Online Picks, Problem Solvers and a Wild Card!

Happy Friday! I hope your Thanksgiving (U.S. folks) was wonderful. We had dinner with my sister and her family, and played Trivia on the Wii. It was great family fun, even though I was soundly beaten by my 13 year-old niece. Many thanks were given for family, health, opportunity, and the good fortune of having all we need.

Although we have all we need, thoughts turn briefly today to shopping (from my laptop)! It is hard to resist the tempting sales at many of my favorite online stores: Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, ASOS, and especially Nordstroms. In fact, I found two of my highly-desired items at Nordie’s online and put them in my cart (free shipping!):

I think this blouse may be the solution to my ivory topper quest.
Flowy, deep neckline and washable, woo-hoo. And under $40 on sale.
Very cool almond-toe flats by BCBGeneration have personality as well as classic style.
And on sale for $60.

And a piece I have been wanting, but didn’t allow myself the luxury. It’s still not-inexpensive, but looks like a timeless wardrobe staple:

Black cashmere cardigan, cut just the way I love. On sale for $119.

And just for fun, I fell for these boots. Statement piece! I’m not buying them, at this price point anyway, but they are candy for the eye:

Baby pink leather booties. They’ll go with everything, really! $500 (really!)

What’s on your list today? Shopping for others or yourself, or a bit of both? Or eschewing the consumer pressure, and enjoying those fabulous stuffing sandwiches?

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  1. I bought a scarf and a chambray shirt. Scarves are pieces that never really go out of style, so I know I will get a lot of use out of it and chambray is just a wardrobe staple. I got both on sale.
    Those pink booties are cute, but wow, $500?

  2. Oh, I'm disappointed that you didn't get the boots, but at that price, understandable. Your other scores are well done. Free shipping seals the deal. Up here in Canada, we are always walloped by shipping fees and brokerage fees for packages shipped into the country, often a flat $50 per package when you ship by courier companies.

  3. Dearest Patti,
    Glad to hear you had a lovely Thanksgiving. We did too, dinner at our best friends' place. Except that I had severe back pain but after staying in bad all day till 7:00 PM today, I am feeling better. No shopping for me but this is already great for being without pain.
    Hugs to you,

  4. No, I'm not a post-holiday shopper.  If I shopped on-line I might be tempted by the great bargains, but I don't do that either.  I tend to loll around my house the day after Thanksgiving, wishing I hadn't eaten that extra piece of pie, but unable to resist a plateful of leftovers.  Hmm, I think a sandwich is in my future tomorrow…a little garlic mayo, turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce?  Sounds divine.

    I love the pieces you showed here.  I can see you styling them hundreds of ways and enjoying them for years.  I look forward to seeing the posts!!

  5. I think that top and that sweater are forever classics – love them! So far, I've been good about no shopping today. I never go out on Black Friday, and am, in fact, still in my pjs 😛

  6. Yummy pink boots!
    I am shopping AND eating. Although the shopping is limited to stocking up on actual necessities (REALLY!) at 50% off online. No limits on the eating.

  7. You found some awesome pieces that are perfect for you. Omg those pink booties. I can't wear heels, but they are some tasty eye candy! 

    I shopped from home too. I bought three pairs of socks from Sockdreams (yes, free shipping!) 

  8. Actually there will be no Black Friday shopping for me today.  Just staying home and relaxing.

  9. I'm not one of those to dash off to shop today. I hate crowds, and am doing most of my holiday gift shopping online. Still, we may go to the mall later today after the doorbustercrazy people have gone home as it's an activity we can do with our son that he enjoys (they have a little electric train and he likes to ride the escalators).

  10. i am not a big go out for black friday shopper
    i do have a few items in carts on the web, it's just a matter of deciding to pull the trigger or not
    have a great holiday weekend

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