Round Up Of The Most Comfortable (And Cute) Spring Shoes

Since about age 50, I have had to retire all my true high heels. Those fab classic black patent pumps, and high-heeled booties, all gone to the thrift shops. I think they always did hurt. But when I was 29 years old, I didn’t care. We had to wear heels! It was a fashion law. And a lot of women in my age group still do enjoy heels, and I think that’s fantastic. Wear what you love, every day.

But for me now, at age 60, I decline to wear high heels and at the same time I eschew “frumpy”, old-lady (even though I am one) comfortable shoes. You won’t find me in puffy white sneakers, except when I’m hopping around for fitness. I like to think I will have fun feet till my last day.



No, not these for me! If you wear them, that’s cool; wear what works for you.


Love of comfort doesn’t have to limit one to just flats, sneakers or authentic orthopedic shoes. I still love a wedge, a small block heel, a platform, and even though they appear to be hopelessly passe, a kitten heel for dress-up. I adore color and/or pattern, or even a little whimsy.

Luckily for me, there are more good-looking comfortable Spring/Summer shoes now than I can ever remember. New brands are popping up all the time, and old familiar brands are adding new styles. I truly don’t see any reason for my feet to cause me pain on a daily basis, hooray for technology.

Here’s a round-up of some of my favorite ultra-comfortable footwear for Spring/Summer. I haven’t owned each of these shoes yet, but I have had a pair from each brand shown. We’ve got oxfords (love), colorful booties, mad Mary Janes, casual suede slip-ons, some sparkle flats, cap-toes and wedge sandals. Something for anyone with demanding dogs.  Cheers to happy and stylish feet:

Stay fabulous, and love your feet,


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  1. What a great around up of comfy shoes! I am LOVING those floral booties, fabulous!
    And yes, comfortable does not have to be frumpy – you can have both! I have a pair of pretty high wedges from Kork-Ease, so comfortable AND stylish! Have a great weekend!

  2. Cute shoes! I just received a pair of old fashioned red Keds in the mail that I ordered on line. I love red shoes . . .I have to resisted dancing in public (grocery store, library, etc.) when I’m wearing them. I am 70 years young and high heels are only worn once in a great while and then when I’m going somewhere that I walk in and sit; if there is standing or walking involved flats are my choice. So, I love finding pretty flats that can dress up an outfit in a comfortable way.
    That last pair of red sandals are so pretty.
    Happy Spring!
    Connie 🙂

  3. I’m loving all those shoes, they look comfy and funky, fabulous qualities!. Loving chunky heels and maryjanes and those red sandals!

  4. I have become addicted to Donald J Pliner “stretch” which are some of the most comfortable shoes ever. Loafers, low heels, sandals are all great. They do go on sale too.

  5. You and Suzanne must have it out for my self control of (trying) not to purchase any more shoes. Great spring round-up! I already took a great look at those boots from zappos and the Rieker cork sandals. And, I totally agree, comfort is the key to happiness but we can still look stylish. Isn’t it amazing how many women you actually see sporting those velcro sneakers?

    • ‘ఆరోà°—్à°¯ాà°¨ిà°•ి à°…à°°à°µై రహస్à°¯ాà°²ు ‘ à°šెà°ª్à°¤ుà°¨్à°¨ాà°°à°¨ి à°¤ెà°²ిà°¸ి à°ªొà°¦్à°¦ుà°¨్à°¨ే à°Ÿిà°µి à°ªెà°Ÿ్à°Ÿాà°¨ు.à°† à°•ాà°°్యక్à°°à°®ం 7-30 à°¨ుంà°¡ి 8 వరకూ! 7-30 à°•ి à°ªెà°Ÿ్à°Ÿిà°¨ా, 7-46 à°•ి à°ªెà°Ÿ్à°Ÿిà°¨ా, 7-59 à°•ి à°ªెà°Ÿ్à°Ÿిà°¨ా…ఆయన à°’à°•à°Ÿే à°šెà°ªుà°¤ుà°¨్à°¨ాà°°ు…à°¦ోà°¸ిà°²ి à°šూà°ªిà°¸్à°¤ూ,”ఇన్à°¨ి à°¬ొà°ª్à°ªాà°¯ి à°®ుà°•్à°•à°²ు, ఇన్à°¨ి à°®ొలకెà°¤్à°¤ిà°¨ à°ªెసలు..” à°²ేà°¦ంà°Ÿే, ‘ఆపకుంà°¡ా 3 à°²ీà°Ÿà°°్à°² à°¨ీà°³్à°³ు à°¤ాà°—ాà°²ి “

    • Not advertising, but I don’t think anything beats that self righteous twat Alastair ‘not only a danger to himself, but other road users around him’ Stewart getting arrested for drink driving…… twice.

  6. Wow Patti…you really scared me with that velco image!!! Hahahaha
    I got proper scared!
    Thankfully my eyeballs were soothed by those Camper and Spring step beauties.
    Great choices.

  7. The great thing about wearing maxi length is that nobody sees your feet, you can get away with murder (or clumpy shoes!) x

  8. What are the spectacular (and spectator-esque) black and white tennis shoes on the top of the page? I need those in my life! 🙂

  9. I love shoes. Actually wish there were more cools styles in mid-heel (2″) height. Love what you highlighted — the boots esp. Thanks as always for your insights!

  10. I like a bit of a chunky heel, and still occasionally bust out the high heels if I know I don’t have to walk far or stand up all night! But mainly I too opt for comfort these days – nothing attractive about moaning about painful feet! Great selection, Patti. xx

  11. I like those boho cork sandals in the second row.

    Funny how we wrote the same post but picked totally different shoes.

    As far as I’m concerned a kitten heel never has and never will be out of style. Especially when I’m running out of comfortable options.


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