Why Skirts Are So Fine For Spring And Summer


Skirts are the best. I am not a wearer of shorts, with rare exceptions, like cleaning the house and walking the beach. I own one pair of cotton knee length shorts. I don’t often wear capris either, perhaps because my mother does, and I feel old in them. No judgement on capris – hey, major fashun women wear them and look glorious. They just feel like my pants are too short, and they’re really only two inches cooler on one’s leg than ankle pants. These are cute, but they don’t make me feel great:

That leaves me dresses and skirts. I adore summer dresses, and have about five that I wear regularly. But skirts are still my favorites, for all the mixing possibilities. All my tops work with them: long or short sleeve knit tees, lacy crop tops (by crop, I mean to the waist), tanks, light cardigans and even the occasional blazer.

Skirts are my spring and summer loves. Linen, cotton, chambray, even tulle. Skirts are versatile, comfortable, and appropriate for most any occasion. At least in my life. Not to be forgotten, skirts are magical in the fall/winter too, with the added benefit of wearing tights, and skipping the leg-shave.

Some of my favorites:

When I worked in an office I often wore pencil skirts, as they always look businesslike. You cannot go wrong with a knee length pencil skirt and soft blouse or knit top. But now that I am free-tired, I lean toward a full skirt. Knee to mid calf is my favorite stopping point. And all kinds of cool shoes go well with full skirts, from sneakers to wedges to oxfords.

Are you a skirt fan?

Stay fabulous,

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  1. I adore skirts & have nearly a 100 of those vintage silk sari wraps…the feel, colors, & mixed patterns are all so lovely…they get worn a lot during the summer.

  2. Sigh. I have a HUGE collection of hippie skirts that I can’t wear any more. I “plan” to turn them into dresses/tunics. You see, all my gluttony has caused the disappearance of my waist. So the hippie skirts look frumpy. The only skirts that work are the pencil silhouette. Pencil hippie skirts? Would that be a thing?

  3. I don’t “do” shorts either, and definitely not capris, which seem to be the default warm weather wear for women over 40 around here. I like big loose-fitting pants and skirts for summer, I just have to see if any of them from last year still fit me!

  4. Like you, I do not do shorts. Capris, rarely.
    Skirts, yes. Pants yes. That’s so funny that Vix has that pattern. I shouldn’t be surprised. I love that red skirt!

  5. I love dresses and I love pants but skirts and I? We have yet to bond. I feel odd in them, the way you do with capris, if that makes sense 🙂 you, however, always look so feminine and ladylike in them, Patti #goals xoxo

  6. I’m a skirt and dress fan too – but you already knew that! Cropped trousers are NOT my thing! xxx

    • yes I love your collection of skirts and dresses – and the way you wear them. xo

  7. I’ve found that I tend to wear skirts if I’m working at a desk all day – less fabric bunching up in the crotchal and knee areas. But generally I prefer shorts or long pants. Actually I really want culottes, but haven’t gone on an extensive search for any – yet.

  8. I’ve been wearing skirts and loving them for about 5 years now. my husband of 28 years just told me that he doesn’t like them! so, I’m searching the internet for “what to do”, and I’m glad to find this article. It reaffirms my love for skirts. I’ll get some things that HE likes, but I’ll stick with my skirts. 🙂

  9. I love skirts and even own the pattern you’ve used as your title photo!
    Cropped trousers? Never! No hipster will ever persuade me that they aren’t the uniform of ladies of a certain age off on a package holiday to the Canary islands. xxx

    • I thought you might have that pattern! and LOL about the package holiday. xox

  10. I am a huge fan of skirts and also don’t own many pairs of shorts.

    I should really count the number of skirts I own. Nah…that’d freak me out.

    I bought a vintage midi suede fringe pencil suede skirt (that is a mouthful!) at the vintage show that past weekend. It is really something.


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