I Nabbed A Little Skirt: Visible Monday

I just picked up an adorable little skirt for $2 at the Thrift Shop where I volunteer. I had worn a fabulous, but very heavy velvet skirt to work. It was way too hot in the shop, as the A/C wasn’t working. So I donated my velvet skirt (a great vintage Karen Millen, but really too big for me anyway) and grabbed this Ann Taylor number (similar). I was already wearing a black tee (surprise!) and tights, so it all worked together nicely.
A patterned skirt is always a yes for me:


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I think this skirt will be a winner for both dressy (rare) and casual (constant) days. The soft knit tee (sim) is from GAP, and how about those nifty suede oxfords (sim)? I found them while shopping second-hand with my baby sister. Love at first sight. They’re made by Skechers, a super comfortable brand, and were $14, unworn. The necklace is courtesy of JTV.com; check them out for some gorgeous costume and fine jewelry.



The necklace is also a brooch, how cool is that?


print skirt


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  2. Super pretty skirt, Patti. I feel so inspired to volunteer at a thrift store! Maybe this summer!

    Dawn Lucy

  3. You have the best (volunteer) job ever! Swapping clothes right on the spot, hilarious and wonderful. I totally agree, you will get a lot of wear out of this beauty.

  4. Patti-Such a funny pic. And love the fish here. You are wearing one of my favorite combinations. You will see why…when you’ll stop by <3 But tights and Oxfords are so much more interesting and styish than high heels IMO. if you can pull that off you can pull off anything 😉 xo Sabina

  5. Oh, Patti, I’m coveting those shoes – I would wear them with EVERYTHING! And as for the idea of ‘way too hot’, I can only dream. Sleeting, slanting rain here today – again.
    You are a gold star thrift shopper!

  6. Sweet skirt – I adore a patterned skirt. They are so darned versatile! I mean seriously, why would one own a plain ol’ skirt when you can have one this awesome? Love it, and you are looking gorgeous as always, Patti! Those shoes are right in my wheelhouse too – menswear is so fun (and comfy!).

  7. Oh yes a lovely skirt. At this price you can buy a dozen. I would have liked a close-up of your necklace/brooch too. It looks great… from afar haha.

  8. Patti, it’ll be no surprise to you that all I can see is these beautiful suede brogues! I only have one suede pair so far (blue in fact and feel free to sing that little song aaha) but am always on the lookout for another one or two. I did find all of those amazingly colourful ones in London recently. Did you see the post -http://www.annasislandstyle.com/2016/02/london-highlights.html . The new Manolo Blahnik boutique was showcasing a window full of suede brogues in a positive rainbow of colours. Do take a look. Thank you for the link up party once again x

  9. I love your skirt! Why don’t I find gold like that in secondhand shops? And I about fell over when I read your adorable oxfords are Sketchers (I have several Go Walks and they are heaven for bunions).

  10. That skirt is fabulous, how lucky are you? The necklace is very clever, too.
    We had snow today, stop making me jealous. xxx

  11. Gorgeous “new” skirt! The colors and graphic print are so bold and beautiful. They stand out wonderfully against your black base.

    • Shannon, I've been looking for inexpensive,little houses to add around the house. All the dollar store ones look so cheap. Thank you for the gototous,rransfgrmaeion tip….can't wait to see more of your Holiday ideas and beautiful decor!

  12. How fun that you can change out your clothes while at work! I think I’d have a hard time not doing that on a regular basis.

    The colours are wonderful.


  13. I love how you can go to work and swap out what you’re wearing. I wish I could do that at the coffee shop sometimes. I love the new skirt – great pattern, great colour. And the multi-tasking pendant/brooch. A two-fer. Thanks for the party, Patti, a great breather for me.

  14. I love your skirt. I’ve been adding a few patterned skirts to my wardrobe here and there – now I just need to wear them! Such a great outfit on you. Thanks so much for the link up!

  15. Such a fun story! I wish you had gotten a photo of the velvet one as well. If I worked in a thrift store I would probably bring things home daily- way too dangerous!

  16. Oooh, I would have hated to give up the velvet, but this looks like a good trade and will probably get a lot more wear.

  17. I’m a huge fan of print pattern skirts and I love the silhouette of yours. Very flattering and the colors are beautiful.

  18. Don’t you just love a bargain, I want to shout it from the rooftops when I find one. The last amazing bargain I bought from a car boot sale was a fabulous tan leather plaited belt that was 30 pence & I wear it to death! SHOUT!
    Your skirt’s a winner, well done lady xxx

  19. Fabulous skirt! And the tee looks great, too. I love the sleeve length!

    And what a fun necklace! How great is it that it’s a necklace & a brooch!

    Thanks for the link up!

  20. Aren’t you a woman of fashion action, Patti? What are you doing with a velvet skirt in Florida anyway? You look like you’re ready to hop, skip and jump. Give me whatever you’re having, please.

  21. So cute, and with those oxfords! Perfect mix!
    Lucky you to be able to alleviate wardrobe malfunctions at work. I can do it rarely, I’m far from the women’s sample size Small. (Though I squish myself into the lounge pants ALL THE TIME).

  22. Oh Stop…that dog is too cute!!!

    I love the proportions of your outfit today Patti! It has the easy, draped fit that is so you, but the silhouette is still so very flattering! And…that tee has the perfect length sleeve! A total win!

  23. Your new trade-in skirt is adorable. I want nearly every single patterned skirt (and the blue fish!) you have in the carousel above; it must be my spring fever!

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