Odd Color-Mixing – I Learned To Love It

In my younger years, and especially in my corporate years, I was very cautious about color. I followed what I saw in the “nice” department stores and didn’t stray much. Cool with cool, warm with warm, darks on the bottom, etc.

With age (and lots of experimentation and blog-study) has come more flexibility in color-mixing. It’s even more appealing now to see camel (warm) with gray (cool) than a predictable camel-with-brown outfit. Now I love to see olive with navy, and coral with charcoal. I don’t like bright primary colors for me, but I like these mixed-up on others.

I can pull out a colorful scarf to bring the colors together, but sometimes I like to play it less safe. Here’s a look I like, mixing an olive green skirt, teal top, cobalt shoes, navy tights and emerald bracelet. And hot pink lips.

My 35 year-old self would’ve been horrified! But my crazy middle aged self loves it.

Here are some other unpredictable color combos that please my eye. See anything that tickles you? Do you like to mix up your color wheel?

Spring green with bright coral, and yellow sunglasses. Source.
J Crew is doing it. Love this combo of mustard, coral and pale mauve.
This is a subtle color mix: cool gray blouse (like this a lot!) with warm-
printed trousers and shoes. Anthropologie.

Hope your Monday is swell,

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  1. I would love to be able to do this colour mixing but I lack imagination. Alas.
    Sometimes I come up with something spectacular. But that is always by chance…
    But I will keep on trying.

  2. Well, you know me and color and combining all sorts so I adore this combo, especially the tights and funky shoes. I often think the same way about my earlier self and what it must be saying.

  3. I don't see anything odd about these colours together, they look just fine to me! Now add some print, and let's really get the action going! xxxx

  4. Great post Patti!! i used to be hesitant about color–playing by the rulkes that if your "big" you eed to wear muted colors. So then i was big and boring.
    Now i put whatever hits my fancy together. Nature mixes colors randomly!!
    LOVE your outfit–the mix of the blues and greens is awesome!!

  5. I love your color combination as well as the style of the pieces, Patti; very pretty! The blue element ties everything together (green being part blue of course). The bright lips are a gorgeous touch. But I have to say that I don't like the other looks, especially the j. Crew. Coming from an art background, that one really disturbs my color sensibilities.

  6. I love you in colour, the crazier the better! I'd love to whisk you off to the UK and get you to play dress up in my wardrobe of psychedelia along with a cocktail or two! xxx

  7. Patti, I totally like what you are wearing! It looks really good in the Bloglovin reader! xo

  8. You are beautiful – mixing it up! Blogging has made me more experimental too. One of the many benefits. Missing VM today!

  9. Whoa a nice combo of blues. Love the drape of the skirt. I've become more adventurous with color mixing. Love orange with gray or blues. Still have the pink and orange hurdle to go though.

  10. I LOVE THIS! Your skirt is so fantastic and the blue tights are awesome. My closet has become very heavy on navy blue, washed out purples, bright red, grey, and black. It's a weird combination that I'm still trying to bridge the gap between, but it's working out better than I expected!

  11. Aww … you're such a master at this, I find it hard to imagine you shy about color. But, so good that you've clearly found your color wings, little blue bird! Lovely, Patti. Hope you're enjoying your day off.

  12. Nice stuff! I did a bit of colour mixing today with jade green trousers, dark tuquoise shoes, a black cardie and a mauve scarf with subtle greyish/greenish bits in it (and jade green earrings. It didn't quite work as an outfit, but I was trying…

  13. Love those printed "jeans". I have some NYD printed jeans that I can't wait to wear again this Fall.

  14. I also love color, but I struggle to mix it without being matchy matchy. Sometimes it just doesn't look or feel 'right' to me – maybe because I'm such a rule follower in life? 😉 I still remember stopping in my tracks one day at the mall when I saw a Gap window display with mannequins wearing gray sweaters and tees paired with khaki pants. At the time It just seemed so wrong.

  15. I love pushing the envelope with contrasting color combos. Yours fit perfectly together and you look comfy and chic too

  16. I know what you are saying, Patti. I have had to learn pattern mixing to be fun and not 'wrong' like my Mom taught me back in the those years of fashion faux pas. lol

  17. Patti, I don't have to tell you that I love colour….I am sensing a theme this week. The weather here is anything but colourful, so thanks for yet another great instalment.

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