Give Your Look A Quick And Easy Lift

Unless you have an unlimited and always-inspiring wardrobe, you may get bored with your outfits from time to time. I do (not with your looks, but with mine!). And I don’t even want a huge wardrobe – no room – but I do like a quick and easy tweak. Here are some that’ve been inspired by YOU all – on your blogs and Instagrams, and by people-watching and experimenting.

  • A piece of statement jewelry, or collection of jewelry in an unexpected way. I’ve seen pearls mixed with leather, and two different bright necklaces worn together.
quick and easy necklaces

Love these two together. The top one says “Not all who wander are lost.”

  • A new makeup – maybe a brighter blush or softer lipstick, and all of a sudden your face looks fresh. I’m experimenting now with lighter lipstick shades and it’s a different look for me. Not sure I will abandon my reds, but it’s a fun change of pace.
  • A favorite pair of sunglasses that make you feel mysterious/funky/uptown. Maybe something a bit out of the mainstream – cat-eye or oversized or round. Wear them any time you want to change up your look. Except at night, don’t wear them at night.
quick and easy sunglasses

I feel like a new woman already, wearing these shades.

  • Tuck in your top when you usually leave it out, and vice versa. You’ll get a new silhouette.
quick and easy tuck

Gorgeous Susan of Susan After 60 shows the famous half-tuck, and does it well.

  • Use light layers – like a sheer floral tank over a dress. Try a striped linen shirt, with rolled sleeves, over a tee. I sometimes wear a bright pink or cobalt camisole under another top, so just a little surprising color peeks out.
  • Try a magnificent scarf with your best colors, that you can toss on five days a week for instant style.
quick and easy scarf

Here’s one I would wear all-the-time.

You get the idea. Maybe a special belt, pair of earrings or even a statement sneaker.

It’s easy for me to choose my favorite quick and easy change: my hair. I enjoy changing up my look with wigs and hairpieces, and hair is what we normally notice first. I don’t change hair colors, because my hair is so thin and porous, but if you’ve got a healthy mane, experiment with temporary hair color. Get a blue streak for a day, why not?

Do you have some quick and easy tweaks to share?

Stay fabulous,

Here’s some pieces that tweak my look:

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  1. I often use headwear to finish an outfit. I chic knotted head band gives a totally different vibe to a classic/basic outfit like a plain top and jeans, likewise a big sun hat.

  2. Put a black (or colored) cami on under sheer white tops rather than a nude or white one. It looks intentional and somehow more current. That was as my “aha!” Moment getting dressed yesterday.

  3. Remember — always — that, if you cannot be bright, you can at least dress brightly.

    Most days, I look like a walking crayon box. A quick change of pace for me is to wear neutral colors.

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