My Wardrobe Completers For Fall/Winter

It is early here in Central Florida to be having this conversation, but everyone else is and I hate feeling left out. ☺  I could be fine with my lightweight dresses, skirts and tees for another month, along with bare legs and platform sandals. But what’s the fun of that when most of you are showing off your cool tights, booties and fox-sweaters, hmmm?

I have ongoing style goals to buy better stuff, in natural fabrics. I am doing well at eschewing fast fashion. I’m adding items with a plan – a loose, fun plan – but a plan for sustainable style. And I am shopping with my own aesthetic in mind, not necessarily what’s trending hot at the moment.

All my completer pieces will look great with my favorite boyfriend jeans, or full skirts, or maxi skirts this Fall and Winter:

  • One or two merino sweaters. The wool has to be washable, as I don’t take my everyday clothes to the dry cleaner. I like a slouchy fit and a slightly longer length but not a tunic. Here are my favorites so far (I’ll be seeking them on eBay too):
Eileen Fisher Merino Raglan Sleeve Sweater
J Crew Merino Sweater. Available in seven colors, very nice.
  • Pointy toe flats. I know, I keep listing them because I haven’t found them yet! Maybe I’m too fussy about these? There are larger issues in the world, right? Here are a couple of contenders that look comfortable and modern:
MIA Edie Flat
Steve Madden Heaven. I know, just pick one!
  • A killer scarf to replace some of my raggedy ones. I like big scarves in muted prints.
Ted Baker London Floral Scarf, Nordie’s
  • Replacement long-sleeve cotton tees. These really get a workout in the cool weather, and no matter how pricey the brand, they need replacing after one or two seasons. I love stripes and neutrals, with an olive tossed in.
I keep at least five of this style tee on hand for Fall/Winter,
in neutrals and stripes.
  • A wild card! (bought already): a cotton and leather moto-style long vest to wear over everything. It’s by Marc New York, olive drab and kind of tough; you will be seeing a lot of it!

I am working with a smaller wardrobe as my life gets simpler (materially) and more interesting (experientially). So far, it’s been a blast. I know for some of you minimal is dull, and variety is the spice of wardrobe, and I love you for that too. Viva la diff!

Happy, happy Thursday,

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  1. I am getting a bit tired of myself. Not being able to control my spendings. Perhaps if I really overdo it, I will "over-eat" and stop?
    Your list is for fashion with comfort, which I think is a great idea. The older I get, the more I love comfort in clothes and shoes. I do not live by that rule yet, but getting there.

  2. Even though our aesthetics very I have similar goals of eliminating fast fashion and looking for natural fabrics! The minimising is still in the air…

  3. Nice pics there! I go for cardigans instead of sweaters but I could do with one or two more to see me through. And I always seem to need nice t shirts in summer and nice long sleeved tops in winter. Ideally they're fancy enough to wear on their own if it gets warm during the day, but also work under things as layering pieces. The holy grail!

  4. I love the choices you're making for your wardrobe. I also admire your minimalistic approach to fashion. I have an ongoing inner struggle with that one. Part of me wants to live that way and I know in my heart it is much more sensible. Another part is more, more, more. I'm having too much fun in my closet! ha I keep telling myself IF my husband and I downsize a next step…maybe in about 8-10 years…and we give up a second bedroom (which is now ALL mine)…then I'll finally make that transition to minimalist. I do need to begin gearing up for it over the next years though. It inspires me to see others do it and encourages me to desire it for myself at some point.

  5. I really like merino wool sweaters. I just bought a teal one and a black one. Add a scarf and a pair of jeans and we're ready to go.

  6. Pointy toe flats are hard to find for the right fit and comfort level for me. I keep trying, but I haven't found the right pair that I like. I'm still trying to figure out how to shift my closet into fall as the weather remains warm.

  7. I've had some luck with Dryel home "dry cleaning" system and the tees and sweatersI love … they're invariably cheap, usually Old Navy. I can be hard on them at the restaurant. (Really, it's the restaurant that's being hard on them, and me.) Dryel chemicals are not cleaning fluid, more like freshening fluid, water based. Easy on me and the environment. The process doesn't really clean like solvent soaking at the dry cleaners. They steam in a bag.

    I "Dryel" my favorite tees at least every other wearing, alternating with gentle wash. Sometimes less, depending on how I wear them. Helps fading and surface rubbing and wear … they stay newer much longer.

    I need crew neck sweaters (light weight) and tees this year … only a few, but most of mine are looking pretty worn, too.

  8. Weeding out makes me feel so good! Scoring big on one great piece feels good too – just saved big on great-fitting Ralph Lauren jeans at Marshall's and fit is everything!

  9. Let me know how they are, I have the Mia Edies in nude and silver and they're comfy on my wide feet but very little support (the nude is like wearing slippers, the silver a bit heavier of material). Would like black pointed flats as well!

  10. Oh it's definitely autumn here, I am in those tights and boots you mentioned!
    So come on Patti, make the decision and buy those flats – you know you want to! All your choices are very right for your style and will get lots of wear, I'm sure.
    I will never be minimal (big surprise) but I am trying to thin out my wardrobe, just a tad. xxxxxx

  11. Great choices Patti!!
    I've really narrowed my wardrobe down (heh the weight loss has helped purge alot) colorwise–all my bottoms are in blacks, greys and black/white (with a leopard print skirt thrown in) I've narrowed my color pallette to cool tones.
    i just need to find a black pullover sweater, a b/w houndstooth pencil skirt, a black pinstripe pencil skirt and a charcoal pencil skirt and i'm GOOD for this fall/winter!!

  12. Great choices. You are so right about the tee being the workhorse, that honestly, has to be replaced. I think I keep mine way too long…

  13. I love merino too but I find it so hot when compared to cashmere. I have washed my cashmere by hand and let them dry flat. So far…no problems.

    Great picks.

    If you lived here though you would need to add on a parka, snow boots a toque and ski gloves.

    Enjoy Florida : )

  14. Hi Patti!

    Have been buying a few things as well, not that i don't need more stuff, I'm at full capacity at the moment – One day my life will be simpler that is for sure as far as material – Love your choices, very chic and very you –

  15. Lots of pointy toe flats in wide price points – better get to shopping! The Zara s you showed yesterday are stylish but not great waking shoes.

  16. Looking for flats myself. I too am having a hard time making a decision. These could be in the running.

  17. Hi Patti – love your picks! As you know – I have really cleaned out a lot as well. I am mostly buying neutrals this fall and winter, with the odd fun shoe or fun pair of pants. I realized that I have all the neutral shoes I need, as well as neutral boots, but do like the frosting to go with the cake!

  18. I think we should start a Southern style-blog rebellion — it won't be cool enough for fall styles for another month (or, could be two) here.

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