Drama Free, But Hair-Raising Nonetheless

We had a wonderful, drama-free Christmas Day. Slept late, had full-fat blueberry muffins for breakfast. We decided to have late lunch at a local cafe that offers a colossal buffet. As Melanie would say, I’m sure it’s all headed to my buttoxil area.

All our activities were casual, and no dressing up was required. Sandy wore a bright red sweater, and I was neutral in a navy sweater with black knit skirt, plus crazy-color scarf. The temp was about 72 degrees, with a brisk wind and picture-book sky. This pic was taken at the boardwalk about a half-mile from our house.

I wanted to show you my scarf-and-teased-hair look but the wind took my fuzz straight up. Take my word, it looked better before and after this picture.

Matching shades. His hair stays in place.

Happy Thursday, back to work and all that, but so happy to be here!

We are ON for Visible Monday this weekend! The link-up will go live Sunday evening at about 5PM Eastern Standard Time.

We’ll party on through Monday. Please join us with your fabulous Visibility. I will be unconnected from all electronic devices from Friday through Monday night (what?! – on a boat) and may not get to comment on all your contributions. But please know how tickled I am that you shared a pic and link. xoxo

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  1. You look happy and peaceful, Patti! Glad you had a good holiday – wishing you a very happy new year!

  2. I just love the sound of you Christmas Day, Patti – relaxed and casual and marching to the beat of your own drum, that's how it should be. And you and Sandy are such a lovely couple, look at that glorious sea and sky as a backdrop, gorgeous! Isn't it always the way that when you make some effort with your hair, the conditions don't help? Ah well, better to be out there enjoying the breeze and the sunshine than fretting about hair, right?! And you look adorable, of course. Enjoy your boat trip, photos please! xxxxx

  3. I'm so glad that you and Sandy were not wearing your tandem nun hat (cornette?) or you would have flown straight away. Love these shots and the way you're standing, ready for takeoff. Hair-raisingly wonderful. What a scarf!! PS Thanks for drawing attention to my buttoxil area. Enjoy your nautical adventure.

  4. Your scarf is lovely, Patti….and I have a just a tad to work off myself!! Have a wonderful week!

  5. Your backdrop ! Oh My! you should see mine, nothing to do with yours and i will not show Mr. D this pic cause he will cry all day! He hates winter!
    Gorgeous and stylish husband you have Patti! Love your rising hair very candid shot, love it!

    Have happy holidays and we will see you on Visible Monday!


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