Playing With Add-On Hair, And Visible Monday Reminder

Many of us over-50 women are dealing with thinning hair. It’s mostly a hormonal issue, although if you have sudden or severe hair loss, please see your doctor. Mine is just gradually thinning at the temples and crown, although I am fortunate to have curly, fuzzy hair that “looks bigger” than it is. When my hair is wet, it could all fit onto a small barrette.

I don’t have the skills to fuss with my hair a lot, and create interesting ‘dos that hide the thinning. I have used the sprinkle-on thickening fibers, but they were just too messy and unpredictable for me. I have found my happy place in 1) accepting my hair for what it is; no more mooning over thick hairstyles I can never achieve; and 2) playing with wigs and extensions.

You’ve seen a couple of my favorite wigs here on the blog. I don’t pretend they’re my real hair because there’s nothing embarrassing about wearing wigs, toppers or extensions. Almost every female actor we see on TV and film is wearing a hairpiece – and many of the male actors are too. It’s a wonderful tool to change up your look, protect your natural hair, and play with a style you’ve always wanted.

wearing hair ellen wille

This is the Wiki wig by Ellen Wille. It’s my current favorite because it resembles my hair, only shorter and fuller. It’s synthetic fiber that looks “real”, and holds its curls.

wearing hair gabor wig

And this is another favorite, I love the icy white color. It’s the Stylista by Eva Gabor Wigs, also synthetic and about $100.

I also enjoy using extensions, the easy clip-in kind. I’ve bought several small pieces from our local wig shop – human hair in lightest blond. They’re easily found online too, like these from eBay. Because they’re a bit too blonde, I soak them in purple shampoo – the kind that keeps your silver hair more silver – for ten minutes to get a cooler shade. I curl these with a finger curl and bobby pin, let them dry, then clip them in on the sides of my head, where my hair is thinnest. I get a completely undetectable but fuller ‘do.

hair extensions

They look like these before I color and curl them. It’s really hard to find silver or gray extensions, but the selection is slowly improving.

Do you ever use helper hair? I encourage you to give it a go, even if just for a pink streak on a night out.

Stay fabulous, and see you at Visible Monday,

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  1. I’m not sure how I missed this post Patti! I learned a lot from it and though I currently have a full enough head of hair; I wouldn’t hesitate to enhance what I have as needed. When we met in Arizona I thought every darling curl on your head was your own. I guess by expanded definition this is still true!

  2. I have 2 wigs that I absolutely love…but I haven’t been wearing them as much recently. One is a short haired blonde one almost like yours.
    The other is a longer, brown hair one, which my husband doesn’t like because he says it looks fake!!
    I would like to try extensions, if only I could find them curly like my hair!!

    • I hear you, my curly-haired sister! I sometimes buy straight human hair extensions, and either use a curling iron on them, or roll them up and clip them overnight. xo

  3. I never thought of using a wig Patti but now you mention it I have to say they both look awesome on you. But the top one is my favorite – so natural!
    I have been blessed with a strong head of hair, but a thinning crown can be a problem for a lot of older women and a wig would be a great solution.
    I am tempted to investigate further in case I have more “bad hair days”.

    • you do have a wonderful head of hair! And it’s fun to play around with hair anyway, xo

  4. The cat images are the best!
    I luckily have been blessed with lots of hair.
    There is a blog that I follow and she struggles with her thinning hair issues. She posts quite often about hair add ons and is quite knowledgeable.

  5. Both of these wigs are cute and flattering. This is the way to go, not just for thinning hair ( and mine has thinned a lot in recent years) but maybe to “try on” a new hair color. I’m a graying brunette who wants to be a honey-blonde.

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