New From J. Crew: What Makes Me Smile

I’m not a true J. Crew woman. I find a lot of their styles middle of the road, and I always challenge myself to find similar looks for less $$. They do put out very nice catalogs, though, and I enjoy a thumb-through.

To keep it interesting, I play “You can have five things from this booklet – what will you choose?”
You do this too, right? right?

Here are some of my picks for Spring/Summer, and I’m almost certain to buy comparable looks for less (I squeeze the nickel till the buffalo screams, says my husband). Love to hear what you like/don’t like about the picks and J. Crew in general.

I just like the sentiment on this tee. If these aren’t the days, when are they?
Why not a bright orange cotton peacoat instead of a cardigan?
Love the pointy toe on these yummy animal print slingbacks.
Pencil skirt, also a wrap, also lace-print. Yes, thank you.
For the finishing touch, even with jeans and a tee, this crystal bracelet.

And, a sneak peek of how I spent my Monday . . .

More scoop to follow.

Have a peace-loving Tuesday, and stay fabulous,

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  2. How fun, you and Paula meeting up! Now for J.crew, I have a true love/hate relationship with this store. Love the clothing, hate the prices. I absolutely love your game "if you could have five pieces from this catalog", I'm going to try that right now. To be totally honest, I have gone back to my local store three times just to see that darn tee shirt. Its beyond cute, I love the oversize look, the linen, and of course the saying is the icing on the cake. Last week my husband and I were away on a business trip and who gets in the elevator but this cute lady that looks up and says, "Trina, what a surprise." My husband asked me afterwards who she was, when I told him it was the cute sales girl at J.crew, I knew I was in trouble. He suggested I work there once a week since he already has so much stock in the company. That being said, I need to take lessons from you.

  3. Hey fun you met up with Paula! : ) Can't wait to hear about it.

    I agree that I too sometimes look at their catalogue and think I might want a few pieces.I sometimes visit their outlet store here and my husband buys quite a bit from them. Overall though the mere fact that so many people are wearing it turns me off. I'm funny like that.


  4. You and Paula on the rampage – too much fun!
    Now I will do that "pick 5 things" thing and blame it on you. I would definitely wear the peacoat. Love it.

  5. A visit with Paula! How fun!

    The J.Crew pieces that you selected are all winners, as far as I'm concerned. I'm with you! Comparable looks are out there and fun to uncover in unusual places.

  6. J Crew is not really on my radar. There are no stores near me and I don't like catalog or online shopping because of the 'damn it doesn't fit, now I have to mail it back' hassle. J Crew is usually a little bit sporty for my personal style too though I could use individual pieces in my own way.

  7. I know very little about J. Crew, but they are obviously pricey, and the pieces don't look all that special to me… But what do I know about shopping? Unless it's secondhand, not much!
    Blogger meet ups are always loads of fun! xxx

  8. Really love the pencil skirt – you're slim and it would be great on you. You look like you're having fun – warm weather will be here someday, too!

  9. hi Patti, I really like the slingbacks, and would wear the skirt as well. So many nice clthes companies are coming out with this spring. Yes, there is a J.Crew outlet which has some reasonable prices, but I find even if I were to aford them, I use a coupon. Go to retailmenot ladies! Looks like you had fun.

  10. How exciting to hang out with a fab blogger, can't wait to see more! x

  11. Just from the smiles, looks like you had a great time!
    I'm typically not a JCrew person either. I might buy one or two statement pieces from JCrew to mix in with my Target or Old Navy pieces. I do love their catalog as well, it can give you a lot of ideas.
    Thanks for your picks! Love the slingbacks!
    I agree with Patti, choosing 5 favs from a store is a great idea!
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. I love jcCrew, they have such bright ideas, but they are so expensive!
    Paula told me she would meet you- How nice!
    Hope you had a nice time together!

  13. Your husband is still thinking nickels have buffaloes on them? Those were the days…

    I never see J. Crew. We don't have one here and I never shop online. Out of sight, out of mind, huh? Sounds like it's too expensive for me, anyway, but I kinda like the shorts in that first pic, and the orange peacoat.

  14. How fun for you and Paula!! I bet it is a great time…I also love the message on that tee!!

  15. You look like you're having too much fun! Not allowed on a Monday. Eheh!

    As for J.Crew – yeah, waaaay out of my price range. I don't even get the catalog for fear I might be seduced into plonking down $200 on a top. That said, I do enjoy H&M and your feature just gave me an idea for my 5 Things segment this Sunday. Thanks, Patti! πŸ˜€

  16. Yay! You met up with Paula!! Though I do find occasional pieces from J.Crew that work for me, (usually tees and accessories) it's the styling I most enjoy looking at. I call them the Manic Pixie Dream Girl of retail.

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