Style And Creativity: A Real-Life Fashion Show

Most of us tend to style our wardrobe pieces in similar ways, every time we wear them. Not that there’s anything wrong with that – life is complicated enough without stressing about tops and trousers. But there’s no question we midlife (and more!) women also enjoy a shot of creativity in our outfits. This week’s women of Visible Monday provide inspiration to bring energy and fun to our clothes.

As always, the first tip is: combine and create as you will, and own your look. Confidence is all.
And there’s always room in my closet for creativity :



Layer it: Michelle of Retro Chic Mama welcomes Spring in a silky slip dress, but makes it fresh (and office-worthy) by layering a pale pink blouse under it. The unbuttoned cuffs are another great creative touch:

Creativity Retro chic momma


Add a hat: Jennie of A Pocketful Of Polka Dots is recalling Bonnie Parker for a “villainess” wardrobe challenge. But this is a fab any-day look too, made more memorable with a sleek beret. Just adding a hat/scarf brings a fresh and creative look to a familiar outfit.

Creativity Pocketful Polkadots

A beret and scarf and badass pose, as Bonnie Parker.


Be bold with color: Sheila of of Ephemera uses creativity every day in her wardrobe; she’s an Advanced Creative. Here she’s mixing some bold colors – including her hair and glasses – and adding an unexpected shape: harem pants. It all comes together beautifully to express Sheila’s playful style:

Creativity Sheila Ephemera


Mix some patterns: Jen of of Librarian For Life Style  is inspired by art to create a mixed pattern outfit. It’s fun and Spring-y and what’s more creative than pulling elements from art??

Creativity Librarian For Life


Step outside your comfort zone: Charlotte, a model at J’s Touch Of Style had to be persuaded to try this cool asymmetrical top with her classic trousers. It’s just a single piece, but expresses her vibrant personality so well. Creativity doesn’t have to be complicated!

Creativity Charlotte Touch Of Style


How do you like to get creative with your clothes? xo

Stay fabulous,



Here’s more fab and affordable pieces for any age, inspired by the Visible women:

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  1. Great inspiration Patti! I have a section in my closet that always houses 3-5 easy no-brainer tried and true outfits – for when I am in a hurry. But I LOVE playing in my closet. When I have a free hour, instead of shopping, I’ll get into my closet, just like a boutique, and challenge myself to find new looks. I find as I approach 50, I am less concerned of trends, but enjoy unique fabrics, design, great fit, thrift minds and quality pieces. Isn’t fashion fun?

  2. I love seeing all of the inspiration in the ladies blogging!!
    I was just thinking that I’m so glad I’m not still way young, because at that time I wanted to look like everyone else. Now I’m finding it’s way more fun to be an individual!!
    And thanks so much for showcasing my mother—she’s a stubborn German deep down, and so getting her to embrace this shirt was no easy matter! She did tell me the other day, that she always gets compliments on it now. So why didn’t she believe me at first???? LOL

  3. That’s weird, I totally left a comment, Patti! Thanks so much for including me!! You are awesome, as are these lovely ladies.

  4. Sometimes I just open both closet doors and start pulling things out that have colors I like. I audition outfits with pieces that I’ve never worn together before. Sometimes I find a real winner, that I would never have guessed worked well together. At the same time, I can audition shoes, scarves, vests to increase the number of outfits that can be assembled from the basic pieces.

    Since I don’t mind mixing patterns, nor do I mind looking like a walking crayon box, I get a lot of mileage out of my recombinant wardrobe.

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