've even been shopping for one, but can't find any in stores. An interesting item.

  22. No!

    I thought about leaving the one word answer above then decided to provide an explanation. Much like your example above, I find needing to completely undress to relieve myself time consuming and annoying.

    Plus, I never wore a jumpsuit, all those years ago, which felt comfortable. Tugging, pulling and rearranging clothes throughout the day is not on my list of fun things to do.

  23. I was just admiring some jumpsuits on Net-a Porter this morning. I would wear one if I could find one that fit well. ((long torso). I love their elongated silhouette.

  24. Oh boy, I had a jumpsuit when I was 18-20. It was a gorg purple silk, very oriental. Not sure I could do it now. A bit too fashiony for me, and not so practical! Your story is cringe-worthy, Patti! Xo

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