Reminder: Visible Monday is ON!

We’ve switched to fortnightly (love that word) Visible Mondays, and here’s your reminder that This Is The Time to prepare ☺. Visible Monday will go live Sunday evening at about 5PM Eastern Standard Time.

We will party on through Monday. Please join us with your fabulous Visibility!

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In other pressing style news, Pringle of Scotland has announced a collection of Princess Grace-inspired items. Here is an gorgeous dress (at a painfully high price point) from the collection:

We’ll be seeking a more affordable version of this fine dress.
This sweater is a little too obvious a tribute!

Have a spectacular weekend,

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  1. Hi there! I jumped on board a little late and now the link is closed. I will try next time. Thanks for hosting me.

  2. Ermm, not impressed with the Grace Kelly clothing. My daughter's name is Kelly. Think I will just buy a plain sweater at GAP and stamp her name on it myself. $1195.00 for the sweater???

  3. Reminder received and understood, Captain!
    Love the shaped faux neckline on the dress, but no, I wouldn't be so keen to have Kelly emblazoned across my boobs… xxxx

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