Might As Well Jump(suit): Visible Monday

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I’m at the tail end of a trend, as per usual. But we Visibles don’t give a rat’s nether parts about trends, do we? I bought this knit jumpsuit (similar) about three months ago, and finally pulled it out to wear, after all the Cool Girls have put theirs on eBay.



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I like it, without loving it – but I had to give it a go. The color is sedate, so I stayed in that mood, adding a navy boyfriend blazer (similar), and a silver bracelet (sim). The studded belt (sim) adds a kick, and classic oxfords (sim) are never wrong. Same for red lipstick – this is the one I had “custom made” in NYC so naturally it’s my favorite.



All of you who warned about the restroom issues were right. I needed a few extra minutes in the lady’s to pull myself back together.



I do like the drapey silhouette.


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  1. This is a fab look on you Patti. I love the drapey fabric and the belt is a great addition giving a bit of edge. The oxfords are the best to give this added masculine feel to your utterly feminine figure x
    Anna’s Island Style

  2. You look awesome in that jumpsuit! I always join a trend once all the cool girls have put theirs on eBay because that means I can buy theirs cheap instead of paying full price!

  3. Patti, Love the drape on the front of the jumpsuit and it is so stylish on you. Love it! I havent bought one yet, but think about it. Adding the cobalt jacket adds another sense of fab style to your look. Love it! I would deal with the bathroom too! ha.
    jess xx

  4. Clicked over from Facebook. Wow, you look incredibly lovely in your jumpsuit pic!

  5. I love navy with black, and your photos are absolutely stunning here. Thank you so much for providing this fabulous gathering of women on Mondays. It’s become a ritual for me!

  6. Love that jumpsuit – on YOU! I’m the ‘when-I-gotta-go…’ type ๐Ÿ˜‰ But you look fab!

  7. Did they ever go out of fashion? I’ve been wearing them since the 1970s (although these days they’re psychedelic and minus the Charlies’ Angels badge on the breast pocket).
    Looking great, Patti. xxx

  8. Hahahaha I’m sorry, Patti, but you needing a few extra minutes to pull yourself together was too much, the laughter floodgates opened!! It reminds me of a commercial currently being aired wherein a little boy tugs, futilely, at his belt and yells out, “Mum, we have a situation!!”.

    Jokes aside, latecomer notwitstanding, you look stunning in this outfit, Patti. Ever so poised and sophisticated and cool. I like. I like a lot ๐Ÿ™‚ xoxo

  9. Late yet fabulous Patti!
    I have to tell you I also arrived late at the jumpsuit party ๐Ÿ˜‰
    When I bought my first jumpsuit last year (the one I’ve linked to here) I was immediately converted & now can’t wait to buy a silk one too!
    Thanks for hosting, I hear this is THE link up to join

  10. Patti, you are rocking that jumpsuit – seriously! I love a great fitting jumpsuit, in fact mine have surpassed my LBD for many occasions. Yes, you do need a few extra minutes in the ladies room, but I love the freedom of wearing a pant. I think the key, like with an LBD is finding the fit that works for you – and now there are SO many choices. With this trend now being so mainstream and the designers having now wrung out all their fit issues, there is something for everyone. My suggestion is to think about what you love in a top (for me a wrap style) and what you prefer in a bottom (for me wide leg or a slouchy crop), then look for the combination in a jumpsuit – and you will love it!
    Draping like you are wearing is so fabulous and forgiving, I’m loving the navy and black, always a great choice! Thanks for hosting!

  11. I don’t think jumpsuits ever go out of fashion. I don’t have one yet, but I intend to buy one at some point soon so I guess I’m late to the party too! I love yours and how you’ve styled it with the blazer and oxfords, lovely understated colours.

    Emma xxx

  12. I am loving jumpsuits! I recently purchased an army green denim one and I wear it all the time. They are just so easy – one step! Love your grey one, so so pretty on you Patti. Thank you for hosting.


  13. You may not LOVE it, but it sure looks super on you. That belt just takes it to the next level for me! Gorgeous.

  14. Loving this look! I get where you’re coming from as far as bathroom escapades are concerned though. Jumpsuits do take a bit of time getting in and out of – so best not leave it too late ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you for the linkup lovely lady,


  15. Well, you look fabulous in this even if you aren’t in love with it! I like the color and the draping, and think it looks wonderful with your blazer and belt. I have one cobalt jumpsuit and I love wearing it. I need to try layering it like this soon (ha- just one more piece to delay the bathroom processs…).

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  17. I added one new jumpsuit and a few rompers to my closet this Spring already. I still need a classic black one. Love your grey jumpsuit Patti. Such pretty draping in the front. Great idea to wear it with cognac oxfords.

  18. You really rock in that jumper! I had a jumper when I was a teenager burgundy with gray and black pinstripes, cut very sleek with 3/4 sleeves, straight legs. I loved that one, but never found a jumper anymore that was so me. Why is that?

  19. I love that drapey neckline on you – awesome outfit. Considering all the juggling we have to do in bathrooms already, pffft, I give up. It’s so worth it. Your hair is looking mighty fine here as well, Patti.

  20. I’ve tried – and failed – at jumpsuits so many times, and it’s always the bathroom issue for me. Just not worth it. However, you look badass in this – I love this look on you, Patti! That lipstick is awesome.

  21. Am I that late in joining this jumpsuit trend as well? I kept telling myself no way would I even try one on, I’ve been there, done that trend before. But, never say never, right? I decided to drag one along to the dressing room last week and instantly fell head over heels in love with the look and feel. As Suzanne said, it’s like being able to wear my pj’s in public (without being issued a fashion ticket). I also agree, you look amazinly hot in this jumpsuit so I think it wins over the toilet issue.

  22. Despite the bathroom issues this is a super HOT look for you lady!

    I started off hating on jumpsuits and now own…four. Yes, they are a pain in the bathroom but I can forgive that since they are as comfy as PJs and still manage to look great, like you’ve shown so very well here.

    Will be joining the party tomorrow : )


  23. Patti this jumpsuit is the bomb!! But I know what you mean about going to the bathroom… They need to put an ‘escape hatch’ at the bottom of them, hehe ;))

    Thank you so much for hosting my lovely! wishing you a happy week ๐Ÿ™‚

    Catherine x

  24. Nice garment, Patti. You’ll have this in your wardrobe for many seasons to come. The drape is just lovely. Very flattering on you.

  25. You look seriously cool!! The belt definitely adds a lot to the ensemble! I’ve never worn a jumpsuit–simply imagining the pairing of a jumpsuit + the typical Malaysian public bathroom…and that’s enough for me to never try it. I’d probably do it in the USA.

  26. I DO love this jumpsuit AND the way you’ve styled it is so perfect. This is an amazing way to style a jumpsuit and look classy. You sure look great!

  27. I’m never the first one to jump on a trend. So by the time I decide I like something, it’s usually not super popular anymore, which is totally fine with me.

    I really like the jumpsuit on you. Great color! I’ve actually been contemplating a jumpsuit (but I’m not quite there yet…). I had a fabulous purple jumpsuit 20 years ago, and I loved it!

  28. It does look lovely, I like the drapes, and it looks so cool with the blazer. But the bathroom issue… That puts me off jumpsuits. Silly, maybe, but I have a really fast metabolism…

  29. I borrowed a romper/hot pants outfit from my friend Shawn in 1972. I wore it to a boxing match at Madison Square Garden. Shawn was secretly dating the boxer Chu Chu Rodriguez, who had a fight that night. Afterwards, at Chu Chu’s apartment, I ended up paired with Chu Chu’s manager, a creepy older guy (in his thirties — OLD when you’re 15). Vern was all over me, and I would have nothing to do with him. The romper was too short-waisted, and I had to pee REALLY badly, but I didn’t dare go to the bathroom. Gosh, that was a painful night. Swore off anything jumpsuitish then and there.
    You look GREAT in yours!

  30. Agree Patti, who gives a rat’s. You look fabulous. I laugh to myself sometimes knowing that some of these trends were worn by me first about 20yrs ago !
    I would never had thought of putting navy and black together, but I really like it.
    Thank you for hosting
    Laurie x

  31. I hear you! I salivated when my sister found her partner a pair of workman’s overalls – not dissimilar to picture number two in the line up above (you should be in that line up by the way!) at the thrift store. And rejoiced when they didn’t fit and made their way to my cupboard. By the time I wear them I would imagine those ladies of whom you speak will be trying to buy theirs back from eBay. I love the idea. You pull it off magnificently! Shame it’s not trendy to have a bathroom flap on the back. Do you think we could make it so? Thanks so much for hosting the magnificent Visible Monday once again. Can’t wait to see what everyone puts up. Xx

  32. I will always love a good jumpsuit but agreed, not the extra ladies room time, lol. However, you are STUNNING in this, love the drape to it as well and that studded belt adds the perfect pizazz!! Super Chic!!

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