Red: The Choice Of Visible Women Everywhere

At Visible Monday, the gorgeous Suzanne Carillo wrote about wearing red – a color associated with power and romance and passion. She’s wearing a delightful vintage red dress and she’s radiant in the color. Read her post for smart tips on wearing the vibrant shade.


Oh yes, redheads can wear it. Love Suzanne’s vintage 50’s bag.

Suzanne’s article drew my eye to several other fabulous Visible Women wearing red, some with the color as the main event and some as an accent.

Pasotti Umbrella - open umbrella - path

Celia of High Heeled Life shows off a stunning scarlet leopard umbrella. And it folds down small, to carry in her tote.


Samantha of Fake Fabulous adds a striking red belt and bag to her yellow-and-blue outfit. And you must see those high-heeled sneakers, so cool.


How fabulous is Sheila of Ephemera in her Harve Bernard crimson jacket? And while we’re here, I gotta have those blue shoes. : >

Coachella'd 024

And Glenda of So What To Twenty goes bold and beautiful in an orange-red billowy, off-the-shoulders dress. Her shoes are awesome as well – it’s fab shoe day, yeah?

Everyone can wear red; I love my ruby on my lips:


How do you wear your reds?

Stay fabulous,

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  1. I adore red; it has been my favourite colour since I was a child. I think red suits just about everyone, depending on the right tone.

  2. How do I wear my reds???? With pride and clearly loving it. You undoubtedly saw my three red jackets.
    Such a great colour.
    PS just bought red patent leather pumps….

  3. Great post. Red is so powerful. I love to use it as an accent, such as on heels when riding a fast motorcycle…

  4. I went out in a vintage red leather coat and a red and orange tribal printed maxi dress yesterday, what did everyone comment on? My brown sheepskin hat! xxx

  5. Thanks for the shout-out Patti! : )

    I love your red lip and the fantastic red leopard umbrella! That is insane!


  6. I love red, especially red lipstick! It was a colour I rarely wore for ages, but has grown on me!

  7. Thank you Patti, for featuring my outfit!
    As for red, I LOVE it. I sometimes wear it head to toe…especially if I am feeling low or in need of a boost in confidence.
    Red is a powerful colour.

  8. I completely agree – I love red! Especially love the red jacket and the umbrella . I am currently on the hunt for red strappy sandals and recently featured a little red coat on my blog. It’s a good colour for petite women to wear I think – always makes me feel a bit bigger! However, I really don’t suit red lipstick, I don’t know why, it just looks awful on me – yours looks lovely, I think your colouring is just right for it.

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